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  1. I'm grinding hard so the practicalities aren't much of an issue. Thanks for all the suggestions though!
  2. Talent is mercenary, although I never reclass the avatar or Kana. Maybe I should this time
  3. Noo, not trolling. I just don't get the pairing details, I don't know how y'all can recall so much information about it. I did a little research, but obviously I was looking in all the wrong places. Ty ertrick, I'll follow your list for the ones I haven't already reached S with. Just having a grinding game and want to optimise my units. Good thing I haven't raced too far into the game and can still follow 80% of your recommendations. Bit of a nothing thread tbh, I don't come here often
  4. Here are my planned pairings at the moment. I haven't looked at any statistical maps on what is technically best, but I have looked up "pairing recommendations" for each unit and tried to find a happy middleground for those who won't get their "best" pairing. With all that in mind, I mainly want the best for the children's stats etc etc. I honestly don't understand it in depth and it seems like a lot to get into, so I just want to hear opinions. Also keen on opinions for MU pairing (preferably offspring pairing), he is very single at the moment and needs a waifu.
  5. Only asking this because my introduction to Fire Emblem was "accidentally" stealing Blazing Sword off a friend just before he moved away in primary school. Wondering if there are any other silly stories of everyone's "firsts".
  6. I'm down with some fates. Been enjoying the hell out of it, the only thing that irks me is the idea of playing casual mode. I couldn't imagine enjoying my game if I wasn't risking my beautiful units. Birthright is too easy, doesn't feel like a classic game with limited EXP. If Birthright was the only path, I would be as interested in Fates as I am SS which isn't much at all. (Haven't played Rev) But I have only been an on and off player: played Binding Blade, fe7, SS, PoR, and Fates. The best thing about fates for me is having 3 routes and playing styles (feels like 3 games in one) , and having that time in the castle to explore, prepare, and learn about your units and supports. My preference goes 7, BB, Fates, PoR, SS
  7. To be honest, I don't know what you're talking about anymore. And I don't care. Don't bother, I'm surprised you're bothered to keep track with the guy. That all sounds like such a tease, especially because I don't have WiiU nor do I plan on buying one. Cannot afford to support music production and gaming needs simultaneously, which is a shame. But N64 + Gameboy is enough for me. Along with some Gamecube classics :) Someday though. Someday, I will play Radiant Dawn. Anime anime<3 But yeah, FE games do have a lot of content for a movie hey. A series would be awesome, and last longer too.
  8. Jave knows what's up! I think I stated earlier that SS would make a good series so I agree with you entirely. Lute and Myrrh <3 <3 I really wish I had RD -_- ya making me want to play it haha
  9. Again man, y'don't have to take it personally.. haha Settle down, you're going to be alright <3 Feel free to have your own opinion, I don't really care what you think. I expect the same from you about what I think. End of story. Now get back on topic, we're talking about games and movies. I agree, I changed my mind due to the convincing response I got from this thread. I'd still love to see it.
  10. Never played RD so that comment was empty and with direct regard to the previous posts referring to him as a "dull cocky vanguard". Apologies for offending Ike, I like him personally. Poor choice of words on my part. Alazen: Mmyeah, I mean I'm not trying to piss anybody off here. I'm white. Ain't got nothing against white's or ethnicities. And I don't mean to imply that European countries are inherently evil along with the antagonists in-game, everybody has their reasons and I'm open to your opinions. And I agree with you, other nations throughout history made similar actions to dominate as much land as they could, not only white nations. However, personally, the white example to be the most obvious example to get a point across. When the British (my ancestors) arrived in Aus, they more or less just walked right in and started claiming the land before them with no concern for the natives, they then implemented a "White Australia Policy" through which they attempted to "breed out" the Aboriginal blood by abducting young women and impregnating them when they were of age. This is where I'm coming from, and Daein's reaction to the Laguz reminds me of the situation in Australia. (replace "black" with "Laguz/sub-human", and "White" with "Beorc/human") "The problem of our half-castes will quickly be eliminated by the complete disappearance of the black race, and the swift submergence of their progeny in the white." I'm secretly Jill. Jotari, good to see you're on topic This whole thing is turning into the race riots of Cronulla :/ Always gotta be someone to pull the racism card hey. I see your points, you obviously know more about the series and film structure than me. I didn't think much about FE7 as a movie tbh, but from what y'all are sayin' it seems to fit the film idea more comfortably than Path. Perhaps FE9 would work better as a series as you all have suggested. Either way, all I want is Fire Emblem on my TV that I can watch..
  11. I think Ike is a great protagonist (especially for Jap-anime), an honest kid following the footsteps of his father, finding a much bigger adventure than expected which ultimately shapes the rest of his life and changes him fundamentally (maybe that's why he's a d*ck in RD? Never played it..).. Anyway.. Ike's personality aside, all these games would be f*cking awesome to see in anime. Don't care whether it's a feature length or a 26 ep anime series, I just wanna sit down and watch some Fire Emblem. ^#1 I thought about FE7 aswell, but to be honest I wasn't as interested in seeing an FE7 movie. It's my favourite game hands down, I've finished it dozens of times in the past 12 years. But I feel like there's too much going on in the game for it to be a standalone. I could see it becoming a series (as with Sacred), but Path has a constant theme through the game and new aspects come into play throughout the storyline. Keep in mind, when adapted to a new medium, the flow of the plot will vary and it would seem less jagged and chapter-based. You don't think Ike facing Dark Knight, his fathers murderer, is a good climax? ^#2 Never played any games prior to FE7 so I can't comment on the Jugdral games. But there could definitely be better candidates for a film, I just found Path so goddamn interesting. Anything in particular about the Jugdral games that makes them a good choice? Also, I agree with Tragonight: Path is so much better than Sacred plot-wise. I'd just say, from the games I've played; Feature length - Path of Radiance Series - Sacred Stones/Rekka No Ken Maybe a better thread title would be "Which FE Game Would You Like To See On The Big Screen?"...
  12. Yeah man, definitely. Porque no los dos? FE movies and series from different games. Sacred Stones wasn't the best game, but it'd make a good anime series. Myrrh <3
  13. Yeah exactly, there's more depth in this game than any other FE I've played (not many..). It's different in that Ike is a commoner, not a noble like other games. Good protagonist for a movie I think, starts as a common merc trying to be like his father, then gets caught up in his father's history and becomes knighted a Lord. He's just a sick c*nt, really. And all the politics! And the Laguz! So much content for a film. The problems between the nations on Tellius can be paralleled with those on Earth: between the power-driven nations (Beorc/(generally) white), and all of the smaller more cultured nations (Laguz/various ethnicities) which have been persecuted for their differences in human history. Story just resonates really well for me, didn't care much for the gameplay because it kept interrupting the story! </3 Never played Radiant Dawn myself so I have no idea what that game/story is like other than that it's the sequel to Path. Both could be made into sequential films though. Assuming a Path of Radiance film turns out to be good, couldn't hurt to follow it up with a sequel.
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