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  1. Welp I ended up in tier 25 this week, and I think my opinion has changed very slightly. I still think the game mode is crap, but not having to worry as badly trying to get through the hurdle of getting to tier 21 made things less annoying so I could enjoy the mode a bit more, not having to go for the pots 24/7 was very nice as I dont really care to get into tier 27. I still hate the same untis are running around like nuts, but its been easier to get use to it. And after dealing with W!Sothis hell in arena, I am very glad that AR is a bit more flexible in what skills you can use, not by much mind you, but enough to enjoy this mode more then arena. Speaking of which, since I got my Beruka to +10, id like some opinions on what would be better for the c-slot. Right now my options are Atk smoke, Pulse smoke, and Threat Atk/Spd. And for the possible future if I get panic smoke fodder, id like some thoughts on that as well. I generally stick with Atk smoke for obvious reason of trying to wall as much as possible, but I have been thinking about other c slots, and id like others peoples reasons for one or the other.
  2. Oh no I agree with you on that, I actually prefer AR over the Coliseum flat out, as you can acutally build a unit the way you want to (for the most part). Those maps that feel like its actually fun to play and are hard as hell but you clear them with no units lost is one of the best feelings in this game, and is the main reason I cared to get so high in AR in the first place (besides for the rewards). My main issue with PVP modes in FEH is just seeing and dealing with the same units forever, which their is no real way to insensitive players NOT to use the busted units, and why should they? Use what works extremely well is always going to be better then use what you want to use as lets use say the new Sothis, she is 100% better in terms of fighting then almost any green unit in the game flat out, sure movement is an issue, but for combat abilty shes great but then comes the other issue of, well, availability and if players already have a similar unit. Fact is lots of people already have really good meta defining units, or units that have been around forever so they have been built to hell and back, so why invest into new one when old ones can do the same job? Which ends up creating the stagnation of seeing units over and over again, which once again, is not a bad thing, if the new units were flat out better then the old units even without merges, and killed all of the old, heavily built units with extreme easy, then the game would be very dead by now. Point is PvP has always been my least faviorte part of the game, as repeated units appering all the time gets stale for me, but thats just how it is. Better to have a stale meta game that have checks and couters then one that every time a new unit comes out you have to throw out your old units. Once again, just my two cents.
  3. Alrighty, felt like throwing in my two cents in here after getting tier 21 today. Screw this mode. Playing this game since the beginning, I have quit it twice, the first time when I spent cash years ago trying to get base Ike and not even getting a single 5 star out of like 150 orbs I think, ( Dont quote me on that i honestly dont remember if I did get a five star at the time and because of that I dont spend money on the game anymore unless I have a very sudden urge to do so), and the second time was when aether raids came out and I got to tier 11, then once B!Veronica I was done. A unit that gets to attack for free, causes a 24 stat difference in a area around her, AND is cavalry was just a pain in the ass I didnt want to deal with, so that was quit number 2. (Not to mention the fact that the skill needed in order to counter attack staff units at all came MONTH'S later, is on a rare and very good unit, is the ONLY unit to have it at the time of writing, and for some dam reason it only works on infantry).But after that I came back and discovered what I actually like about this game, and is why this MIGHT be the what keeps me around till the game years in the future dies, is that I just like building my favorite characters and just stack with buffs to hell and back as the enemies basically do nothing. So I like to think the best way to play FEH for me at least is as a hardcore casual player, building what I like to the extreme and not much more. And with that, I set out to make a +10 Beruka and watch the world BURN. So I set off to give her all the help she needed, DC, Summoner Support, Mystic Boost (Yes I sacrificed the only Eir I had/have didnt really care), Threat. Atk/Spd 3 and/or Atk Smoke, Iote shield, Bonfire, getting her to +9 in the process with +def, just need one more for a max Beurka. With support from a +10 Corrin +res