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  2. You can only get a single one without relying on RNG. And even then they could have easily introduced a weapon with the exact same effects on Birthright at least. And special weapons always make things easier, even in easy Fire Emblem games it's not too hard to find use for them, think of literally any sittuation where there is an enemy who needs to be attacked by two units with standard weapons to be taken down but only one if the player uses special weapons and there you go.
  3. If durability is the reason why in Fates doesn't start off with a Silver weapon, why there is only one non-RNG Killing edge in the game and why there are zero Rapiers in the game, then i want durability back as quickly as possible. People might say it incentivizes hoarding, but i couldn't care less, i don't hoard, and people that do need to stop blaming the game for their own choice to do so.
  4. Again, this is a clear case of "Don't hate the game, hate the player", there is rarely, if not never a reason to hoard, players only hoard because they get overly paranoid and insecure about their weapon uses, and that's their fault, we shouldn't remove durability just because some dumb players handle the mechanic badly, should we remove the earlygame prepromotes just because new players refuse to use them even though they are often great units? Okay, add the earlygame butler/maid to heal too, and it's not as if ninjas being frail matters when enemy quality is so low, so yeah, you can lowman until Ryoma is recruited pretty easily, and afterwards you won't ever need any other unit besides him, and no, EXP cuts do nothing to slow him down. Anyone who hoards is a bad player who shpuldn't participate in gameplay discussion to begin with. And durability again balances weapon availability, so even if there is no strategy involved, it still adds to the game's overall design and is thus a valuable mechanic.
  5. There is only one, and i mean one, Killing Edge the player can obtain without RNG throught the entire game, if no durability is what caused that, then i believe FE needs durability back as fast as possible. Okay, you need Corrin and two or three Ninjas (Plus the eternal champion Vulnerary) until it becomes a Ryomafest, what a giant damn difference. Maybe you should try having a different perspective and separating units you like as characters and units you that are fun to use, because when you do that, Fatigue becomes little problem, you start to see it as an interesting way of making you use units you would've never used otherwise, making for a far more fun experience.
  6. No, Birthright is a Corrinfest until it turns into a Ryomafest, even in Lunatic, all you need is two other units to be Dual Guard fodder for both of them and there, you beat the game, the EXP cut does nothing to change that. Rev also is not better about this, many players just use the royals plus Corrin and Azura and even that can be a little overkill. There is a reason lowmanning is considered a constant problem throught the series. Durability adds no strategy, but it adds to inventory balance, an earlygame Silver Weapon would be too good and too dominating if it could be used throught the entire game, but because of durability, most FE games help balance that out, in Fates meanwhile, we have stuff like the earlygame prepromote starting off with an Iron Dagger and there only being one single Killing Edge in the entire game.
  7. Cutting EXP does nothing to stop lowmanning, Conquest achieves the act of stopping the player of lowmanning mostly through map design that forces a large ammount of units to deal with many problems, with broken units being incapable of dealing with every problem at the same time, but even then, it only applies to Conquest, the other two routes make little attempts at incentivizing the player to use more than few units. And there is also the fact this only covers the unit number aspect of lowmanning, not the unit composition one, switching up your roster is rarely incetivized in any route of Fates, and using the same team throught the entire game is always the optimal way of doing things. I'd rather have durability than what Fates did with it's weapon balance, yeah, durability often causes people to hoard, but that's on the player and not the game, Jagen units aren't a bad concept just because in practice many novice players refuse to use them for dumb reasons, and the same can be said about durability. That's fair if you're not actually acting as if you're judging the game as a whole instead of simply what you played of it. explaining why you don't want to play the game is one thing, calling them the Dark Age of Fire Emblem without finishing them is another.
