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  1. They probably didn't want to bring attention to themselves. They probably gave you funny looks when you weren't looking. I'm talking about consoles though. You know, their main source of income? Besides, the 3DS didn't sell as well as the OG DS.
  2. Remember the Wii U and all the third party games they promised?
  3. A lot of people defended Nintendo for that. Where have you been? Uh, the power of the console does matter. Remember the SNES? They used to brag about having the best hardware on the market (outside of some dumb choices that make them shoot themseves in the foot). Look at modern FE, they turned it into a waifu simulator. So, you're okay with Treehouse being run by Evergreen State College graduates who're huge liberal cucks that force their bullshit onto us one way or another? This is why younger kids are turning right wing. Europe gets more games than us. How are you not pissed? They're losing money on each new console they make outside of the Wii. They disagree because they don't use logic at all. You can still get it under control. Also, you can keep that childish coloring book habit in your own home and not in public. In fact, here's some advice from Michael Jordan himself
  4. And they deserve to get shitted on nowadays. The Switch is underpowered, has little third party support (It'll die entirely after Skyrim), they keep fucking over their fans (Content ID and fan game take down anyone), they have terrible localization practices, they hardly bring more niche JRPGs to the west, their consoles lacking features like voice chat, a good online service, etc. But for some reason, these "fans" keep damage controlling for Nintendo and keep defending everything they do. If we don't criticize Nintendo more and keep giving them our money, they WILL stop making consoles one day at this rate. I don't want that to happen to a company I used to love. They're probably fat and socially awkward. I mainly like some designs in Gen 6, but that's about it. Uh, remember the GCN rpg games? Because I try and create discussion but keep getting banned?
  5. I don't "hate" nintendo, I criticize them for the objective faults they have because I used to be such a huge fan of them. Now? I'm embarrased to even say I like ANY Nintendo games in public. I posted the video because I share a majority of the opinions that Gligar shared in the video and I didn't feel like typing. I've talked with him online before, and he's actually pretty cool once you get to know him. And XY did suck. I don't see why people liked it at all.
  6. I can agree with getting rid of Lucina and Corrin, but I hope they don't get rid of Roy. Roy kinda has a western title (FE7) and keep in mind, before Awakening, FE7 was the popular title here in the west. I know either Lucina or Robin is going to go, considering that Awakening is popular, but keeping two Awakening characters would just take up more space on the roster, especially considering that they're both not top tier. Corrin is sadly going to stay due to how popular Fates is. Like you said, Alm and Celica might be assist trophies. If they do add Lyn, I have a feeling they'll add her if an FE7 remake is out sometime after Sma5h is out.
  7. I'm not blaming the fans for liking the newer games, I'm blaming them for throwing their money toward the companies that made it. Like it or not, money speaks louder than words. I was never really saying I wanted this new character in, I was mainly trying to say that it's pretty much to be expected at this point.
  8. I'm simply a fan with more money compared to when I was a kid that doesn't want his products censored (Not talking about the petting mini game btw) or casualized (outside of the casual mode). If they want my money, they need to treat their fans seriously. I've criticized this newer direction because I think it's horrible and is turning FE into something I don't like. And yes, I do partly blame the newer fans for this, considering they're buying the games, ergo giving Nintendo more money, which tells them to make more crap. Besides, I was hoping Echoes' sales would be on par with Awakening/Fates to show IS that we the veteran fans are tired of this weeaboo and casual pandering that they're doing and want more challenging games like Echoes, but was disappointed in how it flopped in the end. Money speaks to these companies louder than words. Honestly, even though I didn't really like this title, I would've prefered a character from Xenoblade X over Fates, just to add more Xenoblade representatives. I really do think that this new lord is going to be in the base game of Sma5h, considering how each new Smash has the latest lord of FE at the time they come out.
  9. Same with the salt thing. It's pretty inevidable that they would add the new character, considering the past (Melee=Roy, Brawl=Ike, Sm4sh=Lucina, Robin and Corrin). It'd be even more shocking if they added Alm though. If there's one thing I know, one of the FE characters in Smash 4 is going to get dropped, and I have a feeling it's Lucina. @International Observer You do realize that they can just keep the same physics as Sm4sh right? That way, they can just import the majority of the models, animations, etc from Sm4sh into Sma5h and not much work will need to be done. True, there are still going to be characters that'll be removed, and I have a feeling Lucina is going to get cut due to just being female marth without the tipper and was going to be an alt skin anyway. If they cut her and add the new character, the FE representation will remain with 6 characters. Besides, Roy was put into Melee to promote BB so why not add the new character? And what's so wrong with getting rid of the classic characters, outside of the OG 12? No one wanted Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Jr., etc?
