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  1. My main hope is that if Koei are certain they are going to use so many clones again that we will at least be able to change the class of any character into anything we wish. Much like how in DW8XL any character can equip any two weapons and have those move sets whilst their specials are still their original unique specials irrespective of the current weapon. I assumed this was the plan before warriors came out, it would add so much replay-ability, the only reason I can think of why it was not added was most likely the developers feeling the need to add unique costumes for each class for each character. I would be happy with a generic male/female outfit for each class that isn't the character's main/usual class. Other than that I would love more representation from the older games, I also agree with what a lot of people on the board are saying with FE Heroes fitting more naturally into the warriors mould. I would love Laguz with the ability to transform in and out of beast mode much like how Lucci controls in One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. Content wise I would love if they improved upon history mode by allowing the maps to have the characters crucial for the history map story present on it in, sprite form movable, and then allow the player to customise what squad of characters is with each one. This allowing for the history map overworlds to play out like an actual fire emblem mission where the battles are fought with each of the overworld characters as sort of generals overseeing the musou battles happening. This could allow for the player to have benefits across their entire team based on if the overworld character was a bow user facing a Pegasus knight etc. I love reading all your guys' ideas, I am really hoping for a sequel to fire emblem warriors it really deserves one.
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