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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zubx3m55d071402/FE7if20110406.rar/file I don't know if this is the latest version of the hack, but here is the version I have.
  2. http://sheeda.himegimi.jp/log/1099720571.html#R33 Does this post have the info you want?
  3. Celice

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    You can find it and many other hacking info in this uploader, https://ux.getuploader.com/FEkaizouwww I believe you want this file specifically, FE4 ツール、資料系.zip Here is the map editor from that archive (download is only valid for 14 days), but I included two missing dll files. If that concerns you, grab it from the original source above. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ejmikom76j91j51/FE4MAPv8.rar/file Hope this helps.
  4. It's really amazing to see a translation for this hack. Thanks for sharing it with us!
  5. https://www.mediafire.com/?6uhusogzbl5xqa0
  6. Do you know if they were using this translation patch? Twice it has made it where you cannot load the DLC unless your system region is set to Japanese. The first time this was fixed, but the second time it so far has been left alone, and you must remove one of the banner files for the DLC to be recognized again--at least when booting via gateway emunand.
  7. If you are messing with the NAND stuff, technically yes. If you are messing with the homebrew method, very unlikely from my understanding.
  8. Great to hear. Also, smea shoutout to the translation project https://twitter.com/smealum/status/659152560444477440
  9. If anyone would like to see an editor for this game, the save editor author is interested in jumping from saves only to actual file editing. Please share any information you have with them if you have some! They are also planning support for Fates save and file editing if everything goes as planned.
  10. I hope lots of interesting development, unused content, and cutting room floor stuff gets discussed in this! But the focus being on Fates and Awakening kinda seem like that won't be the case...
  11. The readme seems to be saying it is a full remodel of FE8, and also mentions that they have borrowed some of MK404's animations and give credit and for them to be contacted if this is unacceptable. Giving credit and asking to be contacted is pretty normal in Japanese romhacking scenes.
  12. White Patch released on the uploader recently. The patch size is around 15MB. I applied it to Japanese FE8 but VBA threw up crashes. Did anyone else try this hack yet?
  13. Honestly, go to a used game store or a pawnshop and ask to see their 3DS models, and check the firmware there. That's the method I've seen with most success. A couple people identified some unit serials on the system box that you could use to make sure it's an older firmware, but I don't remember much more about it :x
  14. If it starts to look like the last leg dragging for release is the script, I'd say release a temporary patch as-is for now. I've seen tons of projects just go completely dead because they had one last thing to do and never got around to it :<
  15. The video on the previous page. Just one page ago. That people asked about.
  16. When this patch releases, Kamui x Camilla is happening immediately because of that support.
  17. People have asked for them enough in the past that they should, if only for sake of accessibility.
  18. I've had this issue before in a couple other IS games, most notable the last level of Days of Ruin, where nothing except my units spawned, so I finished the game in one turn by default :) Just ignore it and go for the next encounter, see if it has any strange behaviour. There are definitely some basic oversights and some bigger glitches in the game, but so far I haven't seen anything like this. Mostly I've seen battle animations where characters attack from across the map and still do damage, despite not being near the enemy (Asama as the War Priest or whatever did this a bunch, animation timing screwups).
  19. Fates is already subject to breeding being thrown in for the sake of it--I really wouldn't like to see multi-aligned armies like in FE10 thrown in as well just for the sake of it, but if they can have a purposeful reason, then no reason against it.
  20. I think mine is around or at 2GB patched--so if you have that much space available, you are probably good.
  21. Honestly, it's just a way to justify having breeding in Fire Emblem in a way that isn't related to the plot at all. I'm curious if Nintendo will take an FE4 remake seriously now that they are adopting children mechanics for the sake of having them. We also have the Animal Crossing/Nintendogs "My Castle" feature which could be adapted to the home castle in FE4's chapters.
  22. I hope it helps more and more people play not only this translation, but other 3DS translations too, as well as the mods communities make for their favorite games :)
  23. https://twitter.com/smealum/status/650910010025734144 Will this project adapt their patch to work with smea's potentially-new support for file swapping? If so, will they cease support for conventional patching? I really hope all methods of playing the translation will be supported :)
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