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  1. I apologize if the images are too small. I also apologize for the fact that each chapter is normally going to take about 2 parts.
  2. CHAPTER 1 ​​ (I'll be playing this on Hard 1, by the way. Say all you want, but I value my sanity. [spoiler={option}] I kind of like how they sometimes show side characters on the map pictures. It gives them a time to shine, albeit very brief. Well, it certainly looks like she's been stuffing her armor with sheets. Seriously, look at her on the bottom screen! Those are way bigger than every other time you see her! So, now the chapter begins. Joy. ALWAYS HIGHLIGHT THE ARCHERS. ALWAYS. Caeda and Abel team up to kill the thief. Marth visits the village, and everyone else goes forward. This is really a simple map, but given it's the first map in the game, that's acceptable. By now, Gordin must have his own brand of chips. That is what people use him for, right? also i've seen one enemy phase and Draug is going to be a godsend isn't he In my previous FE3 and FE11 playthroughs, I've never had a bad Draug, by the way. THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR USING THE STEEL BOW. I REGRET IT IMMEDIATELY Caeda buys herself an Iron Lance and Javelin, because that Wing Spear can't last forever. I do know you can buy more Wing Spears and Rapiers later, but I'm not sure when. I didn't really expect Abel's javelin to hit, but it was worth a shot. I about had a mini heart attack when I saw those two in the water. It's Chapter 1 and I'm already failing spectacularly. GO, DOGARAUG! DO YOUR TANK THING! gordin GORDIN YOU MISSED AT THE MOST INCONVENIENT TIME POSSIBLE ...welp JAGEN TIME
  3. So. Now we start FE11 semi randomized. If you don't know what that is, it's holding down the Right button and closing my eyes for 5 seconds. Voila, different class. Well, when I unlock reclassing, of course. So, I'll just post screenshots of the chapters, like any other LP, and with captions, like any other LP. I know I kind of just started the other two LP's and just kind of left you hanging, but that was when I didn't know how to do ANYTHING. Also, when I unlock the preparations menu (chapter 4), YOU guys will be deciding who gets to fight in each chapter! this is going to be a trainwreck
  4. Hello, everyone! I'm WabagelFE and today I'm going to start my Let's Play of... Live A Live is an underrated SNES gem that was only released in Japan. It's somewhat unique among other RPGs, as it was back when Square Enix was willing to try new things. In the game, you play through seven different scenarios, and then a final chapter featuring all the main characters. These scenarios are... You guys will decide which scenario to do first. These can be done in any order. Besides this, you will also decide other things. This Let's Play is not blind (for me at least). However, if you HAVE played this game, I DO NOT WANT ANY SPOILERS. I won't say anything will blow your mind, but there are some pretty nice moments. So that's it for this part. Now you just need to decide which scenario to do first!
  5. So I've got the first 2 Prologues done. I'll be giving a brief summary of each chapter. Some are...better than others. Another thing I forgot to mention is that each chapter, I will sacrifice one unit to keep the RNG gods happy. Prologue 1: Absolutely nothing happens. It's literally Marth killing three units. I think it might be scripted, too. Sorry for anyone wanting the juicy details. Prologue 2: I immediately send Frey on a Quest For Peace. Frey is sadly murdered brutally(but very, very slowly) by two-ish soldiers and an Archer while Marth kills the soldier to his left. Abel gives his Iron Sword to Marth and books. From now on, I don't actually know who to sacrifice per chapter. Maybe someone else could decide? Killing recruitable red units does not count. Also Marth WILL be used in this run. Sorry.
  6. Sadly, I can't record it. I can, however, give a summary of what happens. So it might need to be moved to Let's Plays. oh Naga what have I done
  7. Should I do it? I'll be playing on Normal, because I'm a horrible FE player. This should be fun.
  8. Uh, hi. I just joined the Forest, and since I can't figure out how to Edit my profile, here's my Bio: Name: WabagelFE Favorite FE: Rekka No Ken Location: a dungeon Class: Sniper
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