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  1. Now that you mention it, why didn't they do Matoi and Soleil? As you said, it is a perfect match-up. Such a missed opportunity by IS
  2. You might also consider changing from Sorcerer to Witch. You'll gain a bit more power and luck + way more speed making you harder to hit once you get under half health. You'll lose some bulk though. So it's really up to preference
  3. So yeah, I made this topic to have a place, where people can post and discuss strong classes, skills and possibly parents for the characters in Fates. Everyone can just tell about their killer units, either in theory or in practical. This is mostly PVP orientated. And yes, I know that this is very similar to the Unit Optimization Thread, but this one will (hopefully) be a bit easier to get an overview of.
  4. This seems pretty deadly to me
  5. I can agree with you two. Anything that can make her even more speedy is pretty good in my book
  6. So yeah, who do you guys think is the best mother for Kinu? I'm thinking of classes, stats, growth rates etc. Kinu is the fox girl by the way, just if anyone had forgotten.
  7. Just a quick question: Are beast stones and dragon stones forgeable in fates? Because if I recall correctly, they weren't in Awakening
  8. Does Lifetaker work though? And how about something obscure like Sun God? - if you ever have checked that :P
  9. So I was wondering how Copycat Puppet works together with healing skills such as Renewal. Let's say that you've used your copycat skill to create your clone. The clone and the original share the same HP. So at the end of the turn, does Renewal activate for both of them, so you get a 60% heal instead of just 30%?
  10. So yeah. Your favourite type of weapon. I've included staves just incase, since one of them can actually (sort of) do damage now
  11. That Anna sounds interesting. Do tell more
  12. So I was thinking about skills to make an excellent combo with Flora's personal skill. The skills were as follows: - Pavise - Aegis - Counter - Magic Counter - Life Drain/Sol/Vengance The idea is to give Flora more defense with Pavise and Aegis to make her personal skill more useful. The counters plus the personal skill would make the enemy take 200% damage of what he/she dealt to you. The last skills are just for sustain or damage. The problem is that it will take a lot of effort and luck to get the skills onto Flora, as you'll need to buy them onto her through my castle, by people who have married her with the right second classes. So it'll probably forever just be an idea unfortunately...
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