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  1. Reading through the Ultimate Tutorial, in Ch27: Battle Backgrounds, the writter uses a custom TSA to apply on the new background images. However, the link to the custom TSA is broken and I can't find it posted anywhere else. Does anyone have it stored somewhere for re-posting? If not, is there another way to mod the Battle Backgrounds?
  2. I find the FE7 and 8 themes way too cheerful. I prefer the FE6 one because it sounds more serious. (But that's just me :P)
  3. A question just about the main themes of the 3 gba games. Ignoring the rest of the soundtrack or the general quality of these 3 games, which one of the 3 do you concinder to have the best main theme (music at title screen)?
  4. Could someone explain me what this script command means (from the doc): 0x14 through 0x28 - passed to attacker's animation; it is recommended that all possible caster/spell animation combinations are considered such that no combination conflicts ^ I really don't understand this or when this is used.
  5. FE4 Hel is amazing. Can't find the old frames so i tried to make a new one :P When you say the exact same colors, do they have to be in the exact same order ? In Unsenti, the pallete has the same config numbers but shows the colors in different order. The frames were initially "chopped" from a bigger picture which i had already set in15+1 colors and resized in 240x256. Then i took the bottom half of the pic (240x128) and resized it in 240x64. Afterwards i just chopped the main pic in multiple parts from bottom to head. (all 240x64) So they colors should be the same since all of them have a common origin. I used MS-paint to do that (if that matters)
  6. Hard to properly word it. Sometimes (not always) the frames of a spell can be distorted or blink and not clean. Rarely the whole spell animation can play without any issues. Also it's not the same frames every time, but it changes randomly. ex. Sometimes, frames appear like this: instead of this The script: - At higher FPS it is more frequent and affects more frames. At lower FPS it's a bit better. - All frames are 15 colors +1 transparent.
  7. Yes. The options remain "frozen" no matter what. Actually, i was about to do an update: -I checked an "affected" ROM right away after tampering with it in Feditor and the option/tools open normally. However, the problem kicks in if you ever you open the ROM with Nightmare. -If you do anything at all with Nightmare (even a single byte change on any module), Feditor's class and spell tools bug out.
  8. I have this problem with Feditor (both old and new version) where if I insert a new animation in "Class Animation Manager" or a spell script in "Spell Insertion Manager" in a ROM quit -> save -> exit the program the tools lock up the next time i re-open Feditor and try to access those tools with the same modified ROM. Feditor doesn't freeze, only the used tools don't respond anymore. Using a fresh ROM has no issues, but as long as i do any slight modifications through these 2 tools the tools for that ROM are off. For the class animation i just expanded the Max Index through Feditor options (C9->CA) and for the spell animation script i just inserted the script on a "nothing" option (0x36). Also every time i open a new fresh ROM with Feditor, I always firstly save->close->exit and then re-open to do the changes. Any fix, or am I just using it wrong ?
  9. The emulator is called "No$GBA". I'm not sure if No$GBA runs on Linux :/ Like RandomSwordmaster said, it's impossible to add orchestrated music on GBA games. There's a way to add MIDI music with more than 16 channels, but not anything that anything advanced. Yeah, i think I'm done with the hack. I don't have time right now for anything and to be honest, I'd prefer to work on something else/new. @GiGi My main reason for the making this hack was to create a game where bored players could time sink into grinding and looting. It seems i should have also made an "easy" type version where the end-game was much easier (lower stats, worse weapons etc etc)
  10. Ok I went and re-checked that section both in game and in the file and there was no problem at all: As you see Amelia and the whole team appears as intended. - Are you using "VisualBoyAdvance" as emulator? Another player had a problem with "VisualBoyAdvance". I suggest using "No$GBA".
  11. DK still gets KOed in 1 turn if you throw him all the holy weapons. Found him quite weak actually. Easy to double and easy to kite. Throw a Latona heal and boom. End. Ephraim and Eirika alone, by supporting each other, can take away DK's half HP in 1 attack phase. Myrrh also alone+unsupported deals 1/4 of DK's HP in damage since her Dragonstone gets a x3 bonus contrary to the other holy weapons that get only a x2 bonus. Of course, normal weapons don't do anything, which also makes sense. I'm lazy to just add 1 line of extra dialoque to Lyon's lines when he summons Morva. :P "Use this dragon and the phantoms". Use the forests and hills in the south and the wyvern Hit% drops to 5~15%. With true hit that's 0.1~8% in reality. For a hit+Pierce to occured, it would take a (8% x 20%= 0.016%) chance to happen. And why shouldn't someone be able to do that? AFAIK, i haven't seen anything like that in a FE game. This "abuse" is the "hidden trick" of the hack. Otherwise, Gleipnir would still be the weakest holy regalia of the game due to class and weight limitations. Every game has some sort of a secret "i win" way for the player to use. Yes, you should be ready for 3 continuous maps. That's the intent. Eirika route? Or Ephraim route? When does this happen? When you don't recruit Amelia ? Or in some in-map event? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note1: Are you guys using supports? Because with the average 70%evasion + 15% from WT + 15% from supports the normal enemies have around 20~40 Hit%. Add +20%~30% evasion from terrain bonus and you can dodge everything. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note2: Ch20-21-F are supposed to be hard on hard. FE12 Maniac Hard (still easier than lunatic or apothesis). You must have everyone maxed with full supports and the best weapons. Which means grinding, yes. A lot in fact. You can always play easy/normal Eirika route if you don't want to grind the ruins 5~6 times.
