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  1. Oh, it occurs to me - you probably will be putting very, very few enemy generals with two different weapon types in their inventory, right? I'm asking not because of steal, but because if each general subclass has a different class skill, and unlike in the 3DS games you can only check the subclass/skill if you go into details, then seeing which weapon type their map model has equipped is still the quickest way to tell which subclass they are and which class skill they have, and make plans accordingly.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/shadow0865 and https://www.twitch.tv/izzyboy used to have them I think, but the former's channel is no longer avaliable, and the latter no has any videos anymore. There is a youtube video of Deltre tackling 1-E, one of the maps Dunal expanded map data in, which is a very effort-consuming process but allows him to change more things than usual in the map, and it shines for it.
  3. Ohhh, you took advantage of her female fire sage class being unique to her and made her Nihil a class skill instead of personal skill, clearing up space for Canto to be her personal skill without the need to expand map data. She have higher base movement than male sages (not counting Tormod’s skill)m right? And asking this makes me think of another question - will the gold tier 2.5 enemy classes have tier 2 or tier 3 movement?
  4. Oh boy, will it be a real challange to perform The Great Dracoshield Heist? Will it be a dracoshield, or something else? Will enemy paladin reinforcements equipped with knightkillers show up at the same gate Geoffrey and co. did two turns after them, so Devdan gets some use as a rear guard instead of being left behind, or will that be solved by a denser corridor of enemies to break trhough? I still think it's a shame that map expansion would be required to give Steal to Makalov; it'd fit him well and give him a niche.
  5. 'Sup Dunal. You thinking of bringing RDux to FEE3 2018 again? I'm thinking you could make them play 1-E directly this time, it's a good showcase of what you can do if you expand the map data. Or if you've managed to outdo 1-E in a part 2 map, go for it, I'm still excited.
  6. Hey, random thought - have you checked that nothing wierd happens if Micaiah triggers Corona when using non-light magic? Asking because since Corona in vanilla is only for light-locked magic users, I don't know if the ball of light hovering over them during Corona will switch to the appropiate magic element (similar to how mages' criticals animations have the corresponding magic ball appearing according to the tome they're using).
  7. Current public release is up to and including 2-2.
  8. The thiefs in 1-2 don’t head for the chests - they’re there just to try to steal YOUR healing items. They prioritize doing so over attacking, but if you bait smartly, you can get the first thief to attack you, which he’ll equip his droppable kard to do so, and then you can steal his bronze dagger and kill him to get his kard too. Thunder and Fire are outliers in their magic lines - the rest of thunder magic is 1-range but much more powerful (and so Illyana and enemy thunder mages, renamed thunder knights IIRC, have better suited frontline stats to wield them than the fire sages, renamed to seers->sages, though these can wield all non-dark magic), while the better fire tomes have 1-2 range. Regarding magic, keep in mind the magic triangle adv/disavs are more pronounced. I don’t remember the numbers, but you should keep that in mind, and I think the magic triangle has different adv/disadv than the anima subtriangle. Anyway - any news, Dunal? Any new ideas youkve decided to implement?
  9. Nailah not being playable in part 1 is intended, but her missing from cutscenes is not. Dunal, you should check other part 1 cutscenes in case she’s missing from them too, and probbaly have to make he rjoin the army at or before 1-E.
  10. You can definitely rout 2-P very quickly if you choose to give all the XP to Elincia, yes.
  11. By the former you mean just 2-3's map data? I took a look at it and I think it's FE10Data that would need editing, which brought me to this: I'm in the process of writing a python code that given hex strings H, A, and B, and a list L of hex ranges, would insert H in adress A, displacing the subsequent content of the file by H's byte length N, then sum N to all the 8-byte hex strings between values (A-0x20) and (B-0x20) located at adressess contained in the ranges listed in L. I think that will help.
  12. Would the file needing expansion be just 2-3’s, when he joins, or also the one with all the charcaters’ info? I can see how expanding the first one could give you a migraine. But, *if* you can automate it somehow, I can see how it would be a smart idea to preemptively expand data on all maps with joining chaacters to give a personal skll slot to those lacking it and filling it with one of the invisible effectless skills (they’re a thing, right?) as placeholder.