with DC and Null C-Disrupt, (To deal with Brave Veronica and Brave lyn), and in combat buffs, Brave Lucina for more buffs, and with Peony finally giveing me light bouns and even more buffs, I was able to break through to tier 21. And with that for the most part, I wont really give much of a shit about this game mode any more. The issue I have with FEH is simply, you see the same dam units over and over and over again till the end of dawn. Dragons, armounded dragons, Veronica, Ophelia, Lyn, any Reinhardt (Mostly the orignal tho), and the worst unit in this game by a long shot that screws this game over, L!Azura. The character herself is alright, (personality and what not), but as a unit she just makes the game boring and frustrating. Lets give a dancer the ability to give +1 move, and the possibility to give +7 to ALL stats. Thats just dull and not fun in any regard for both players. Yes, their is plenty of ways to counter it, my problem with it is just that its way, to easy of a unit to use, that works every team in some way that is just flat out better then any other dancer (for the most part). I also have issues with the builds and traps and what not, but its mainly the units that make the game mode dull. However I will give credit in that sometimes the gamemode its self can be very fun, when it works it really works, and the joy of beating a tough map is great, but I myself will only enjoy a map like that every 1/5 maps or so, mabye even less at times. But thats my take, with that my next goal with be trying to get into tier 21 into arena, which arena was part of the reason why I quit the first time, and to be honest I still dont like it, as it has the same unit issues that AR does, but I got more use to it over time. With that out of the way with my two cents down the drain, enjoy your life, and eat some pancakes in the void we call life.
  4. Haven't updated the guide in a bit due to heavy burn out, as iv beaten the BL path and am working on GD now. Will be updating it soon, as iv got some tip about skill levels which make recruitment kind of a joke, more about it later.
  5. Holy sweet super crap ty very much, I am a micro managing nutjob and this makes my life much easier lol.
  6. Actually I tested it out, you just get renown for winning no matter who the MVP is on any battle it seems.
  7. I actually tried geting her to b support during my playthrough, but ended up being to late, plus at the time did not even know about the b supoort method, I tried it on new game+ with Lorenz so I know for sure it works on "normal" characters.
  8. Yep, she is pretty faithful to the church, so no recruitment on that path, I dont know about the BL or GD however.
  9. Yep, and I really dont know why, as the story at the end is hinting hard at more story, but there just isn't. Also iv updated the guide a bit, there is more thay needs to be updated, but im take a brake for a day since iv been playing all week long, 18 hours long on my first day because im insane.
  10. Update, just beat the BE path, kind of felt like there should of been more to it, but oh well. Ill be updateing the guide soon with new info!
  11. I actually kept him alive thanks to a miss from the beast, but I dont think it would have mattered much in the long run, as it seems you dont get anythugn for keeping him alive.
  12. Update, im in part two of the story sideing with Edelgard and it seems like hilda is NOT recruitable in this path. So I have recruited all of the possible house units, but am unsure if any other units can be recruited at this time
  13. Thanks for the info everyone, I got an update! On chapter 9 I was able to recruit everyone but hilda, so it is more then possible to recruit everyone on one playthrough with no new game+ WITHOUT the b-support method on the BE route. The hardest one to recruit for me ended up being felix, even with C in swords, and Raphael cuz i only was at D armour. Tea helps a lot, if you get a perfect AND their favorite tea blend, it speeds up the process heavily. Also if you want to find which lost items go to who, or liked gifts go to the rpgsite.net as they already got a bunch of info, and it seems to be right so far. Also I will update the guide once im done with the BE route, so it will be a bit.
  14. Huh, interesting thanks for the info! Update on my end: im chapter 6 with lance d+ reason c and faith c got Ashe and Lysitha.
  15. Well depends on the route, if your black eagles Pegasus knights are ok substitute, but if your blue lions then cavalier or armour knight would work since i know you want Raphael. I found until you get faculty teaching its best to just fight with another weapon, i did lance so it could be built up, im chapter 5 with d+ lance c faith and d+ reason right now, so it seems to be getting there.
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