  8. Well, then we'lll just have to disagree, in my opinion, stopping the player from lowmanning is a far, far bigger priority than letting them use whatever unit they want to use, i completely separate "Units i like as characters" and "Units i find fun to use" as a player, so to me, unit composition and selection as parts of the game should themselves favor interesting effects on balance over giving lots of freedom, but running the risk of letting players ruin the balance of the game. Also, you exaggerate the crypticness of fatigue, FE5 has a lot of crypticness which i won't even defend, i myself find a most of it stupid, but as far as fatigue goes, just don't use the same units in two chapters in a row and the only units that'll have any significant risk of actually hitting fatigue are staff users. Interesting, i personally don't really like Fates' gameplay, to me it feels like a case of IS refusing to learn from what i perceive as mistakes from Awakening, higher emphasis on skills, dual attack and guard, weapons with demerits and no durability, it's all just annoying to keep track of. I like some of the maps, like some of those in Conquest, but even then, i like them in spite of Fates' mechanics than because of them. I mean, you cannot speak much on the Judgral games either since you haven't finished either. Even if you hate all of your experience with something, you have to finish that something before your arguments can hold as much weight as those of someone who has finished it, that's a standard for discussion and criticism most people agree on.
  9. Are you seriously, without any hint of irony using mistranslations when judging whether a game is good or not? The original japanese script makes it obvious Leif has to escape after everyone else. Is permadeath a bad mechanic because a player can let Unit A, who recruits Unit B in Chapter C, die? No, because players shouldn't let their units die.in the first place. Do you get the analogy here? I'll give you props, hearing someone who has Fates as their favorite game in the series be the one who is all doom-and-gloom-y about the future of the franchise is not something i see everyday.
  10. You seem to misunderstand what the mechanic's inclusion is meant to incentivize in you, the player, Fatigue isn't designed to make you use your units until they are fatigued and then switch to someone else, it's designed so that you become wary of it and constantly switch up your team to make sure no unit gets fatigued in the first place, remember, units gain back their full stamina any time they are not deployed, regardless of whether they were fatigued or not, meaning the player is always incentivized to be switching up their team and keepin things varied. The recruitment problem is definitely a possibility, but it's a possibility the player should always be aware of, which agains, incentivizes the player to make sure nobody gets fatigued to begin with, and during the rare occasions someone does get fatigued and that unit is someone the player needs right now, he can bring out the S-Drinks (Which, again, should be kept in low quantities to match the few sittuations it is necessary in) to solve the issue. Again, it's a mechanic that is meant to punish players so they can be incentivized to do what's necessary to avoid said punishment.
  11. That goes against pretty much every principle of fair criticism and judgement.
  12. I personally consider Fatigue in Thracia as a badly-implemented mechanic because it just doesn't punish the player enough, it's supposed to stop players from lowmanning, but the fact that Thracia just loves to shower the player with S-Drinks means they can just trivialize stuff and use the exact same team throught the entire game with no reason to have any variance. To make Fatigue work well, literally all you would have to do is make S-Drinks not buyable.
  13. Im not trying to imply he is as bad as Corrin, only that they suffer from the exact same problems in the narrative, Corrin is just way worse about it.
  14. I myself don't really like Ephraim all that much, in fact, i'd say he's one of the least interesting Lords in the franchise, but i'd disagree that he's a Mary Sue. He does have a flaw and a character arc, that of someone who is obssessed with being a strong fighter but realizes he needs to be a stronger person instead. The bigger problem is simply the fact that said arc is very badly-handled (In my opinion at least) and the fact that Fire Emblem is a franchise where almost all conflict is handled with physical combat in the story, so the character flaw of being a good fighter and commander, but not a good leader or friend is something that the writers very clearly didn't knew how to translate into the game proper. Ephraim being the source of Lyon's jealousy and subsequently failing to realize that sooner, and him leaving Renais to fight at the border while the country is in chaos are the attempts at showcase these flaws, but the former feels more like a showcase of Lyon's flaws more than anything else, while the latter is something that feels so ordinary from a meta perspective that it's hard to care. Holy crap, i just realized that i just described Corrin (Character that has flaws and a character arc in an isolated vacuum, but whose actual role in the story does little to actually aknowledge these flaws or handle the arc in a meaningful way), yeah, nevermind, Ephraim is a Mary Sue alright.
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