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  1. I don't often see C as the average though so that part doesn't bother me. however, the '+' designations are probably valid. as the list mentions at the top, SS was changed to S+ to emphasize less of a gap with S. so you can put the same reasoning for A+ and B+. normally, if you saw Unit A was A tier and Unit B was B tier, it'd be really easy to claim Unit is is superior to B and/or can be used in like 85%+ of situations. however, B vs B+... shrinks to either metagame considerations (more so at least), or something like 60%+ of situations instead. and people wouldn't immediately say B+ outright outclasses B, which is probably the intention
  2. Robin, being a Mage, should have low Def and locked 2 range. not factoring distractions (the other enemies), I can't see why you can't kill Robin (especially if you can block him off). but as mentioned, just go grind. especially since a few of the missions require Arena and Tower clears
  3. well generally you never ever want to come to a situation where Miracle might trigger anyways
  4. Miracle is the Shrine Maiden Skill, so yes
  5. Sakura is not a bad option if you want mixed. her Str isn't that far below her Mag. Sakura: Kana has 32.5/40 Str/Mag personal growth before class Hana: Kana has 45/20 Str/Mag before class
  6. overall, all your choices are standard or ok. Jakob x Oboro is non-standard since Dwyer just doesn't have a lot going for him
  7. I meant check mostly for the extra details (who provides what) at this pt. admittedly, the site isn't as organized or transparent/easy to interpret at I'd like (Pair Up bonuses are easy to find but Attack stance bonuses aren't. page on Tag Team/Pair Up should link to those pages as well, etc.). the stuff everyone mentioned in this thread has cleared up most if not all of the extra details or details that aren't immediately clear/apparent
  8. @above the +5 Dodge is inherent to Guard Stance and not restricted to Avatar nor to C+ but yea, serenes already has the details of both Stances on the site, too
  9. yes but under the assumption there's no excessive grinding, parents' lvls will somewhat scale with story. and even then it's not parents' lvls that matter but their actual stats (so a really blessed unit is best ofc)
  10. unsure of the order but iirc the lower lvl ones first
  11. depends which base class it's extending it from. for example, if you're venturing into Hero from Fighter, you'll learn HP+5 and Gamble instead. if you have both, then all 4 Tier 1 skills
  12. the way you're phrasing it just implies that bases don't matter much at all for early units and that's just not true. anecdotal evidence is very poor evidence. for example your Mozu always capped by 15-18? just on averages she'll cap by Lvl 19-20. Saizo reaches 15 Def by Lvl 19 on average. so stop using anecdotal evidence to back your arguments
  13. oh, if you count THAT as the poster, sure I guess. but yea, keychains don't really count since not all sources offered it. I also lean towards agreeing with the others here. I find myself hardpressed to see how you're that limited in funds unless you're excessively spending it on forges or reclassing constantly. bases are extremely important. here's a resource for checking averages though it's somewhat limited: https://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/hiushi/FE14AverageStats/blob/master/index.html shared units vary a bit because it doesn't take into account different starting values (Kaze, especially Silas [especially Rev!Silas]), and can't do children or special classes. while Silas has average Spd growths, because of his low bases, his Spd is still a problem. I always ended up benching him because I just prefer speedy units in general and he ended up speed screwed on top of his low bases.
  14. it's only $100 if you decided for some reason to buy 2 physical instead of 1 + Digital 2nd route + Revelations, making it $80, too. is the need for a physical thing worth losing the free stuff from having multiple routes on 1? the US SE also didn't have the posters or keychain but yes, SE still better worth (not that SE or CE like this isn't uncommon for Nintendo =\) but yea, I want to know what your Revelation Silas's stats were like because I'm quite doubtful he can "solo" the whole thing by himself. what do you specifically mean by that anyways?
