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  1. Does anyone have an idea of where to potentially find the poster of the Xander SR? I know it was given out if you bought a box at certain retailers in Japan only... So what kind of place would people probably sell it?
  2. I'm still looking for the Dengeki Nintendo Lucina! JP amazon doesn't have the magazine anymore D: Willing to buy it at this point... DM me if you want to sell yours OTL;; Have: P04-009PR Marth (from Nintendo Dream 05/16) x1 I also have R cards but idk if anyone would want them.. (Selena, Pieri, Odin, Kazahana, M!Kanna, Jill, Ranulf, Nephenee, Tibarn, Marcia, Naesala, Leanne) I have spare N/HNs but idk if anyone would really want them bc they're super leftovers D: Want: P04-010PR Lucina (from Dengeki Nintendo) x1 Xander (Cavalier, Onmyoji, even ST Paladin) - seriously though... if you don't want them I'll take them...
  3. Just as a warning, this is a JPN castle! It's 80% kiddo units haha... I haven't set up a skills castle for my NA one yet.. Whoops. My Castle Address: 08380-93674 47976-69799 Country: Revelation/Invisible Kingdom MU Name: フレイヤ (Freyja) Castle Name: 鎧が、邪魔だな? Region: JPN Food Resources (not set out): Daikon, Cabbage Mineral Resources: Amber, Sapphire Battle Level: Easy (as long as you don't attack the units lol) Buildings used in battle: Lilith's Shine (Lilith is Lv. 45) Units and Skills (* DLC Skills): MU: Renewal, Nohr, Hoshido, Aether*, Awakening* Marx/Xander: Renewal, Poison Strike, Dragon Fang, Aegis, Pavise M!Kanna: Dragon Fang, Nohr, Hoshido, Charisma* Kinu/Selkie: Pavise, Hoshido, Nohr, Beastbane, Aptitude Siegbert: Nohr, Hoshido, Renewal, Aggressor*, Clarity* Shinonome/Shiro: Hoshido, Lancefaire, Renewal, Astra, Quixotic Ophelia: Aptitude, Nohr, Hoshido, Death Blow, Warp* Ignis/Ignatius: Luna, Axefaire, Death Blow, Aegis, Pavise Velour(ia): Aegis, Beastbane, Death Blow, Renewal, Rend Heaven Sophie: Quixotic, Nohr, Hoshido, Pavise, Aegis lol if anyone who has the JPN version and has an Ignis with Certain Blow, let me know.. If anyone actually wants to visit my NA castle the address is: (Elodie/Hoshido - Peaches and Coral) 08343-86725 21641-80036
  4. +1 Omegaweapon ------ Hi all, I want to start collecting N/HN multiples of my favorite characters just for the fun of it... So yeah.. For now I want one of each unless indicated. I have other N/HNs to trade (mainly Green, some White and Black) or I can trade an R card for a couple of N/HNs. As before, all R and above cards come with FE Cipher sleeves (25th anniversary or M!Kamui). I can trade/sell. I'm not interested in buying right now. I honestly don't have much,, but I would like to get rid of a lot of stuff. Wants (in order of priority by type): Haves (pictures below): - updated 02/22 Other Wants (not important and wishful thinking):
  5. I covered "Lost in Thoughts All Alone"! It's the Hoshido dance scene.
  6. +1 LucinaofYlisse o yeah update. EMS is acually being super slow in updating?? so idk;;
  7. +1 wobblinghood another update for the P03 PR people. my stuff shipped out so I should have them early next week.. I'm kinda hoping for monday hahaha
  8. +1 Marcuz also to those who wanted P03-00xPRs, I finally got the shipping price and I paid, so it should be on it's way soon.. sorry for the long wait!
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