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  1. Merc Ee


    Alan and Wade's conversation crashes the game. Lance and Lot's convesation on the other hand is gold Why does Miledy look so edgy rad and why does she use Hs so often? Many portraits are bit misplaced (Marcus' , young Hector and yound Eliwood's come to mind) Alan's skill description is broken. What does 'Mechanist' do? I think it summons puppets or machines or whatever, but I've never gotten the chance to use it. You know that little blue arrow that appears when a character finishes their dialogue? That doesn't happen with Diek, and you are forced to press A (B in the GBA games.)
  2. Agalli could talk to Llyra, the conversation could be about how magic was developed in Llyra's birthplace (The underwater country, forgot its name x_x) which is basically for World Building. Rallel/Sadaati or Rallel/Nilou, some backstory for Rallel or the sisters, they could talk about Rall's childhood or even about Duke Loyis. Nobia/Lemonie, what's life like in Ampheret castle or, again, about Loyis. Kael/Lemonie OTP Tyren/Nilou same as above Kael/JR, a comedy support, JR's edgy attitude and Kael's way of being would make a really funny support. Dewey/JR, same as above, would be funny to see JR getting on his nerves.
  3. Maybe I'll try Binary someday (if only I wasn't so allergic to FE4), great LP, I was hyped for each episode so that's sure something.
  4. Hey, it's that hack from the FEE3 intro! Looks quite good, I'll probably try it out after FEE3.
  5. If you mean how to do it, I think it uses cheat codes. You're not going to be able to ask the creator (Goldie), since she closed her account.
  6. Merc Ee


    Is that map 8x? Seems pretty good and, is that an Arms Scroll? Or something else entirely? Lyn leaving Hector, huh? And mugs from Elibian Nights. Erik is a Paladin now, and it seems you can get a halberd early on so he's a bag of EXP. I don't know anything noticeable in the last pic, maybe that you can use killing weapons in the arena.
  7. On the subject of Berserk Ashnard, can't Nasir with Wrath + Resolve and Tibarn do it? You may have to cheese the fight a bit, but it's not impossible.
  8. http://imgur.com/FxKqCrr So, um, this soldier from Chapter 6 is funny
  9. Ragefest V: Rage for Tomorrow. Why? I feel like Ragefest IV has made MarkyJoe realize what the problem of frustrating submissions is, they're too time consuming and really hard to play(I'm don't mean they're difficult, I'm referring to the fact that it's very hard to sit down and play them), without trying to insult any hacker, Marky is fed up of these, honestly. Since he has made new rules for Ragefest V, I'm sure the future submissions are going to be quite different from the ones we've seen before.
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