  12. I admit, I did giggle. Well, he is enthusiastic and i didn't thought about special weapons for the enemy generals. It sounds a nice idea. Divide half of them from the south.
  13. O_o ??? I'll re-check it. Edit (2/2/16): Didn't find issues... Not in an old file, not by doing a new game not by using a new-freshly patched ROM. Marissa had the new animation... Also checked the data in the latest patch and the data for the new animation as well as all pointers were working as intended. - Are you having, the newest patch? (You should, since I remove the older versions from the doownload link, but still...) - Can you re-apply the lastest patch and check? (I know, lazy advice...) - The base ROM is: Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (U) (TrashMan) Shout to everyone: Does anyone else has this problem ???
  14. Oh, Dluna it was your hack on FE6 that made start this..."try". - Killers: I've been thinking about this and i really can't nerf the Crt.% as killers are the only means for most characters and classes to have access to descent %Crt.Ch. in mid>end game. Also as far as Hit% goes, it barely stays in the 80~90% Hit range. Against enemies with terrain avoid bonus, killers really drop in accurancy. As for DMG, killers are on the same level with "D" weaponry but break faster and cost more. Slims have a purpose of being lighter and pre-promotes don't lose that 1~2 speed when they need critical. Their MT is bad but their cost, access and Hit% are excellent for their purpose: attacking enemies with terrain bonus (something that killers suck at) Solution(?): I do understand that killers can "carry" you up the end that's why i can make "B" weaponry more lucrative. Low "B" weapons for physical fighters are ...ok while high "B" weapons surely are better than the RNG killers. The issue is with tomes and "B" tomes (close range; not siege ones) need some more love to be on par with the high "B" physical weapons. Also, reducing Killer MT-1 they become somewhat weaker than "D" weapons. (-6DMG in a rare double critical) As such killers will be more RNG based without becoming complete junk (they suffer from cost and hit already, now their MT will be another thing to consider) Same can be done for "Aircalibur" except "Luna" and "Shine" tomes. - Grind: Yes, I've seen many topics like "How to Fix Tower/Ruins" or "Remove Tower/Ruins/Skirmishes". But why not include their purpose in the game? Intelligent System wanted this after all. Why omit a huge part of the original concept and gameplay and not build further upon it? Otherwise weak units like trainees shouldn't even exist.... And this ties to the stat boosters: - Too many(?) stat boosters: Yes i want to inflate stats, I'm not denying it. Whether by making 1 good unit or spread them, that's for the player to decide. However, like i stated in the past, a god unit can't be everywhere on the map. And this hack is about spreading your units in multiple locations. With the increased need for units, EXP is spread a lot, same with the boosters. We can argue that bosses can be cheesed by stacking everything, but the map itself is another beast to handle. From posts here the difficulty seems to be a hit and a miss: some say it's nice, some say it's overblown I didn't plan to make another Thracia and early killers/boosters are here to cover any issues until characters and supports improve. After all, stat boosters are earned, not gifted, by killling an elite or saving someone or some village or rushing some chest before an enemy thief I mean, ok, in a GBA FE what else matters? It's only cash, boosters or a warp staff :P Putting a "killer" weapon as reward is "meh, really"? Also I won't hide it: Everything ASM related is "stolen" from somewhere. My work is only Hex related (and even that knowledge is borrowed) and nothing more. I was thinking of a post-game challenge as a reason to grind, but had no idea how to do it and it still seems to very hard to realise. Hence I ended up with that inflated end-game (ch.20~22) (at least an opportunity to see your units in top form i guess...) P.S. I really hate the "Fates" de-buff system: It only promotes forged iron/steel weapons with killers and regalia stealing all the highlight. And I.S. knew it and added "statues" but hey "buy the DLC version if you want all the statues!" Why break something that worked for 3 decades ?! Edit: Patch 1.12 is out and fixes issues with weapons based on feedback (and also a cheese spot)
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