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  1. actually i got it to work.. It seems Lyre got the SS strike and SS claw instead, and judging by some of the information that's a character slot before Ranulf. the OP said character slots shift by 0x3f0 so I added that in addition to what i did. now i'm curious about something else.. lyre's ss strike code before the offset : 0488E97C 0000014B before lyre is Mia and her ss sword code is (before the offset) : 0488E584 014B0000 how exactly do these hex decimals dictate which character weapon rank it is, and which weapon rank? the 014b seems to be the SS rank so that must be the max amount of exp (Not sure why it's the first four or last four digits, though) goodness i really need to learn about this sht lol. if I shift back the SS code to try to get to Mia's weapon ranks, the code is slightly different it's 0488E58C instead. Now it's very similar, the only thing different is the last digit... 0x0488E97C - 0x3F0 = 488E58C. I'm just wondering because I got lucky and the character's were similar, both used strike, I guess the C might be strike and the 4 might be for swords..? oy vey
  2. awesome. what an annoying website honestly. OK FUCK thank u to previous posters who have helped with the cheats, I've finally gotten some other codes working besides the gold + bexp.. I'm still a bit confused about a few things.. for the blessed items why does the 04 change to 02.. doing this worked when I made Heather a blessed item .. and also what is the 00002890..? the OPs blessed codes weren't as straightforward, he said the the last 4 digits were for the first 2 characters of the name but that makes no sense.. "use Ikes item usage adress 1 048531EC change it to 028531EC and add 00002890" also had to do a similar thing with the item usage, it wasn't changing until i changed the 4.. i think.. it's too late for me to remember anyway thats not too important I got Lethe and Mordecai SS strike + changed their weapons to the highest rank. I looked at the old 99 exp and subtracted the new one (which worked) and got an offset of -37380. I subtracted that from the old SS strike and SS claw code and it worked.. but for Ranulf it doesn't. the offset is the same for ranulf's 99 exp codes (didnt check if any of ranulf's 99 exp codes worked tho) but it doesn't work. maybe his data got switched around a little bit? how would u find the correct data for ranulf? i'd try getting RDCC but i have a mac, all of the instructions in getting this little program to work are for windows. not sure it's worth the time getting the program working if the data switched around a little bit causing some of the codes to not work. i don't expect a response because this topic is pretty dead but i like tinkering around with radiant dawn because of how torturous it used to be without any cheats.. would be cool to figure more of this out on dolphin without getting a wii + an expensive discontinued gecko usb.
  3. i can't delete this quote. i'm trying to talk about cheats and this quote is FOLLOWING ME EVERYWHERE. god this design is horrible. click button and delete it. backspace and DISAPPEAR. why is this still here.
  4. Wow, you never heard of FE until you played a smash game! Screw you! You aren't a true fan!
  5. the only code that worked for me was the bonus exp from this thread
  6. ahhahaha wtf, I clicked "support" for Lee and Richard and suddenly two female characters started exchanging dialogue! I think one of them was named lyn but I was confused af
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