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  1. Lewyn: "Hi DAD!" Reptor: "what!?! impossible no one in my family is married to.... Titlyu didn't!" Lewyn: "Oh she did a lot more then just marry me,we have two lovely children,isn't that great?" Reptor: "NO! I'm putting an end to this RIGHT NOW and then I'll take Titlyu back and the kids!" Lewyn: "Gods what is with you overprotective father types and flipping within out when your daughter comes home married to a guy? Reptor: there are no words to describe how ridiculous you sound!..." Lewyn:"But father I..." Reptor: "I what? was only trying to get on my good said you can start by begging for your life and address me properly." Lewyn: "Ok Reptor of house Freege,is there anyway you can Let me and Titlyu stay together or is there no swaying you?" Reptor: "No way I'd let her stay with a man like you. Now any last words?" Lewyn: "You gotta go and I hope titlyu will forgive me for this,it just can't be avioded."
  2. Naglfar doesn't glow since it isn't super effective against anything like a horseslayer
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