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  1. thanks for the advice, I have a feeling using Nightmare on the rom somehow changes it so FEditor can't recognise it or something, I think I will probably just try to inset all animations at once before doing anything else to the rom, prepare it with all that if you will...now the real question is do I want to have armor knights and wyvern riders using non default weapons or not...
  2. the error in the FEditor cmd Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: This ROM appears to have been hacked outside FEditor (wrong checksum) and the pointer array has been relocated... FEditor can't handle this properly since the array size is unknown. at Model.PointerArray.<init>(PointerArray.java:135) at Model.PointerArray.<init>(PointerArray.java:160) at Model.ClassAnimationArray.<init>(ClassAnimationArray.java:48) at Model.FE7.classAnimationArray(FE7.java:257) at FEditorAdvance.ClassAnimationManager.setup(ClassAnimationManager.java:182) at FEditorAdvance.View.setEditor(View.java:434) at FEditorAdvance.View.classAnimationManagerMenuItemExecute(View.java:361) ... 45 more
  3. So I'm working on my hack and I manage to insert axe cavalier animations, they work fine. they are in the game and working fine upon testing. After that I consider using different axe cavalier animations so I opt to test them and see how they look ingame, I then run into a problem with FEditor giving me this error message "Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: This ROM appears to have been hacked outside FEditor (wrong checksum) and the pointer array has been relocated... FEditor can't handle this properly since the array size is unknown." I then start again from a clean rom, doing each step then testing FEditor and it seems what messes this up is when I use nightmare to repoint the animation of the female cavalier to 0x8FFF800 which is at the start of the custom animation pointers for the nightmare module, I don't understand what's going wrong with FEditor as the animation is working fine in the game. did I forget to repoint something in FEditor or for FEditor so it wouldn't run into this problem?
  4. Moz

    Restoring a .UPS file

    It's still on the pc I borrowed, my friends will have access to it later tonight, I'll have them send me all the files thanks for the help anyway
  5. I spent a while learning how to hack FE7 a little less than 2 years ago, and now I have found myself with a large amount of free time on my hands I'm getting back into it. now I did all the work on a loaned PC and all I have from the old work is the dropbox upload I did for the patch to let some friends playtest the 2 chapter prologue, sadly now I download it and it comes in a strange file extention of .lnk in addition to the normal file type of .ups does anyone think they can fix this for me? https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Moz's+hack+prologue+1%262.ups.lnk this is the dropbox download for it, any help would be greatly appreciated as it would save me putting in the time to add in all the unit sprite animations and re-making the 2 chapters I had made.
  6. 12. The sad dude, suffering existential crisis, in anguish. lacks will and does stuff just because he's really conformist. http://imgur.com/fqesi1i he's a mix of facial features from FE8 baddies along with the base of a FE7 baddie non boss, custome'd his face so he covers his chin with the underside of his bandana rag thingy.
  7. aight, from now on newer work will both be posted in a new post and added to the original post, as for the colour selection I'll be fixing that when I start actively inserting mugs into my hack, atm working full time so I only sprite in the evening. I think when I'm finished with work and have more free time to focus on the hack I'll go over all my mugs and improve them since I've been learning as I go along. thanks for all the feedback guys!
  8. ok, my newest mug (red axe dude)has tried to do what Nickt's tutorial shows, whatcha guys think?
  9. here's our mage lady in progress http://imgur.com/jLiYurY need help with this sprite, I somehow need to get it's palette down to 16 colours, requantize makes it look really messed up, any tips? (also any tips for the mug itself, this is WIP and can easily be changed)
  10. Bump with 2 more mugs, I'm slowly getting used to this, feedback appreciated, gota get my spriting game up yo
  11. I have come across a really strange bug, recently I have essentially been importing the trainee pupil class from FE8 into my hack, now the issue has come when I tried to get the battle animation working, it doesn't on the class I have been using while it works on other characters I have if I change their battle animation pointer. would this have anything to do with me using the Hung Leila class? if so then what classes are safe to overwrite, or even better is it possible to get more slots for classes in nightmare?
  12. thanks primefusion, that helped greatly, I'm also a big fan of your mapping, reading your guide and using your maps for inspiration is how i'v managed to make the few maps I have
  13. that moment when an enemy berserker with hammer shows up. lol
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