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  1. Right click your game on dolphin, properties/options, and disable NMM emulation or something like that - search in this thread for "Dolphin" until you find a post of mine explaining this.
  2. Does it crash right after the exterior cutscene (or when you press START to skip it), when the interior map of the chapter itself would be loaded?
  3. Huh, I didn't know Boon doesn't work if the user itself is also asleep.
  4. Maybe this one will make things clearer? I realised my intentions might not have been so obvious to others.
  5. Seconding the hidden item boost; you already implemented it in ReDux, right?
  6. Well, I do like having two or three (temporarily) SPD-blessed units per playthrough, considering there's bound to be the same amount of SPD-screwed units per playthrough. It keeps thigns exciting. Also keep in mind that mages are very dependant on STR procs for leveling up their AS on mid-rank tomes and above, so that they are only trly AS-screwed if they are both Str-screwed and non-SPD-blessed, so the chances of them being SPD-blessed mitigates it, while still not elevating them into the next SPD-tier.
  7. I dunno about further scaling down SPD; I'd still like having to plan for the enemy fast units (not just swordmasters, but also pegasiand even some cavaliers) to double mybelow-average Spd units and laugh at their puny attacks.
  8. You'd confuse a bit fewer people if you kept the .ppf extension to the patch files :P
  9. Hah, I told him he didn’t do it right back when he released the first video. Hoping you can get a bit of promotion for your minimalist patch in return. Shame that Mekka seems to have been exposed to that ReDux+ stream and based his opinion of ReDux on it.o Did you offer to make Florete loght-based too? And when altering the character bases to simulate transfer bonuses, did you also add the extra bonds from transferred A supports?
  10. >I almost never give discipline to someone who has only 1 weapon type You can't really have all three of Illy, Leo and Nolan reach A rank before 1-E to use Arcthunder, Heavy Longbow and Silver Axe having only a single Discipline to share between the whole brigade, it's a choice, but hey, Fire Emblem sometimes is. There's also Micky if she wants to wield that Fenrir without using the skill, but you're gonna need to not be so conservative with Ruin to reach it. So will Meg still have access to all three melee weapon types? And what will her tier 3 class name be? Battle Maiden? Lady War? Walk-yre?
  11. Would we still need to be wary of her dying with a staff equipped and her full animation on?
  12. Results from my Dolphin testing: In order to find which Dolphin version introduced the real-Wii crash, I the typical range-halving method, and found that the first version to do so was 6568, whose changelog was simply "Set bMMU to true by default on x64". I then manually disabled MMU in that same version (right click the ReDux file and select Properties; I haven't found this setting on the global options menues), and sure enough, it didn't crash. Then I tried it with the latest release, 8783, and the same happened: the crash occurs if and only if MMU is enabled, which since 6568 is done by default (Dolphin's per-game settings have three values: checked/enabled, empty/disabled, square/default. The value of default for MMU is enabled, so emptying the square solves it and remembers it even after updating the game). Not sure if this setting can be changed through backup loaders in a real Wii.
  13. (Double-posting because it's not letting me edit either) Also, that happened while I was recording. I'm not one for streaming nor video processing, so I just used Dolphin's Frame Dump. Here's my typical run of 1-P and 1-1 (moreorless; there's a general outlined strategy but it always deviates based on crits and misses). No real feedback here (it's audioless after all), just wondering if you've seen these approaches.
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