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  1. That actually makes sense, and I do like the fact that you can't just rely on dodges and instead have to actually strategize about who to attack with whom. That being said there is such high enemy density in the chapters that it's very easy for your units to be surrounded and killed. I took the 3A route, and I actually love the idea of the poisoned gas in the forest. However, it is quite hard to navigate with the poison, especially with the points where you are forced to navigate your units in a straight line where the poison hits in several points. Either widen the path for the allies, or indicate where the poison will be coming from can fix that issue. I had to re-start because I lost too many units (I wasn't going to reset for the female shaman or Tansy because, frankly, they're garbage). So I will try to adopt a new strategy that can minimize the poison damage. That said, the female shaman (I don't remember her name because she died the turn she was recruited) spawns in a terrible spot. She doesn't have the stats to survive the enemies and has limited movement due to being surrounded. There is little reason to keep her alive due to this (rescue with Tansy, maybe? but once again, garbage).
  2. Any particular reason why the generic enemies have ridiculously high Skill and Speed stats? I encountered enemy Fighters in Chapters 1 and 2 with ~4-6 Strength but ~15 Skill. balance please
  3. This week, Doc McStuffins, the greatest being ever, has graced Disney's Animal Kingdom with her presence: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/02/doc-mcstuffins-to-greet-fans-at-disneys-animal-kingdom-beginning-this-month/ Thus I feel it is important to discuss her greatness. Below are more images of the goddess herself.
  4. Unless Delmud's dad is Beowulf, it is important that his father get the Chagall kill in Chapter 3 to gather the Silver Blade from him, and then never let it go. This is easy if Finn is his father because he is leaving at the end of the chapter anyway. In my experience playing Genealogy I have paired Lachesis with three different dads, and they are the only dads necessary to discuss here: Azel, Finn, and Beowulf. All three fathers net Pursuit which both kids greatly need. The kind of Delmud you want depends on his father, but he's best with Finn or Beowulf due to having better Strength (although Hezul will give him that no matter what). Azel allows him to use Magic Swords to some degree of success, but several of the Generation 2 children also use Magic Swords well, so there may be some competition there (Arthur, Tinny, Seliph, Fee, etc.). Overall Delmud is one of your better units once he gets going especially if he has that Silver Blade. Nanna is a mounted healer who can actually fight back. Finn and Azel make her the best, especially Azel, since she will actually have a decent Magic stat. Once Leif promotes the two of them can run around the map on their pretty little ponies and destroy everything with the POWER OF LOVE. A great candidate for a Magic Sword as well, Nanna really doesn't need much to get going. She starts with Relive as a staff which nets good EXP and will get any other C-rank Staves from Lachesis as well as whatever swords she was carrying (which, due to Hezul, is helpful for sure). Keep Prayer Sword on her unless Finn is her father or give her one of the Magic Swords. Delmud gets a 7.5/10 from me, and Nanna gets a 8.5/10 from me.
  5. Yes, Claude is the better overall dad for Lana (especially since she can get the Rescue staff from the Chapter 5 conversation). I just like having Azel!Lana destroy everything with Elfire.
  6. Jamke!Lana has low Magic which can be bad for healing with non-recover Staves or using status Staves. Also she has less combat capability (not that you're using her for combat anyway) due to her lower Magic stat. High HP is pretty nice though. That being said no one really pairs for good Lanas because she's almost always good. Azel!Lana is the best of them but that isn't saying much, especially when Azel!Lester kinda blows.
  7. I pretty much live in the tower but it loves giving me more and more Verdant Badges. -_-
  8. Sharena was in my original party and I'm still using her quite often. I just was able to promote her to a 3* unit (god, those Azure badges are annoying to find) and she's already doing well. I also have Female!Corrin who is obviously superior, but I may be able to swap the two once Sharena is back to par with the others.
  9. i just meant that I discovered the gimmicks on how to defeat the chapters, not necessarily an opinion on them. Desert items? I had a feeling that they were present my my dumb self didn't bring Tyren and I don't have the patience to use anyone else.
  10. Finally went and finished the patch, and it is fantastic for sure. The updates to the writing have been fantastic thus far and I love the direction Bram's character development is going. I found the last few chapters to be quite challenging, especially with Sirens being able to use Lances and Magic, and really only having about 3 units that can reliably tank mages. Nonetheless I loved the addition of Tide Shock and Frostbite, which helped me tremendously in the last two for sure. I found the gimmicks after a while, especially utilizing the units that don't move, but it definitely was a welcome challenge. One thing that might help is having either A) more gold available or B) a droppable Restore staff. I know that they are buyable in 2-3, but gold is a bit of a commodity in Bloodlines and I was more focused on supplying weapons and Mend staves. Even just one droppable Restore may help with the Sirens and Jellies more, although in all fairness none of my units were ever in too much danger. I'm sure I missed a few hidden items and droppables as well and I'll definitely be going through again to see more. I wish more physical units could reliably battle mages, I gave Nobia the Honeycomb and she became a fairly reliable mage tank especially with her great speed, but everyone else still took double-digit damage from them. I'm sure more units will come who can be more reliable mage killers, and I certainly anticipate them. Nonetheless, I'm still a huge fan of the patch and can't wait for more.
  11. Sigurd doesn't necessarily need the Hero Sword in the first generation and Seliph gets a free one in the second. The Silver Sword/Light Brand combination work well for when he needs it. Light Brand + Forest allows him to tank the Cross Knights, and Silver Sword kills everything not nailed to the ground.
  12. Save most of your BEXP for Elincia since she has only 3 chapters in FE9 to gain levels. Most of the GM's will reach those levels on their own, same with Jill. Be sure to give all of your mages staves on promotion so they can spam (plus, the bonus to their eventual RD staff levels can help). I agree with not bothering with Sothe and Tormod. Rolf as well, as he is a ridiculous burden in FE9, and Shinon is far superior (even without any transfers). If you're focusing on Rolf that is less BEXP for others since that's pretty much the only way he'll be 20/20 when you have others to train as well. Astrid if you truly want to, as she has Paragon and will gain levels quicker. She should be bottom priority, though. Here's how I see utilizing these units the best: Priority combat, little to no BEXP: Ike Boyd Oscar Jill Gatrie Mostly combat/staff usage, moderate use of BEXP: Mia Nephenee Rhys Mist Soren Ilyana Mostly BEXP, little to no combat/staves: Elincia
  13. In the support table in the first page, there are indications of who has a paired ending. The ones I unlocked in my first playthrough were: Val/Kane Ash/Alicia Emilia/Kendrick (they are the Pent/Louise I believe, so I think their ending is automatic whether or not their A is reached) Linda/Katarina
  14. I'm gonna assume Roy would also eventually get an update to match the art style. Will Lilina be getting a Prf tome as well? Seems like lots of characters are getting personal weapons; Lilina seems a perfect fit for one. please with a def boost
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