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  1. Don't care about days, only turns are taken into account. Fear Shrine has 2, Dragon Shrine has 1 groups of unskippable enemies guarding chests. It won't take too much turns if we beat them but skip other enemies. I did skip all the walking-around enemies, and as a result the EXP became quite limited: 1. I had no Bow Knight in my first Blitzkrieg run. (1 in the second Blitzkrieg run, who was Leon.) 2. Tatiana didn't get Invoke or Warp. 3. Silque didn't reach lv12 to promote as Warp gives no EXP. (She did in the second run) 4. And of course Faye didn't get Anew. Everyone except Alm, Celica and Delthea promoted ASAP, and most of them ended up at lv1~5, or even unpromoted. Both runs are Hard/classical, by the way. I prefer Kliff as the first Dread Fighter of Alm's side. His only problem is ATK, but Lightning Sword ignores this and makes him perfect in early games. Myrmidon has 14 base SPD and Kliff has 60+5 growth. After 9+N level-ups he will hopefully be able to double endgame Dread Fighters. Dread Fighter has 15 base ATK, which is good enough with a forged weapon. Grey hardly get ATK bonus from promoting, so I think it is fine to keep Grey as a Myrmidon and level up Kliff first. In my second Blitzkrieg run, Kliff promoted to Dread Fighter in Sylvan Shrine, and Grey promoted in the middle of Act 4.
  2. No. It only gives +20 crit and +4 damage. If you were saying "higher crit leads to higher hit", I can show you that a unit with 100% crit can miss in Fates.
  3. "Berserkers + Generals" is one group while "Hans + 2 Generals" is another. When we are dealing with the former, Hans will do nothing but wait if we don't enter their ranges. When we are dealing with the latter, we have 10+ units to kill only 3 enemies. Aurgelmir is range-1 only so Hans will still do nothing but wait for his death. As Hans will always do nothing, a Entrap on him doesn't change anything. Just don't be scared for so many enemies because they won't come together.
  4. We can possibly have Anna as the 4th unit. Getting Anna with only 3 units is very hard though...
  5. Of cause you can do it in B/R route and cannot do it in C route. Maybe Xander can bring 2 heart seals and go back Paladin for some turns in Ch23. For endgame, full charge the shield of Guard Stance before we attack the boss.
  6. You will eventually get all kinds of them offline. (Or we can say half kinds of them for Birthright/Conquest.) You may randomly get some in MC or from Keaton's personal. A reliable way is trading 5 ore for 1 in Smithy. When you have 1, you can have more because of Arena.
  7. Beruka, Camilla, Scarlet and Rinka are Axe users with high Skl and not-too-bad Lck.
  8. To make a good Soleil: +HP, -Lck, Sky Knght. Soleil has only 25% HP growth so +HP will be helpful, while -Lck almost hurt nothing on her. Laslow gets Darting Blow and Rally Speed from Sky Knight. With +5 Spd from Rally, Solei should have no problem doubling enemies as Hero/Bow Knight/Master Ninja. When Solei is in Stance with Female Corrin, their personal skills will stack and become "damage +4/-4": this sounds amazing.
  9. Levin Sword has lower hit rate than Steel Sword, dragonstones lower your Skl. Nohr Noble has the second loweest Skl among promoted classes and only 5% Skl growth. You are not supposed to hit by choosing -Skl. +Mag boost base Mag by +3 and growth by +20. Nothing could hurt you Mag.
  10. Orochi is the second best mother of Ophelia for the Vantage and Critical build. The best is Female Corrin.
  11. Why are you mentioning Female here? Both Kana can have Beast class and Beast skills.
  12. Setsuna is a bad mother if you just level up her child to promoted Lv20. But when it comes to min/max, she becomes one of the best mothers for her perfect offensive mods and base class. 2 points in defensive part is common among most parents, and -1 Def&Res is obviously better than Azura's -3 Def.
  13. Keep only 1~2 enemy bowers alive and OHKO. I have said it. By no means a dead bower can attack Camilla, but she will still go through the wall. (With her supporter in Guard Stance if there is.)
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