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  1. Make the magic relic weapons (crusher, blutgang) have 1-3 range, so they're as good as the normal magic weapons. There combat arts can stay 1 range. Nerf normal magic weapons except aura knuckles. make them stay 1-2 range, and their upgrades can reduce weight or increase Mt or hit or something. Make Arrow of Idreana avalable on every route, and give Hubert some extra bonus for his paralouge.
  2. Anyway guys, I thought I'd update you on some things. I run up against a wall, so to speak. I increased the difficultiy up until Ch. 17 in Erika's route, but now background scenes are corrupted. It seems strange to me since the only real messing around outside of nightmare I've been doing is adding animations to already existing classes. Also the wifi antenna on my laptop died, so I've been restricted to my desktop until I get a new one. Anyway, since I have no idea where exactly I went wrong, I'm going to do it again from the top, and add extra items and classes before I do the chapter difficulty re-balances. I'm still seeking animations for the new classes, Mystic and lancer (although I could just use generic necromancer and female soldier), and a spear animation for Erika and axe animation for Ephraim. If anyone would be willing to help me out with those then Please reply in this thread or PM me, and we can discuss compensation.
  3. I think I like this female soldier animation better then the female halberdier. The halberdier looks too lordly for a rank and file soldier, more so then the male halberdier; like Erika impersonating Ephraim.
  4. Back from the dead (AKA TA-ing). I inserted the animations, but bricked my ROM when trying to expand/repoint the class registry. I'll just try it again from the top with my backup. In related news, I Read this on weapon effectiveness. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=51969&hl=effective To expand on my previous question, is there a cheap and easy way to add Super effectiveness against classes? Can I use existing class numbers for new classes (giving my injured paladin class paladin class number)? Can I make gargoyels vunerable to Dragon Slayers by giving them wyvern knight class numbers in nightmare? Once I expand the class registry correctly in the hex editor, do I have to do something different to create new class numbers?
  5. This isn't bad. Since it has something of a script format to it, most of the exposition is going to be dialog, which isn't always fun to read. You need to establish who cyphrus is. Everyone else is with their spouse, but ross is with some random (guy?) Also Ross the boss seems like a guy you want on your side in a battle (+15 crit!) But it seems weird that he'd be in a war council attended by monarchs. I think Kyle, Franz, Duessel, or one of the missing lords would make more sense. Keep it up, and consider posting this to FF.NET
  6. Is there some forum drama I'm missing out on? I just want us all to get along and live in peace with our waifus/husbinos.
  7. I only watched the video. It looked solid but why did you use the ugly incomplete female merc map sprite for Sol/cloud/gold Ephraim?
  8. This one is a cut above your other stuff, but the pale horse's legs look somewhat awkward. Is it supposed to be a skeletal horse?
  9. http://feuniverse.us/has some more open source animations if you can find the thread in it's ugly interface. I'm pretty sure the maker of TLP is on either this site or that one, so you should message them.
  10. Death quotes seem pretty random a lot of the time. Unless tana has a pretty big morbid streak she hid from everyone.
  11. I've added the animations already, but FEditor doesn't really let you edit classes at all, just add assets for the classes to use.
  12. I've fixed the problem. I think I had the values right the first time, it was only because I didn't select "search in both directions". However when I replaced HxD told me that only ~5 replacements occurred. I haven't bricked my ROM yet, so I don't know if I did that step correctly. Now if only I could get the modules in nightmare right. I did the steps outlined in the tutorial, and I can select my custom classes and edit their base stats/weapon lvls/whater, but seeing that I couldn't properly select Class Number in the module, I changed the number at the top of the .txt to have 165 rather then 128. Now the module won't load at all. What is the significance of class number anyway? I think FE8 skills other then crit bonus and lethality are tied to class, so can I give a druid greatsheild if I give it a general's class number? Not that I would. Also, I don't know if I should make another topic for this, but I found this thread on FEU. Is anyone familiar with patch and how well it works? I'm creating an injured paladin class for seth and want to know if anyone has cracked how to make classes promote automatically at lvl 10. Thanks for all your help BTW, Baldrick.
  13. To be fair, it's a chapter that takes place in a ruin, but has a path where you can go around outside it. Movement in the ruin is normal.
  14. They have the centaur class for enemies.
  15. Now you can look forward to fog of war in 6, rain in 10 erika, ranged attacks in almost every chapter after 6!
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