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  1. I've customized (overpowered?) units for a friend. She requested that I make witches and ballistas for her to grab. After a day or so of testing, it's been shown to work so now I'm share it with anyone that has a copy of IF. My castle has all facilities and farming spots at varying levels so that should help you as well. Most of the units are at their lowest level to encourage you to level them yourself. All of the characters have every skill and +2 move from boots, nothing else. Stats are at whatever they would be at their current level. *Acqua Amo* Cyrus - Ballistician Harold - Ballistician Aqua - Witch Belka - Dark Flyer Elise - Witch Mozume - Dread Fighter Camilia - Witch Ellione - Dark Blood Luna - Witch Joker - Default Class 17361-19718 60069-60200 --- If you enjoy, let me know~! Have fun!
  2. Has anyone tried my castle yet? I want to be sure it works before I post a thread about it.
  3. I've reset my data for the time being, number will still be the same but I'm gonna ask someone to help me test out what I can and can't do.
  4. I added her to my official castle, should work. Castle name is Sexybeach9.11! Don't think so much about it.. Same number. Edit: slightly better gif of Witch Aqua http://i.imgur.com/gcKWeEv.jpg (large gif, not sure if the link is supposed to have.jpg at the end)
  5. Yes, yes it does. I'll do this later, have this witch Aqua in terrible quality. http://i.imgur.com/P7Cd4PS.jpg
  6. I also have an Aqua Ballista XD but yeah.Go to the glass orbin my castle> visit castle(second top left option)>Castle Address (4th/middle option) Edit:Updated my units, they shouldn't move so easy win. I've gathered them by the throne in case someone wants to take pics or something, dunno.
  7. If I must say, the witch class is more about style, like really. Visit my castle to see Aqua witch, lol, name is Amiibo+two kanji star. I'll add a link to a pic in a bit. 17361-19718 60069-60200 Edit:Here's Aqua, with more style and sexiness than Persona 5. Using imgur because can't up with phone ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) http://i.imgur.com/P7Cd4PS.jpg
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