  13. I just had one of my funniest/worst ideas ever for this hack. Makalov with (locked) personal skill Steal. Now you can put stealables in 2-3, the knights’ corridor in 2-E, and 3-Crimea. Plus, I kinda wanna see what his Other AI does in 3-(Crimea+1).
  14. Oh, could you provide some more info on that? Currently ReDux can't be played on a real Wii because it will freeze while attempting to load 1-2. We've isolated the issue to the modified file for 1-2, but until Dunal makes a step-by-step reconstruction with tests inbetween steps of the file, we don't know what it is that makes it do that, because Dolphin doesn't seem to have any problems with it. Gamble is very, very fun with Wao Dao Eddie or Killer Bow Leo; with good biorrythm Eddie can consistently get over 70 Hit with over 50 crit. Nolan can proc a surprising amount of Cancels, and for 1-E Jill can make good use of Stillness to do some damage behind enemy lines.
  15. I was thinking of using it as the combat music, so remix length isn't that important.
  16. Just out of curiosity, do you know if it would be possible to replace or, better yet, add music tracks? Thinking of using Lower Norfair for the lava map.
  17. Honestly, if you're good enough to grab it like you did, you won't be needing it, so I'm cool with it being stealable anyway. It was nice seeing the differences between your playstyle and mine - we both try to spend as little turns as possible while grabbing absolutely all the loot, but your best units were better than mine because you still benched others permanently, while I kept everyone up to date and viable, to see how that'll go in DB's full-deployment maps in part 3. In particular, your bigger powerhouses were much more able to take down the enemy elites quickly.
  18. Dunal, if you have the time, could you try and look into making the longbowman and the non-boss cav in 1-3 switch order? I want the cav to move before the longbowman, else the longbowman moves to the front of the door and blocks the sword-dropping cav from attacking Eddie (who can't move past the door else he enters boss range), holding himself and his red gem hostage and completely blocking that path if you didn't send Sothe to steal all the stuff on the other path first. I ended up playing such a stupid game of chicken with that longbowman today; I just wanted to bait that cav, get his sword and retreat through the other path before reinforcements arrived...
  19. Beware that dark magic's aura can't be implemented on Hard I think, because it's accomplished through weapon triangle penalties, which are disabled in Hard.
  20. Huh, Provoke + Resire Laura... I never considered the latter for her, because her abysmal str wouldn't make it work well later on and I promoted her during 1-8, but combining the two would destroy early levels if she's promoted early, and she can speed past the low hit. Don't underestimate Meg's mobility - armor knights only spend 1 move on ledges (whereas every other walker spends at least two moves), so on maps like 1-E she can push through the ledged path like nobody's business. I think she moves rather well on water and bushes too. Edward is about the most RNG-variable DB unit, which honestly I think is fine - if he doesn't turn out allright you can just replace him with Zihark, and if he does turn out allright, ohhhh boy. Dunal, is Fiona still gonna get Sol for her tier 3? Doing so would only allow you to assign her one skill apart from her locked and free ones. You could do that without affecting Astrid and Oscar, since all three are separate classes in the code.
  21. I'm more satisfied with the analogy with her sister, who can SS rank all non-dark magic, but has no staff access (because that'd be beneath an emperess).
  22. Any chance of Kieran with personal Parity then? You know, since he completely ignores the actual circumstances of any conversation. It's fun to intentionally prepare coutner-staff kills. Even in 1-2 you can easily get Laura to staff-kill the soldier coming behind the starting zone's armor, to save time, as well as the ruin scholer up top.
  23. I thought if it could be that, because I remember Dunal considering making each laguz species retain one or two stats besides luck upon transformation. However, the pics’ differences don’t add up, at least not with any application of 1.5x multiplyers.
  24. Huh, wierd, it happens to me too. Dunno why I didn't notice. Leanne is somehow affected as well by this, but Naeluchi isn't (in 2-2 at least).
  25. Before this patch I sent her with all the tomes the DB wouldn't be able to use (the meteor, the two or three Boltings, the Arcthunder which Ily didn't even rank up to in time,an Arcfire maybe though I might be making that up). But with her gaininig anima at Thaumaturge now, I might hold onto some of these. Here's an idea for you, Dunal: A knife/dagger (your choice which) that gives a small Str bonus so that you might be able to steal something that's juuuuuuuust one or two points too heavy otherwise.
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