  10. Welcome to the Forrest! :3
  11. Any character that's not from Archanea or Fates.
  12. I'm wondering, how would any of you react if the character from this new game was added to Smash 5 as a playable character?
  13. I would import, except oh wait, Treehouse is FORCING Monolith and IS to change shit in ALL versions of the game and force their liberal bullshit agenda down our throats. So now, I can't even do that. Did you not read the article I posted earlier?
  14. It's not even the sexual costumes I'm worried will get affected, it's the dialogue, character personalities, plot points, etc. I'm afraid that they'll do to Xenoblade 2 and FE Switch what they did to modern pokemon and dumb it down and make it more kid friendly. The reason I liked FE and Xenoblade to begin with were because they were more grown up and mature compared to Nintendo's other IPs. Besides, these cultures need to be challenged and franchises need to evolve. It's time for Fire Emblem to evolve and go M rated. Hell, the blood in SoV should've been red and NoA should never have gotten to it. I'm okay if they have to re-write some scripts like they do in "Jojo's bizarre adventure" for example, but the extent NoA does? That's going too far. We may not get changes overseas, but even then, treehouse is making the game shallow by forcing their bullshit onto the japanese devs. I'm just tired of the cringyness that Treehouse outputs and I'm tired of these shallow casual experiences. Treehouse can go suck one and NoA should just die off.
  15. I highly doubt it, considering there haven't been more firings/re-structuring at NoA and Treehouse. I do tend to get kind of pissed off in my points, mainly because I used to love this company, and I mean I LOVED it to the point that I was even considering getting a job there one day. And to see a childhood company I loved (which provided me countless hours of entertainment, even through some very dark times throughout previous chapters in my life) just pains me to see the direction they're going in now (be it localization, or otherwise). And yes, I tend to blame the fans that support this direction and NoA's practices because they keep putting money in their wallets. All I am is just a passionate fan that want's to see one of his favorite companies as a kid get better and stop all the bullshit they're doing. Remember, money is what makes them keep doing it and the moment they don't get a dime anymore, the moment they'll stop. (Hell, it's the reason I follow people like Shokio, BlackB0nd, TheBalishChannel, etc on YT even if I don't always agree with them).
  16. Remember Fire Emblem Fates, Xenoblade X, etc (not counting France, Italy, etc.)? On a different note, look at what Treehouse is doing to Xenoblade 2, they're forcing Monolith Soft to change shit and they'll do the same to FE Switch http://operationrainfall.com/2017/06/16/monolith-localisation-xenoblade-x-2/ >"Yokota states that all three companies are communicating about localisation decisions that may prove to be controversial." >"Jokingly, I said, ‘Well would it help if we had a crotch slider for the male?’ Obviously it was a joke, but they responded obviously it’s not gonna work out." This just proves that not only are Treehouse full of liberal cucks who can't take a joke, but now they're forcing their beliefs down monolith's throats and ours. The same thing is going to happen to FE Switch. Mark my words.
  17. Playasia and the internet is your best friend. Besides, the switch is region free and whenever NoA themselves localize a JRPG, the english VA turns out to be mediocre at best (and this is coming from someone who liked the english voices in Echoes). Memes aren't the only problem, there's complete script changes, changing plot points, character personality changes, pandering to SJWs, etc. Besides, piracy is always an option. If it wasn't, then explain all the people that did pirate Fates and also explain how I was able to play Mother 3 :^)
  18. That's why I also suggested buying the Japanese version and downloading a fan translation. Did you not read my whole comment before the one you quoted?
  19. Maybe you don't understand how business' work? Here's the thing, these companies require money to keep giving us products. If they don't get our hard earned money, they can't keep pandering to SJWs (who don't even buy these games anyway I might add). Therefore, if we stop giving them money, they'll have no choice but to either 1. Go bankrupt and close down or 2. Be humble and listen to us and stop this bullshit.
  20. Maybe I didn't phrase things as best as I could. I meant to say that if there's a game that captures our interest, but the company that localized it butchered it completely by pandering to SJWs, we should just either buy or pirate the Japanese version with fan translations so we can let them know that we don't want these SJWs affecting our games anymore, or else we're just going to keep doing this.
  21. You see, it's that kind of attitude that allows these awful companies to get away with the bullshit they pull. We need to criticize them and stop being apothetic. If there's a game we want to play but it's from a shitty company, we should pirate it so they don't get a single dime.
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