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  1. They will probably put them in fancy clothes for a dance or something for the next scramble. They can't do yukatas, because we already had Owain in one.
  2. Interesting that the two skimpiest characters (Odin and Camilla) are winning their respective polls. I thought Serenes was not into that stuff unlike Reddit and GameFAQs which embrace it? Not hatin just sayin...
  3. Boring predictable poll. Royals, Poster girl, Buttler implied love interest, Awakenings most popular non lord, and Oboro who was the only surprise. A pleasant one at that.
  4. This game got a lot of flack recently now that people have discovered how skimpy many of the characters are. Which do you find to be the biggest offender though? I would say it is a toss up between Camilla and Odin for two different reasons. Camilla has a cutscene where the MC runs right into her chest? Then the camera focuses on all her areas which is fanboy bait to the max. Odin did not initially look bad, but as more images surfaced on Reddit, youtube, and gamefaqs people realized he was extremely skimpy he has a hanging ass behind that cape, a bulge with a lot of detail and well look at his amie and tell me that isn't fangirl bait.
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