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  1. What the hell was the point of the Lif and Thrasir bit at the end? Were they a Lif and Thrasir from a different world? Because in our timeline they're dead, like actual dead. Not like fake dead how they were at the start of the book. Was it the ones we fought in a flashback? Because if it was holy hell that feels tacked on. Nothing anywhere in the rest of the story suggested that they had any sort of premonition about another Askr succeeding. Was it saying that everything we just played was a dream and our Askr actually bit it too? On one hand, that'd still be bull because "it was all a dream" is bull in general. But on the other hand, book 4 picking up in what's basically the FEH version of Future of Despair would be kind of interesting, but I highly doubt they'd actually go that route. Ugh. It just seems like a half-assed attempt to give them some sort of happy ending without completely undercutting the rest of the story. Honestly, I'm just glad it's over. Personally, this was about on par with or below book 2. Lif ended up being more interesting than I'd anticipated, and Eir's bit at the end was kind of cool, but there were a lot of things that seemed pointless or rushed. Like why even use the names Lif and Thrasir? I'm probably forgetting some lore reason, but excepting that, it seems more like they just did it to have the reveal. They also kind of dropped the whole what it means to be king theme they had going in the beginning, which I know I was ragging on a bit, but is still a little disappointing. Then again, maybe I'm just forgetting things. Lord knows I don't pay much attention to this story. Still not a fan of the whole grimdark motif the book had going on either, but to each their own. I am also a bit bugged that Alfonse is still the only character getting any noticeable character development. I was quite pleasantly surprised that they didn't pull a "But I'm not actually defeated" with Hel too like they did Surtr.
  2. I'm not saying he got the worst, just that the primary effect isn't great for him. CC is undoubtedly great. But yeah, Sophia fared quite poorly as well. Actually putting numbers together you get (using your comparison numbers): Fierce Stance: +5 atk/-2 HP/-7 def Sturdy Stance 4: -2 HP/-1 atk/+1 def/ guard 11 Tri Ad: CC + Raven helps him against literally 3 enemies. All the rest are ranged anyway, so +4 (6?) atk/-whatever your choice of Raven refine would be a more apt comparison of you're going with this build. As mentioned though, I blanked on Raven's not being refinable. DD4: -2 HP/-1 atk/+1 def against ranged/-7 against melee/+Dull Ranged 3 Sturdy Stance is the big one because of how much better its guard effect is. DD4 does open his seal slot by letting him run QR in the B slot in place of DR. I think Fierce Stance is a seal, so sure, that's good too if he's running it, but he's squishier against melee. Or swap in CD and let him keep the melee bulk but lose the attack. The whole AN and panics thing is fair, so as said, it makes him more independent. But to the stat comparisons, even using your numbers, even the high end A skills aren't a huge advantage.
  3. Eh +4-6 in every stat versus +6-8 in one stat and a secondary effect seems relatively even in my book. Like I said, makes him more self-sufficient by not being as reliant on positioning, but I don't see it improving him much.
  4. Huh, I legit did not realize it wasn't refinable. That's +4 attack over a regular raven tome or +3 and CC, which I do suppose is nice. I do feel like raven is a bit of a slap when he would've loved owl so much, but at least he did get CC which is nice for those of us who don't (same on Taku, though I only have the free one :P).
  5. Maybe it's differences in playstyle, but I still don't see how Boey's refinement gives him a new niche. CC is nice, yeah, but he was running Owl + CC anyway which makes up for the loss of the A skill with good positioning (granted not always guaranteed). Versus a normal raven tome, this helps him against literally 3 enemies, Leanne, Velouria, and Caineghis. The rest are all ranged anyway, so this is basically just +2ish attack against them. If you mean that this lets him run CC at all for most people given the rarity of the skill, then I'll concede that point.
  6. How so? Raven tomes are decidedly meh and this doesn't really do anything to help Boey's performance besides opening his A slot to like fierce stance, steady stance 4, or something. That's nice, but he's in a pretty bad spot and this doesn't really save him. Personal opinions on the rest: Beruka's is pretty nice. Helps her tank more and while it doesn't actively help her combat, staying alive longer means she has more time to ruin someone's day with a special. Selena's is very nice. Armor effectiveness is always a plus, her non-attack stats already weren't terrible, so that's a nice buff that's almost certainly going to happen, and with Special Spiral and moonbow she's getting another +10 guaranteed. +atk Selena can hit 40/48/38/35/31 against enemies with 48+ attack, and gets one attack of 58 plus A skill, plus decreasing the enemy's def by 30%. Not astounding, but pretty solid. Mae does what Mae does well. Nuke shit. +atk gets her 71 attack with an assist and DB3 A slot which is solid. The speed is nice, but less vital near as I can tell. She'll hit 37 neutral, which lets her double some slower stuff, but not a ton. If you went +spd, SS2/3 or something, then she could hit some fairly good speed. As mentioned, Boey seems like he got the short end of the stick. Of all the tome units that got wwl tomes, the one who'd love one doesn't get it?
  7. They all look nice, but none are really blowing me away. Alm is the millionth infantry sword nuke, though I suppose sendscale gives him a way to get into wrath range guaranteed and I can't say I'm terribly fond of his armor. The art is well done, but the armor itself I was never a huge fan of. Micaiah seems good, but I'm a bit surprised they didn't save that for Legendary Miccy. Eliwood is probably my favorite; great art and he's a cav which is far and away my favorite unit type. Camilla's art seems rather uninspired, at least to me. It's well done, but it kinda just looks like a gussied up version of her normal outfit. Guess I'll probably go Eliwood unless Miccy really strikes me well.
  8. Well that answers that part. Guess that's what I get for always playing with sound off. The name itself comes from one of the rivers of Hades, which is where I got the pronunciation.
  9. I know I'm being that guy, so apologies. Lethe, unless Heroes altered it, is two syllables, Leth-ee. My pedantry aside, I do very much like it
  10. Thanks, peev, looks great! And yeah, you weren't kidding. That is surprisingly small, though IIRC, aren't mounted characters smaller in FEH? As for Awakening's SK, I do actually like the design more and it makes way more sense for Lyn. The other one is just gloriously absurd.
  11. Yeah, that's the one. Either that or the sassy hand-on-hip stance she does at the end of her normal attack animation. Whichever seems easier or you feel like doing. On a different note, it makes me a little sad that Sol Katti isn't the freakishly large rapier(?) it used to be. I know it made no sense and didn't match the weapon icon, and apparently I've just learned was a localization thing, but damn was it glorious.
  12. Spoiler for size. Jokes aside, this actually does inspire a request. Could someone do Legendary Lyn wielding Durandal in her FE7 Sol Katti stance?
  13. @peevthesheev Huh, so Durandal has always been wildly inconsistent. What I wouldn't give for a massive Durandal in FEH though.
  14. Eh, Durandal is obscenely large in FE7 proper and all the OA. The FEH one always seemed a bit small to me.
  15. Got a free Neph. Decided to go for the other blue and the green because why not. Didn't get anything, but hey, still got a Neph.
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