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    art,sleeping,comedy,drama,music,reading,badminton,Investigation, deceiving,anything sweet and spicy,fighting in a way,strategy , and puzzles!
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    Blazing Sword


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  1. 1 Ideas for next fire emblem? 2. ...is it true that some characters become "unavailable" due to story line? 3 Impressions of your main character in Fire emblem fates 4 worth it to get Fire emblem fates special edition? 5 compared to past Fire emblem to nowadays what is your opinion(issues ,improvements?
  2. Ugh Zeros lines are one of the things i was looking forward to as well...dang Oh yeah I heard from connections that they're thinking about removing the Skin-ship . I honestly hope they don't though
  3. Erm is fire emblem fates a 3ds only thing like Xenoblade or could you play it on a 2ds?
  4. I have heard that in some way the localization team for America is gonna change fire emblem fates does anyone know what they're changing?
  5. Online name: Dheavenlymango Real name: Kyle DoB: oh well I will just say Im 14 Favourite FE Game: FE7 or FE13 Favourite Game (other than FE): Golden Sun or maybe a Tales of game Favourite FE Character: Lyndis Least Favourite game: Ugh none comes to mind but they are there Sports:Badminton,Archery Favourite music:Rock Favourite artist/band:Green Day or Linkin Park Favourite song: Move along Country:UN Hobbies:Art , music , lying ,drama ,snoozing Good Point: Empathetic at times, easily forgiving, Bad Point:Apathetic at times,changes moods all the time, bad memory ,bad with faces, It takes alot to provoke but when you do... Anything else? hmm I really hate repetition and being blamed for something that I didn't do. I am a freshman
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