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  1. When you write a name for your output ISO file try including ".iso" on the end. Oh and you're welcome I hope you can get it working and enjoy it!
  2. I thought about making version of this patch that's compatible with the Japanese version of the game/shadowofchaos's FE9 Maniac Mode English Patch, but I figured nobody would crazy enough to actually try to beat it.
  3. I just looked into how exactly Fixed Mode works, and you're right. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll update the OP. Yeah thanks again! It really didn't take me this long to figure it out, I've just been busy and wanted to make sure it could be beaten before releasing it. For anyone who's curious about the easter eggs: One can be seen through playing the game normally, the other two you have do things you may not do in a typical playthrough. The only chapter files I edited are the prologue and final chapter.
  4. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance - 0% Growth Mode Last year I was on a 0% growth patch kick and found out there was no 0% growth patch available for FE9. So I decided to make one and put my own spin on it. What is this? A patch that sets every character's growth rate in every stat to 0. Additionally, band items and the Knight Ward no longer increase stat growth rates when equipped. However, class promotions will still cause stat increases, and stat-up items like Speedwings still work. Also I changed a bit of the dialogue in the prologue and last chapter to make the whole 0% growth thing connect with the story somewhat. Why would anyone play this? From my experience, playing with a 0% growth patch feels like you're playing the way the game was intended to be played, and it causes you to mix up your go to Fire Emblem strategy. You no longer need to worry about things like getting poor level ups, feeling like you've wasted experience when anyone not on your final team takes part in combat, and needing to kill everything on the screen before finishing a chapter. Also, the game gets progressively more difficult from chapter to chapter, instead of leveling off or even getting easier towards the end when your team becomes more refined. If you've never played a 0% growth patch you should definitely try one, and this is a great place to start because it's my favorite one so far. Oh, and because there are a couple easter eggs I hid in this patch and they would be fun to find! Is it possible to beat? Yes I beat this patch on normal before releasing it. I'm not sure if beating the game on hard is possible though, simply because of how strong Berserk Asharnd is. I would be thoroughly impressed by anyone who could pull it off. Ok I'm intrigued how do I play it? Download the patch (v1.1) If you have the option to choose a level-up method when starting the game: Select Random level-ups NOT Fixed. In-depth Instructions: If you would like to verify the patch was successful you can download a program like WinMD5 and and compare your ISO MD5 hashes with mine. Special thanks to VincentASM for telling me how growth rates are stored in the Path of Radiance file system. Please let me know if you find any bugs or oddities! Changed Dialogue:
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