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  1. zero chance, way too late in the game now. Japanese infrastructure supports a tcg release, western doesn't. Much easier to built a tournament support system in japan, then the us and europe where int sys has no presence.
  2. As an older fire emblem fan, I remember seeing a ton of posts enraged that Titania or Mia didn't get in the top twenty in the FEHeroes polls, but nobody was complaing about Caeda not making it, and Caeda is an infinitely more important character to the series. Even in this thread, you'll see Dragoncat's post that specifically mentions the Tellius and GBA eras, yet conveniently ignores the SNES and Famicom Eras, and yet complain when those people ignore the GBA and GC/Wii eras. edit. Not picking on you Dragoncat, just wanted to use an example of how era based the fire emblem fandom is.
  3. We don't, but its very very very likely. Missing Arvis from the Yellow R list.
  4. I think they wised up from the frames of earlier posters with rarities. As Altena's SR card has a n/hn frame in that poster and we know that art is used for her SR.
  5. Alternate art cards will have different numbers depending if they're a + card (+ cards have gold foiling except for alot of ST+ cards) or a promo card. Alternate art +s only started with Set 5, so older card sets will have them being the same (and in even set 6/7 The Royals + cards have the same as their normal version.
  6. There have been some Roy decks winning tournaments, but man they look expensive as fuck.
  7. Always appreciate the feedback on the scene in Japan, as well this place is America(S)/Euro/Austraila dominated. I do think Cipher needs new starter set, as some of these starters are now old.
  8. Rika Suzuki usually posts here art on her twitter, but she hasn't done it for that particular piece yet.
  9. It's more um the midquel issue with Genealogy and Thracia for me. I don' think both Leif and Altenna will get a SR in this set ... due to the fact that Ethlyn didn't get one. Leif is guaranteed an SR down the line, and this is really Altenna's only chance.
  10. I don't think Leif will happen due to Thracia. I def see him getting an R+x.
  11. I don't think Leif will happen due to Thracia. I def see him getting an R+x.
  12. I'm hoping for Altenna SR as she got the checklist card.
  13. We will, just not announced yet. This set was released quickly after the last one and its going to be along time to the next one.
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