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  1. @kradeelav Zihark is a favorite so very glad to see him. I have some thoughts on him—feel free to disregard. Currently, his BST is too high for gen 5 infantry (188 vs. Brave Dimitri's ~176), and currently they have a soft ceiling at 45, so maybe drop his speed to 45 and strength to 38? If this includes his weapon, then ignore the BST part. I'd go with Slaying Edge+. Killing weapons are pretty much dead in the water since slaying weapons were released, aside from upgrading them in the refinery. Might also be worth giving him a personal weapon. I'm pretty sure FEH represents adept as desperation. Both provide sequential attacks rather than normal P -> E -> P combat and have a fairly similar icon. That said, I like the idea of a special that reorders combat rather than a straight damage buff. I don't think they'd give Zihark Lif's personal skill, or probably even any personal skill. In general, only special units (mythics, legendaries, the anniversary/brave characters) seem to get personal skills and they very rarely, if ever, overlap, and when there is overlap, it's because the characters are closely related. It seems more likely he'd get a personal weapon which is where you could differentiate him and also give a nod to his vigilante work. Like I mentioned, him getting a personal skill seems unlikely, but I like the flavor of his C slot too much to say no to it. It could be an inheritable skill with some tweaked effects as a possibility too. Definitely agree that letting them transform is a good idea. I like your take on him, and as mentioned, always glad to see Zihark. These were just some thoughts to make him a little more in line with FEH's apparent current hero creation approach.
  2. In honor of Petrine making it in, I decided to do the remaining two riders. I'm assuming they're both GHBs. Was going to include Tauroneo, but I haven't had any ideas I liked for him yet.
  3. I'd whale for this. Ball's in your court, IS.
  4. Yeah, that is a weird decision in retrospect. I guess their biggest reason was probably that FE3 has a book 1 remake of FE1 while the Tellius games are only available as two independent games? I don't see that holding them back from making a Hardin alt given how distinctive they are. Everyone forgets that the Grimas available in the game are actually referred to as Robin, and one even debuted alongside Hardin in the first Fallen Heroes. So adding good Hardin wouldn't really be any different than having Robin/Fallen Robin (Grima) or Delthea/Fallen Delthea, etc. Arvis, Travant, and any other FE4 gen 1&2 characters would be in the same boat. Finn at least had the out of being in FE5. Mist was certainly one that came to mind since she's a cute girl, I think fairly popular, and has both a significant number of design and gameplay differences (well, pre-promo in PoR). I think the biggest knock against her would be that her vanilla PoR form in FEH is so forgettable that it might've actually hurt her popularity. Actually, a duo of RD Mist and Boyd would be pretty cute.
  5. My guess is a combination of popularity and noticeable design differences. Like PoR Sothe probably isn't popular enough to ever get in, even if he is adorable and a significantly different design, and Shinon and probably Haar don't have enough design differences to really warrant an alt even if they are fairly popular. With Catria, Ike, and potential candidates, such as Hardin, it seems fully possible for someone to like one version and not the other, so it seems like they'd be remiss in not adding them barring extreme obscurity of one version. Now the question is, will we get short hair Lucia or long hair Lucia? His LHB could be a desert. Please don't toy with my emotions like that.
  6. @Sunwoo Never did read much of her supports so I suppose I'm not doing her justice. I'll have to read them. And yeah, Shinon is a great character, but he is still a prick. It's a part of what makes him great and his reasons for having reservations about Ike are reasonable, but he was still a complete prick about it and I highly doubt Titania would just let him go on like that.
  7. Given Mist and Boyd's love/hate relationship, it'd actually be pretty in character. So far Gatrie's is my favorite, but I've only gotten one of Jill's. Ilyana's is cute, but a little dull, and Shinon's is just him being a tsundere. The main plot is fairly good, and I loved Ilyana's little speech—was not expecting that from her of all people—but overall, this is probably one of the weaker FB's for me so far.
  8. Given what complete garbage the PoR Double Bow is it seems pretty safe to say this is the RD Double Bow. As for the crossbows, they might be a fun way to spice up Nolan or Boyd given how many axe infantry there are.
