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  1. when i'll get him in Revelations i'll check, thanks. :P
  2. I'm looking for Niles with Rend Heaven skill, if someone own one please PM me my castle adress for future (when i'll get him in revelations) I failed and get all exorcist skills on him in Nohr but forget about rend heaven and now i can't back to this save :s
  3. I see, and yeah that is correct word. :x Edit: I asked mostly cause that class is Azura-locked so it makes totally nosense that kid can get it, even if they can't get this class. :S
  4. So yeah, today i was playing Fates, and started doing Kiragi Paralogue and well, i just noticed Kiragi skills : http://imgur.com/RLUQPPo So this shouldn't happend cause this skill is azura exclusive, did i broke game or something simmilar happend to someone there? ._.
  5. Okay, got it. :P Never really figured it out, and couldn't check it yet. Thanks tho.
  6. Statues gives you bonus max stats of your assets right? What if your asset is HP?
  7. by bonus i still meant statue one but thanks for answer. :P
  8. How is "hp" asset taken for the statue? what bonus hp asset gives?
  9. I might bother for SE but in my country getting SE would be pain in the wallet lol GL for you tho~ c :
  10. It's best for wait for the skill and test it in-game then we will see more clearly how this will work and if this is that good/ beat actual magic/axe users.
  11. I don't really see any problem, not with teams i saw on jap. version. Archer won't even have chance to attack vs. Warp/copycat/rescue combo along with 3-range weapons and witch poison. There is nothing impossible to beat.
  12. Well Witch broke pvp enough, or rather some of her skills so i think proximity shot isn't that big of a deal.
  13. Well if it's future past thingy then it actually makes sense, we'll see hopefully soon enough. :P
  14. Well i just pray i won't have shitload of homework when fire emblem will come out! 2,5 months isn't that long tho, remember this could've been worse!
  15. may 20, so as i said near 2 months lol u were faster owo
  16. Why? You just get both, it's like in awakening.
  17. Well in Nohr Tanks and horses are most usefull, Effie can OHKO most of things while getting low damage which is nice, especially in early. :P But you don't need her to get trought game ofc, still have good tank from the beggining is nice imo.
  18. depends, if you want to use Mitama as combat units then it's the best she buddy or marry someone with lances fast, Shino or buddy Syalla for Basara might work for her. (with shino you want holy lancer) Secound way is Dread fighter but i think she will have 3 c ranks so yeah~
  19. well Fates will be annouced i think, but from tommorow i bet like 2-3 months waiting for relese. :P
  20. I just said how i see it, i didn't said you can't do it lol. 10% story-wise is actually big, trust me. Also it's not like min-maxing is hard to do, the only one character that should have problems with min-maxing would be Gunther tho. For me it's just disgusting. (cheating i mean) No matter what you do and how much. Your game, your choice but get in mind that's STILL cheating.
  21. Well, as you can see i care. I just don't like it, that's all. I don't see why would you do that, it makes game easier and more booring, at least for me.
  22. It's still cheating, doesn't change the fact~
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