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  1. I like Mozu x Kaze, gives Midori a very good luck stat.
  2. Kamui with Life-and-Death, spendthrift, and bowfaire? Thanks!
  3. I don't have access to Galeforce, sadly. Aggressor, however, I have access.
  4. Well then, thanks for the responses! Who would you pair with? (Fe!MU)
  5. I always liked the adventurer as a class, but I don't know how to make it work for Corrin. Any suggesions? Thanks!
  6. What class is point blank on? I've never heard of such a skill.
  7. Same as above, asking if I should save my money (Although I could get it either way). Thanks!
  8. Doing this. Can the Avatar A support class share with more than one unit?
  9. Pineapple all the way. Would fuck him AND his kid.
  10. Well, if you use shurikens, levin sword wouldn't matter as much.
  11. For Spd/Def in general, who for each gender would be an optimal pair for Kamui?
  12. If only IS would fix that one detail... plus others, but this one's so small and easy to fix/avoid.
  13. Yeah, replicate is far to valueble to ignore. So replicate, astra, bowbreaker good skills for this build. I only wish dread fighter had A shurikan proficiency, then I would totally use it.
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