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  1. Ha, I was wondering why TEB had a larger than usual influx of visitors yesterday. I'm flattered you like this tool enough to advertise on my behalf, Klok. ^_^ It's cool. I was planning to advertise on SF once the tool was more complete, since it crashes whenever I'm adding/experimenting with new features. I guess I'll just have to emphasize that it's incomplete and unstable in my OP. I'll make an official announcement post about this once it has a name and I finish the IF/ELSE condition codes. Until then, I welcome people to try it out. Just keep in mind it can crash at any moment.
  2. Fixed. Because Cedar Nihx. I love that mug. <3
  3. Because it's too adorbz. °w° And I see you've posted Pixie. The "SRO" shirt is great~
  4. Nice job, Nih~ Looks amazn. Nothing wrong with recycling old work. :3
  5. Cedar

    Mica's Sprites

    Wow, you're really good at this~ Those splices looks really clean and awesome. ^_^ And pirate Nergal is the BEST EVER.
  6. Phoenix looks cute! Nice work as always, Nih. ^_^
  7. Nih, you're so pro~! <3 I'm so glad you volunteered to help with the Zhack~
  8. Also note that Britain is now attached to France, and Russia has pretty much swallowed most of Eastern Europe. :3 Yeah, the map wasn't really meant to mirror current times. It's super simplified for hacking purposes lulz, as befitting of a joke hack~
  9. Breaking the fourth wall is our specialty. ^_^ And apparently, trolling is as well. So you can expect a little rage, but it will mostly be of the lulzy variety.
  10. Three months later... No patch, but THIS HACK IS NOT DEAD! As of today, we're finishing up chapter 14 and touching up what we have for FEE3. And here are some screenshots to prove it! Chapt 11: Chapt 12: Chapt 13: Chapt 14: Also, our team is as productive as ever: I mean, look at that PRODUCTIVITY! Thanks, Cam, for taking this screenshot of the Zhack Skype chat at its finest. :3
  11. Cedar

    FEE3 - 2012

    Oh, look. A new FEE3 thread. Add these projects to the line-up please: - Project Z (aka. TEB's zombie hack, FE7) - Maiden Quest (FE7) Probably gonna be just playable demos for 'em both. Interviews may be a possibility, but eh.
  12. Aura Wolf linked me to this thing from Skype. Permission granted. Cameos are always amusing. XD Thief/Assassin class please.
  13. Glad to hear you're enjoying it so far~! ^_^ You can thank Dess for the lulzy humor. Your favorite parts were all his ideas. ^_^ Also, since Dess is the director/main script-writer of this hack, everyone else on the team is pretty much following his lead, so I'd go as far to call this his hack, pretty much.
  14. Poor Dath... He's pretty much the joke sandbag as far as the first few chapters go. Because...well, he's the only "normal" person in the hack.
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