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  1. Xenoks


    I really like these, they look great in my opinion
  2. Ever wanted to see a bard play axes? How about a bard that uses actual axes to beat people into submission? I got you covered, you beautiful person. [spoiler=Why?] Because guitars are often called axes and I wanted to make a bard that uses both axes and axes.
  3. So I can make each part stand out. For example, the way I'm planning to do three tier promotions, I can only do them in FE8, and I can only do some gaiden chapters in FE7.
  4. I thought of using it, but it seems to be more for 1 chapter hacks. I'm gonna use FE7 for part 1 and FE8 for part 2.
  5. I'm mostly just using game colours, but I sometimes edit them so they look more original
  6. UPDATE: -Added a sprite of a character named Rose to the family tree and full sprite list.
  7. UPDATE: -Added female pegasus knight named Rose.
  8. Nope, the FEXP thing was just a mistake I made. I tried making the first three chapters and for some reason I couldn't make cutscenes. Plus I have another way to make the generation idea work, which would actually be easier than using FEXP or FEXNA.
  9. UPDATE: -Added newest sprites, family tree and a list of names.
  10. UPDATE: -Added a female Monk named Roza. -Fixed up some things on Ava's sprite.
  11. Yeah I know about the fixes. I wish I could use 18 colours instead of 16 haha. But the hair is custom, and shading and bad colouring being the only bad thing you have to say is a compliment to me! I'll improve her when I have the time (I have a lot of time anyways)
  12. UPDATE:-Added a female shaman named Ava(She is an edit of Sue+Astore's robe)
  13. I don't remember custom battle animations being like that in F#8 but whatever..
  14. I had 15 colours in the original, so I added one more for shading purposes.
  15. Update: -Made the Myrmidon have a black jacket to make it stand out to the undershirt. [spoiler=Old Version]
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