  9. You forgot Camus =[ After playing the chapters, I have one thing to say: What the fuck, Shinon? He was such a pain in the ass to kill. He's basically spendthrift/CF Norne without any of the need for investment. I know with B!Ikes and B!Edelgards running around he's not going to warp the meta, but jeez, I never expected him to be this good whenever he finally showed up. Petrine looks fun and while I kind of wish her res was a teensy bit higher, she's still pretty much exactly what I wanted. Flame Lance looks good, but not amazing. Basically she's a CC mage, which is pretty nice and as mentioned, she has an out with her health check, and the in-combat rein effect is always nice. Will definitely train and merge her and may give her some other lances too. Just need to decide if she takes precedence over Minerva or Brunnya, though she does have a significant advantage of a lot fewer grails and a rerun.
  10. You more or less have the math right. 1.5 = 150%, so 150% of 10 is 15, i.e. a 50% increase, since 100% is the number itself. Percent quite literally meant "per 100," so 50 per cent would be 50/100, hence 50% = 0.5. I think the wording might be what's throwing you off more. Boost implies it's added and when adding percentages to non-percentages the assumption is that it's a percentage of the base being added, so that (10 * X) you had. Another way to think of it might be (1 + Y) * X where Y is the boost, so 10 damage + 50% => (1 + 0.5) * 10. If we were to do total damage percentages instead of boost, I'd probably phrase it along the lines of "Deal 150% of normal combat damage." That phrasing is kind of awkward though, and probably more likely to be misunderstood since people would see 150% and think it means 10 => 25, so I can see why they went with it. No clue if any of that helps at all, but hopefully it made a little sense.
  11. Oh yeah, I know what you mean. She's a totally reprehensible character, but one of the more interesting of the overly ambitious persistent baddies in the series and has a pretty cool design. So to me, there are a couple differences. Depending on how I look at the top of her thighs, in the PoR art, it looks like those might be leather straps (also not a great idea) or are pants underneath full chaps, but either way, it looks like solid, fairly thick material. In contrast, the FEH art looks more like mesh or some very thin material as well as being a much larger area. It seems like you took that as it being lighter in color while I took it as being thinner material, possibly to be more suggestive of exposed skin. Not sure how Mercakete took it. Either way, it's a significantly larger amount of space proportionally, and it's certainly not the most egregious of FEH's redesigns by any means. As far as practicality, it's not about armor protection so much as rubbing against the saddle. There's a lot of motion and a lot of friction when you're riding a horse, even at a trot (horse version of jog). There's even more when you're actually riding with energy, canter (running) or full on gallop (sprinting). A very large part of learning to ride is actually just learning to manage that momentum and friction so you don't get bounced around and don't completely tear up your legs. But even with that, you can only do so much, so usually you want to wear thick pants—I, being a guy, usually wore jeans, but riding pants, while tight, are actually fairly thick, with some additional protection in the form of those chaps I linked earlier. (There's also half chaps for what little importance it is.) Chaps are to provide some additional padding between your legs and the saddle as well as to keep whatever you're wearing tight to your legs. Now I say usually, because it also depends on the type of saddle you're wearing and type of riding you're doing. If you use a western saddle (what cowboys did), then you can get away with a lot less. Western saddles have a ton of material already in place to help protect your legs. I actually knew a girl who would occasionally wear shorts when riding a western saddle. Basically they substitute for the thick pants and chaps. Now she was both a cross country runner and trail guild who'd been riding for like 15 years, so I wouldn't suggest you do that (or me anymore), but Petrine should have legs that are at least similarly fit if not far more. That said, cowboys had all of this because they wanted the protection and didn't have to worry about fighting people. What's more likely for Petrine to have is an English saddle, which is much smaller, to avoid extra clutter in battle if I recall correctly, and provides much less protection. This, don't ever ride in any significant way, so anything more than walking, without some protection. I forgot my chaps once, still had jeans, and ended up with some seriously torn skin on my calves that took like a week to heal and left scars for a while. Now granted, I hadn't been riding in a while before then, but that was from a one hour lesson that involved cantering and jumping. Not even anything close to the most strenuous riding I've ever done, and I'd imagine no where even in the realm of what you do in battle. TL;DR for the practicality part: With friction from the saddle and stirrups, thin material at best tears after a relatively short time. At