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  1. As you may know, Nintendo Announced a popularity poll in October for site visitors to vote for their favorite male and female characters in Fire Emblem If. Now that fans all over the world got a general feel for the localized version fire emblem fates I want to recreate Nintendo japanese poll making the first ever Official Post-Release Fire Emblem Fates Popularity Poll *(Localized Ver.) Japanese Results https://www.nintendo.co.jp/fe/if_bk/questionary/index.html
  2. Now that Fates is out what Version/Versions did you decide to get. (Birthright, Conquest, Revelation)
  3. Thats true but i'm not the biggest fan of Homebrew.
  4. NoA aren't idiots but they do sometimes make bad decisions as we can see in other localization "fixes" in fates
  5. Well that sucks. I don't want to buy a japanese 3ds just to play with my friend in japan.
  6. Whats the case with Awakening then, is it because it didn't have any singing, if so thats pretty stupid.
  7. True but someone needs to do something and with enough support the odds are in our favor.
  8. Sounds good, I don't want Nintendo to take the english voice acting out of the game, NOT AT ALL, I only want an option for the original (japanese) voice acting so anyone has the option to decide what they want to listen to.
  9. As you probably already know the newest Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Fates, is missing an important function and that function being an option for duel audio. This may sound a little biased but the reason why I want the japanese voice acting to be in fates is honestly because the english voice acting sucks. I could spend all day ranting about how the localized voice acting is horrible but instead watch the comparison above to see for yourself. The previous Fire Emblem game, Awakening, included pretty good voice acting in japanese and in english. Even though the game probably didn't need it, Awakening included duel audio so western audiences could experience the original voice overs. This was a great decision by Nintendo, it allowed fans to make the choice of what voice acting they wanted to listen to while harming nor upsetting no one. Including Dual audio isn't that hard of a task for Nintendo, actually it's quite easy come to think of it. Join me and the thousands of other Fire Emblem fans out there and together lets make dual audio for the latest fire emblem game a reality. IT'S OUR FATE!!! Thank You, ありがとう Sign the petition at change.org: https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-fire-emblem-fates-dual-audio-option-japanese-english
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