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  1. hahaha can you explain for me why technically it is a different skill? :)
  2. Doesn't Miracle count as a battle skill? I read from this page http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/nohrian-classes/class-skills/ and it says like this "*2 Battle Skills: Skills with an activation rate that can occur any time during battle, eg. Astra, Luna, Sol, Miracle, Pavise, Aegis." My point here is that is it possible to get a stack of same skill through Nohr skill such as having two chance for activating, lets say, Astra skill. If the first chance from lead unit is not activated, will it go through the second chance from support unit?
  3. My Kanna has Nohr skill (During Attack or Guard Stance, user shares their support unit’s battle skills). Nevertheless, my support unit has the same skills with Kanna. In my case, Kanna has Nohr and miracle skill. My support is her mother, Syalla, who also has miracle skill. