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  1. I had one Birthright Lunatic playthrough where Sakura was speed, skill, and defense blessed. With a Hayato husband and a horse spirit, she became an omnicidal onmyoji and rivaled Ryoma. If you staff grind her on Revelation, she becomes an excellent Priestess with Shining Bow--especially because there are so many resistance weak enemies and flying units. I find that she at least joins early enough on both routes for good flexibility. Same with Selena. A character that I have always wanted to try using as a frontline unit but never successfully utilized is Charlotte. Even as a Hero her defense procs are lol low. It's just so much easier to pair her with Xander or Saizo.
  2. So it's actually impossible to traditionally solo with Flora in Conquest Hard because you don't recruit her until Chapter 19, but I wanted to see if I could play through semi-normally and save up as many stat boosters and items to make her a monster and duo the rest of the game with her and Corrin as her husband. What would be the best way for me to go about doing this? I remember seeing the Conquest Hard Selena Solo run. She ended up as a Bow Knight with Strong Riposte, Sol, Good Fortune. Shurikenbreaker, and Pass (from her husband). Luckily, Flora gets the merc class as well. I was thinking of saving up a couple child paralogues (something I can still feasibly solo like Shigure, Sophie, Midori, or Ophelia) to put her through Hero then Bow Knight before bringing her back to Maid. I originally thought about giving Corrin a Ninja talent to get her Shurikenfaire and Replicate or a Samurai talent to get Vantage and Astra, but Pass is pretty much mandatory. Class path ideas include: Maid > Hero > Bow Knight > Adventurer > Maid for Sol/Strong Riposte/Good Fortune/Pass/Some kind of Breaker. Also considered putting her through Great Lord to pick up Aether. An alternate route would be a magic build: Maid > Hero > Dark Knight > Bow Knight > Adventurer > Sorcerer/Witch. Ideas? Thoughts? Ways to make this insane idea work?
  3. I already did an Alm and Celica solo playthrough. I had to use an Amiibo to save Mathilda but that was it. An Alm magic run would come with Silque, Delthea, Luthier, and Tatiana. And Alm would need a Lightning Sword for the whole game probably, right? There's no way to reclass him or Celica.
  4. Selena as a Great Lord please! She did it to make her mom happy :)
  5. Decided that I'm going to do a Celica run with only magic users: Celica Mae, Boey, Sonya, and Genny.... If I feel like it, I'll use Nomah for the healing maybe, but otherwise those are my five. Also going to try to avoid random encounters and skirmishes if I can help it. Want to see how far I go. Haven't decided if I'm going to wait until everyone is max level before promoting them. The only problem is I have no idea what I can do for Alm's Route. He'd probably be screwed without a healer or magic user imo. I could do an Alm and Ram Villager only playthrough... or even Alm and original Deliverance only because that would stick me with Lukas, Forsyth, Python, Mathilda, and Clive with no hope of a healer unless I send Mathilda or Clair through Cleric. Any ideas?
  6. Hey everybody, I've beaten Echoes thrice now and am looking for a fun way to remix my next playthrough. The first time I played on Hard Classic and went out of my way to soak up any experience the game through at me. I wouldn't say I went out of my way to grind--between random encounters and sidequests, I just got a ton of extra experience. The second time I did Alm and Celica Normal Classic Runs where I fully recruited everyone I could and just kept them alive while only getting exp to Alm and Celica. The third time, I did a Lightning Speed Run on Normal. I found this run incredibly stressful and mostly everyone was underleveled by endgame with Alm and Celica carrying their respective parties. I might also add that I have always killed Deen, but have never regretted it. Any idea for rulesets or interesting ways to keep the game fun and fresh on my next playthrough? * I could try using all the worst characters in the game. * Do a hard classic run where I avoid all optional encounters and don't grind at all, but also don't count my turns. * A run where I only use mages on Celica's side and only use cavaliers on Alms. * A run where nobody has the same class as someone else (might use the pitchfork on Celica's route so I can keep using Mae or Booey).
  7. Hey everyone, Just wanted to share my newest Fire Emblem VO interview with all of you. This time, I heard from Julie Ann Taylor, who voiced Cordelia and Severa in Fire Emblem Awakening, Selena, Flora, and Caeldori in Fire Emblem Fates, and Linde in Fire Emblem Heroes. https://comedyngaming.com/news/interview-julie-anne-taylor-fire-emblems-selena She's been working in the industry since the late 80's and had lots to say about her experiences in the recording booth as well as which of her characters she relates to the most. I especially enjoyed the insights she had on voicing Severa and Cordelia, and the interview mainly focuses on those two characters in addition to their Fates "doppelgangers," She even had stuff to say about Bride Cordelia's appearance in Heroes' Bridal Blessings Banner. Hope you enjoy! It was a blast to conduct!
  8. Would Samurai Corrin be better for endgame? Super worried about cheesing it well haha
  9. Thank you SO much for the advice! If not Nohr Noble, which class works for Corrin? Which secondary class and Boon/Bane should I give him? Niles and Elise will be my healers. I'm a bit paranoid about cheesing Endgame. I don't know a reliable set of characters that can get me to kill Takumi. Worried I'm going to have to use DLC classes to ensure I cheese him.... I COULD give Corrin an Ebon Wing and a ton of stat boosters for Galeforce shennanigans, then possibly give a Warp Scroll to Azura. IDK. Could someone help me craft a classpath for Corrin that would let him reliably kill Takumi?
  10. I've never done a low-manned run for Conquest Lunatic before. I was wondering if it would be possible to pull off a playthrough where Male Corrin is married to Niles and I use the Royals but instead of being married off, they are paired with my favorite retainers in their set. Would it be possible to stuff these 11 units with enough experience to get to/finish endgame without child paralogues or would I have to try giving all of these characters spouses, then retiring them after they reach all their supports? I tried raising up 16 units on my last Conquest Lunatic playthrough and absolutely hated it.... Any thoughts? Male Corrin @Nohr Noble X Niles @Adventurer Camilla @Wyvern Lord X [email protected] Knight Xander @Paladin X Laslow @Hero Leo @Dark Knight X Odin @Sorcerer [email protected] (She could always still pair with Great Knight Effie for a defense bonus) [email protected] Dancer
  11. Faye doesn't get anew until Level 14 promoted though... That's a LONG way to go haha.
  12. I beat Hard Classic with a moderate amount of grinding, though honestly, I feel like the game HURLS a ton of outside chapter exp at you in the form of unavoidable skirmishes and poor dungeon corridor design. I'm currently mulling over getting that Lightning Speed Medal through any means yesterday, but I don't know which units to use and which to bench. I think I would prefer low-manning to make it easier to reset for growths, but don't know who to choose: I can already tell this medal will stress me out immensely, so I don't mind cheesing it however possible to just get it out of the way before I make my perfect min-maxing, take all the time I need file. Maybe Alm, Cleric Faye, Clair, Lukas with Villager's Fork, Mathilda, Delthea, Zeke, Tatiana, and Mycen for Alm's story? And Celica, Mae, Genny. Saber, Palla, Leo, Valbar, Sonia, and Conrad for Celica's story? I tend to obsess about planning for these runs and really love taking my time in most cases. I won't mind waiting for 50-60 turns to boost up a character that needs a helping hand or turtling a horde of enemies. 1. Which DLC items and classes come without increasing turn count? 2. Is there a list of recommended turns to take for most chapters? 3. On one of these runs since going back through a dungeon could be risky, should I promote everyone ASAP from Villagers to Tier 1s and 2 classes? 4. If I low man (3-5 characters) per route, who would be best? 5. Which stats should I prioritize on every character? Strength, defense, skill, and speed with res on someone like Alm so he can take the final boss's attacks better? Is it worth it to constantly reset for better level ups, even on normal? 6. Which weapons should I forge with my limited gold coins? Are Celica's Ultimate Dagger and art worth it at all?
  13. Hey everyone, I'm back with another interview. This time it's Kyle McCarley, the voice of Alm in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia as well as Fire Emblem Heroes. He also did Soren's voice for Heroes. He gave some incredibly in depth answers about the process of auditioning and recording for Echoes and Heroes. He also had some really cool insights about Alm's character that he does without getting into any spoilers. I had a blast conducting it and hope you enjoy it too. https://comedyngaming.com/news/interview-kyle-mccarley-voice-alm-fire-emblem-echoes
  14. I asked this awhile ago, but if I want to have my Female Robin marry Chrom! Inigo, and have their Male Morgan marry Olivia! Lucina, what would be the best Asset and Flaw for my Avatar as well as classes for Lucina, Morgan, Inigo, and Female Robin? I know that Yarne is generally the best second gen husband but I really want to marry a son of Chrom!
  15. It makes sense that Lukas would be the most fleshed out because Greg had an entire game's worth of dialogue to learn him and get to know him ad embody him. The other characters have some dialogue clips and special attack clips, but it's very little compared to all of Shadows of Valentia.
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