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  1. That doesn't facilitate appreaciating each one's flavour though, and as you lower the proc chance, an enemy proccing it goes from being "calculated risk accounted for" to "reset-worthy bullshit 30 hit 1% crit". And they can be "stronger" than crits without being more damaging than crits: That's where the secondary effects come in (halving speed or skill for the rest of the turn, etc). But you're right in that all of this will come later (unless you make Jarod a Sentinel with Halberdier stats just for dramatic effect, and because he's the friggin' leader of the occupational army). I guess it's been so much time since the game's release until someone finally released the hack, that we're all verbiaging our ideas/opinions build up over the years. Apologizes. Now back to topic: How much time does it take you to apply the patch? I've tried the 1.1 one with pdx-pom3 with both the NTSC-U and the PAL isos, and both times it's been going at it for two hours at a constant 25% CPU usage (distributed among all four cores) without any sign of stopping (no progress indicators). Could you upload the modified FE10Data and company instead, or a way to patch those directly, or would that be too big of a headache for you? EDIT: As a sort of plot-joke, you could cap Sanaki's Light rank at B.
  2. Regarding T3 skills, I too think that they're for the most part detrimentally broken for three reasons: 1- Their OHKO nature negates the differences in flavours their secondary effects may provide, like paralysis, sleep, halving speed/accuracy/skill... and unless the dmg or str multiplier of the ones negating def or res is reduced, it won't matter if the enemies are made less squishy. It's okay to have some be basic OHKO of different kinds (Astra is 5 weapon uses while Impale is a single use, etc). 2-Their same proc-based OHKO nature makes it difficult to balancedly introduce T3 enemies late in the game, even if it's just the boss of the map. 3- I, personally, really dislike the functionality and necessity of Nihil. If Eclipse and Aether weren't OHKOs (and also for Mantle but that's another matter) then Nihil wouldn't even need to exist. Or, if it did, it could instead have been coded so that two Nihils cancel each other out, but not the other skills (that is, as if neither unit had Skill). FE9's Ike vs BK was much more interesting because of the two skills' presence, and because single procs were survivable. But for this to be changed, you'd need to study and figure out where and how scripts are made to work. And isn't Sanaki's personal characteristic that she can't into staves, unlike all other T3 mages? And as I can't post without thinking of something curious: Bane also inflicting poison. Now that'd make it unique and kinda funny: do you take the opportunity to do other things but lose the kill experience, or do you go for the kill but waste another unit's action?
  3. I know I'm prone to asking wierd questions, but I'm just curious: is it theoretically possible to give Strike weapons different effective bonuses, like say, giving Voluk and Naliah's Strikes effective damage against felines (actually beasts, but indistinguishable unless the dogs bite each other)? And if the different ranks of a unit's Strike are treated as different weapons, can the beastlaying flag be given to only certain ranks of a single character's Strike? I was thinking how Lyre could be improved without turning it too similar to other cats, and I suddenly I thought that she looks like the kind to spend her free time playing (slaying) birds and pegasi... a good jumper I guess?
  4. Not sure about the infinite uses. If anything, I'd reduce their uses a lot (currently 50, the highest of normal weapons), maybe even down to 20, as they'll be cheap and avaliable from the beggining. 20 is still more than very early-game enemies will get to use before dying, even 15 would be. You could also rename them to "Training" weapons instead of "Bronze", though that'd bring the question of what are those bandits doing with them... Also, since Mist's promotion item is unique to her, I propose renaming "Holy Crown" to "A horse".
  5. You could make Bronze weapons give much higher WEXP (say, 4). This'd make it shorter to get a newly acquired weapon type's rank to at lest D, and it'd still give you a reason to use them later on. They're kinda supposed to be training weapons after all.
  6. Apart from the stats, are you able to add other flags to staves in combat, like poison or stealing HP, without them spilling over to their Staff functionality? I'll check it out later, but boy do I hope Jarod has Resolve. It'd fit him perfectly.
  7. An idea I always mentally toyed with was giving BK Mercy. Blackie has two character entries, and: So one could theoretically replace DARKKNIGHT_0's Nihil with Mercy (if the game doesn't dislike BK starting with a skill that can only be reassigned to Elincia). This way you'd both make a use of that stupid skill, and prevent the EXP-stealing massares that occur whenever he forcibly battles alongside you (Desert map being the most notorious one). As to a canon justification... I guess DARKNIGHT_0 finds noone worthy of being Alondited? Though it'd make Ike battling and surviving him in 3-7 trivial, but then again currently your only realistic option is to attack him with a card and rescuing Ike, which is kinda lame. And when (as an enemy) he's surrounded of mooks, leaving an unrescued unit at 1 HP is pretty similar to killing it. And while we're talking about these kinda chapters, would you consider repositioning the (enemy) Dawn Brigade units in 3-End? There's such a number of conversations that are virtually impossible to get that it feels like a waste not to make them more likely to happen. Specially the one between Tibarn and Nalia, making that one inexperienceable is a crime. So yeah, consider putting most of the DBs (not the balls) more in the center of the map and at the sides (Skirmir gets no conversations, but I think everybody would like seeing him chop down Meg), and Naliah so that Tibarn gets to her. And Kurthnaga somewhere where he gets do do some fighting: if it's all races warmonging that's about to wake up the bitch, at least let the one Dragon representative get some action. He gets such a build-up from Tibarn, yet you almost never get to him. Same applies to 3-7 despite less conversations, spreading them out a bit more would be fun. I'm always down for trashing Meg.
  8. Illyana might decide to put her Str growth to use and throw the tomes instead.
  9. Congrats on the Florete breaktrough. Did you make it magic based both ranged and on melee, or only when ranged as commented above? I just heard of you working on hackinkg FE10 further than known at an attempt to rebalance it, and I'm very interested in your progress. How much can currently be modified about skills themselves? If possible at all, what's your opinion on trying to remove the 3x damage/strength multiplier from most mastery skills to make them more interesting by making their secondary effects (stun, sleep, halve speed, etc) be actually relevant now that the skill isn't just yet another OHKO?
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