worst, you end up with bloody and bruised legs that you then have to wait to heal. Anyway, I'm not overly fond of the art, but that's much more to do with just the overall style and tone. Petrine was always the most aggressive of Daein's Four Riders in PoR, but she still came across as fairly pragmatic, like being smart enough to bring a shitload of troops to surround Greil and company with just in case, even though she was quite confident that she could best them herself. Which to be fair, she did manage to become one of the Four Riders, so she's not a slouch in combat by any means. This all came across in her official art and portrait for me. She looks cruel, arrogant, and like she'd thoroughly enjoy killing someone, but there's also a bit of an aloofness to her. She enjoys her job, but she knows she still has a duty to uphold and that part of being good at her job is being measured and that means not being overly aggressive or taking precautions when she does. It's part of why I like her more than say Narcien. They're both the recurring villains who underestimate the protagonists, but Narcien was a bumbling fool who was basically good at politicking and digging up dirt on people to get ahead while thinking he was God's gift to the world. Petrine was a legitimately good soldier and general and was aware of and proud of her abilities, but she ended up on the losing side of her engagements and had to suffer the consequences because of it. I also liked her loyalty to Ashnard. It again showed that she was a soldier first and foremost, just one who enjoyed her job a little more than maybe is ideal for decent people, not some psychopath that no actually pragmatic person would allow to lead forces (I was going to say sane Ashnard isn't exactly sane). By contrast, the FEH art looks more along the lines of "Yay, murder!" like Peri in addition to me just not liking the style as much. But the Tellius games also have my second favorite overall art style in the series.
  12. Well this is pretty hype. I'm torn between trying to scrounge orbs to spark for Jill or Shinon because I love both and saving because I'm low on orbs, blue has very little I care about so sparking only gray and green is expensive, and neither have much longterm investment potential since both are 5* and I don't particularly enjoy hoarding orbs and waiting for reruns. Regarding blue, a halfway decent inheritable tome is pretty nice and I sure won't complain if Ilyana or Hattie decide to show up anywhere along the way as I like both, but not enough to commit to pulling blue for sparking. I guess there is the ridiculous off chance that horse Dimitri pity-breaks me, which'd be great, but that's a fool's errand. Petrine is absolutely awesome. While she's not the GHB I wanted most, she was in the top 5 overall, not just Tellius, and she had far more chance than Bryce. If she's anything like the game, and given gen 5 BST, she should have pretty well-rounded stats, including mixed bulk, which answers my prayers for a non-5*, non-Ferdinand mixed phase/bulk cav. @Mercakete I double-checked her PoR art and it looks like you are correct. There is something at the top of her thighs, but it looks more like reinforcement or that she's got pants on with additional gear over top. Either way, not the weird half cutout thing she's got here. Not terribly fond of it myself, but at least it's not ridiculously glaring. I didn't notice it until you mentioned it.
  13. 2 range, close counter, res targeting transforming unit? Basically a prelude to dragons I guess? Honestly I have no clue. I just want it.
  14. Duo Tormod/Muarim as the first magic beast unit? That'd be amazing beyond belief.
  15. It'd be kind of a loose interpretation, but I could see Geoffrey feasibly being a blue bow cav, which would make him unique. As for Bastian, there aren't any F2P green infantry mage res tanks, so that could be something to make him distinct. Soren is the closest, i.e. highest res, and he's both gen 1 and more evenly distributed than dedicated mage tank. Bastian wouldn't be anything amazing in that case, but at least it'd set him apart. Kieran is fairly fast in PoR, just not blazingly fast, but none of the cavs really were. For comparison, Oscar averages 25.2 speed at 20/20 with a 45% growth rate while Kieran averages 24.8 with a 40% growth rate, so I could see him being something along the lines of Finn's statline rather than another Walhart/Frederick/Gunter. RD Kieran is a completely different matter though. I actually kind of think the DB is in a worse spot in terms of unit varient. Leo could basically be F2P Innes, so that could be kind of nice, but the rest would be more difficult. Nolan is in kind of a bad spot because, in addition to Osian whom you mentioned, there's also Echidna and even Libra who fulfill a fairly similar role. And as you mentioned, Aran would just be gen 5 Lukas, and Edward would be one of a million other fast, strong swordies with good but not amazing defenses. I'd love to see PoR or RD with really any of the remaining characters and then like Bryce, Petrine, Bertram, or Tauroneo as GHB. There are plenty of others I'd like too, but those are highest priority. Or maybe we finally get a dragon beast unit in like Nasir or Ena.
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