  15. for general units, it's unnecessary and maybe ill-advised (mostly in Conquest where you're more likely to cap). even at Lvl 10/1, that's a 6 lvl jump so unless that unit was underlvled, you're basically not getting exp with them for 2-3 chapters. for underlvled units or units that seriously need a boost (like Benny w/ Wary Fighter), then it's ok. some people promote healers early so they can do weapon ranks earlier. not a major difference overall you mentioned that they're throwaway units, ie. being replaced and benched, right? then the other thing to consider is the children's base stats. a 10/5 would've lvled less than a 20/5 and thus pass on a smaller base stat inheritance though that's at most 1 pt in a stat maybe. whether it's worth early promotion is a bit fuzzy for Lvl 5 skills. if you're going 10/5, you'll take away less exp from other units and will be stronger during use. could recruit the child earlier that way, too. Lvl 15 is is kinda late imo. if I didn't want to use a unit, I'd just switch sooner rather than later. in Birthright, 20/15 is already mid-late 20s (Chapter) while Conquest is mid 20s iono, haven't invested enough playtime into Fates (nor have I ever early-promoted) to give a more educated response so your decision is just as good as mine
  16. Tier 2 Internal Lvl = (10 + x/2) + Visual lvl, where X is promotion lvl. so Felicia1 and Jakob 1 are 0/1 and hence have tier 1 exp. Camilla is 10/1 so she acts as if Tier 1 Lvl 16. a 20/1 would gain exp like a Lvl 21 Dread Fighter
  17. imo, availability only matters in two ways. one, both have about even utility at any one map that they're both available. then it comes down to availability to decide who was more beneficial to your run as a whole. so availability is more whole run perspective rather than chapter. or, if you want to invest resources into Unit A or B but both have the same utility gain from the perspective of 1 chapter, you could have invested those resources into the one with more availability assuming you are able to invest those resources before the other unit way earlier (therefore, would've had more utility as a whole) the second is if any units become unavailable at certain points after they're available. not particularly relevant in Fates since that's not as common (compared to say RD... the availability issues there, yo)
  18. Beastbane just doubles stone Mt so +6 w/ Beaststone and +9 against Beastrune. Charlotte, assuming same lvl as the enemy in this Chapter is Lvl 20/4 w/ 24.45 Spd. Beaststone Foxes have 23 Spd and Beastrune Foxes have 18 Spd. Keaton also has 18 Spd before Stone mods oh also reminder that Beastbane is x2 Mt while effective weapons are x3 Mt
  19. either immediately for the weapon ranks or Lvl 10 for the Heartseeker. the only class change item that affects exp is Master Seal
  20. A) ofc I know that? but if you're doing it multiple times a chapter multiple chapters because of a unit(s), then back to what I said before. and as mentioned by others, just how much extra utility does a trained up Mozu provide over other units? is that small extra utility (which in itself is debatable, given locked 2-range), it's almost definitely offset by the extra effort 3A) there's plenty of spearfighters. better yet, as mentioned, Charlotte is even better off versus Sword/Tome users with Dual Axe. and no, Bolt Naginata is really rare. B) (this labeling...) bows are nearly just as bad. factoring Weapon ranks, there's only 5 Hit difference. and again, abusing WTA, especially Dual Axe, it's not mandatory. C) Dual Axe Charlotte can still see a lot more EP usage safely. and also has access to Pike-ruin (if that's available in Conquest), too for even stronger lance killing. Archer Mozu is easily seeing less combat yea, Fates nerfed Luc so 1 CEv = 2 Luc
  21. I know. as with Charlotte, it was more of a counterpoint than legitimate push for
