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  1. Imgur has a share option that is basically a line of code. I used it in one of my threads and works like a charm.
  2. Personally, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was an amazing game. Although, all the points about marketing and representing the game are valid points. But I think we are missing the fact of the matter. It's a cross-over spin off game for both franchises. So of course it wouldn't represent both sides that well. But it does also bring key points from both sides as well. The Battle System is heavily inspired by the TMS games. With magic countering each other, while the physical weapon have been out classed by the Fire Emblem Weapon's Triangle, it provided a very nice fresh coat to the FE formula in this manner. As for TMS, it may have provided an interesting gameplay change to include specific types of weapons. As for cosmetics, the story heavily leans towards TMS in this case. However, I can make the arugment that the character side-quests can also act as C, B, and A rank supports, but act like TMS bond system from the games. The characters being Fire Emblem centric is probably what people think of when they point out Fire Emblem in this game. But I implore you to remember that the game creators had a loooong time to think about how to make this game. And the reason why it did so poorly in Japan was due to the release date, which was Dec. 26th. So, does the game deserve better and a fair shot? Absolutely..
  3. Well, here is the thing; I don't think so. Now I may be looking at this in a different manner entirely. Despite what they are stat wise, you have to consider something else. Their rank, and thus, the material they are made out of, Lance are slender, with a pointed tip, thus they might be lighter. Axes have a big blade and small handle, the material needed for that may be heavier. Sword can be balance, but can give and take depending on the sword. Over all, at the very least, you should categorize the weapons by type, and then basically do a Heroes stat way. Where Axes will have more Weight, Lance being the lightest, and sword being a nice in between. I had originally thought of this from a material standpoint rather then gameplay, so feel free to ignore my vote and answer.
  4. So, can I also switch between their black and white class changes? For example, if a Prince of Nohr Kamui class change into Chosen Prince of Yatogami (White Blood). Is that possible? I am assuming not due to Series 3 having a class change of Hinoka and Ryoma to Nohr and Camilla and Xander can class change into white cards.
  5. Hello! I was curious about a rule within the card game. Is it possible to play both female and male Corrin/Kamui? Or do I always need to pick one or the other?
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