  22. 1) Unit 1 can be used in a non-turtle or turtle strat in more situations than Unit 2, who's more limited to just turtling, then Unit 1 should be ranked higher. but in a strat that defaults to turtling, these two Units would basically be ranked the same (which is what I meant by the utility of Unit 1 being able to non-turtle being set to 0 because if you won't be taking advantage of it, it's basically 0 anyways). you're taking the word "extreme" too literally. just because it's an extreme doesn't mean it's not a valid strat, just like LTC isn't impossible. I was only pointing it out as the far opposite ideology. plus, I said you were leaning towards the extreme 2) most people wouldn't view 30 turns as fine, turtling or not. I brought up Azura not because of early song (though that's a point, too), but that you can bring her to Tier 2 lvls (assuming Dance Exp doesn't drop to 0) and now you have another contender for Heart Seal. she does have fantastic Str and Spd. and she has access to Kinshi so she can have similar if not far better capabilities than early Mozu. maybe babying might not have been the ideal phrase to use but it's still anything that requires you to take extra attention and to slow down because said unit cannot hold its own weight yet. as for the other examples you bring up, it'd be pretty silly to label any of those as babying. 3) A) Tomahawk is a thing + see B) w/ Mozu. and Charlotte can see way more EP action if there's a bunch of lance users (though in a turtling strat, this is mostly moot). and against units that she can't double anyways, Hand axe (which also can deal with 1 Range, which is still an advantage even if you say no 1-range isn't a disadvantage) B) Attack Stance and/or Guard Stance can help with Hit. and you'd mostly send her in for WTA where she has Hit bonuses anyways. and going off for a second, you mentioned that Mozu should be ORKOing stuff by 10? let's see, enemies are ~Lvl 8-9 so we'll put Mozu's Lvl 8 stats here (Archer): 10.55 Str/12.6 Spd + Iron Bow 8 Mt (D Rank). a Spear Fighter has 25 HP/10 Def/11 Spd. so, she's doing ~8.55 dmg. where's the ORKO? Ninjas? 23 HP/6 Def, so 12.55 dmg. still no ORKO. who the heck is providing 10~17 dmg Dual Strikes? just for fun, how would Charlotte do if we nerfed her to Lvl 8? 13.5 Str and 11.7 Spd with Iron Axe 8 Mt. deals 15.5 to Ninja and 11.5 to Spear Fighter. 19.5/15.5 respectively with Steel. easy ORKO without counter attack on Ninja with Dual Strike. Spear Fighter can be ORKO'ed with +1 Str and +4 Spd C) Mozu is also hard to baby because of 2-range lock. she can only go for 1 kill every player phase only. especially in her paralogue. that's a lot of effort to get her kills as 2-range lock D) at least Charlotte starts C Rank Axes compared to Mozu who starts at E Rank and 2-range locked. do Paralogue 1 enemies scale? in either case, Charlotte doesn't need as much babying to catch up as Mozu. so she'll be able to gain outside the paralogue more easily than Mozu
  23. the answer you'd like the least ^^ keep in mind this is being used as a counterpoint rather than me actually pushing for it. the investment needed is still high enough to offset the max utility
  24. efficiency doesn't does not inherently mean rushing. it simply means not slowing down unnecessarily. if anything, true LTC is one extreme while what you're pushing for is learning towards the opposite extreme. on that side of extremes, where we set added utility of a unit being able to reduce turn count to be 0, a lot of lower tier units after a certain point simply end up having the same maximum utility. how I see it, a tier list is basically utility/investment. taking extra turns to feed is a form of investment. you cannot deny that babying a unit does not bring down their place on the list on some level (even it's not a switch in placement, it could be a shrinking of a gap between 2 units). otherwise, in an extreme example, I can decide to grind Azura in Ch 4 to really, really high lvls (what lvl does she stop gaining dance exp anyways?). in a less extreme example, would you argue that Charlotte deserves more then? because I'd argue she has higher max utility than Mozu given her 75% Str and 65% Spd growths and at 20/10 having 34.75 Str and 28.35 Spd compared to Mozu's Sniper 26.2/33.2 and weaker weapon (or 22.3/32 as Kinshi). Charlotte also has one of the best Pair Ups. especially as mentioned that Mozu's lock to 2 Range so she'll still require more investment until promotion where she's still locked (Sniper), or much weaker but flight/Mov you could also save Mozu's paralogue to invest the exp you could funnel into Mozu into another character, one that might have higher max utility (like Charlotte). so in that case, even if we don't care about having ridiculous turn counts, does this change many units' placements?
  25. you're forgetting that she's 10/1 base. so she's effectively 20/11 right now, which gives the same exp as 10/16. so no, she is not at a ridiculous lvl for that chapter where enemies are 11-12.
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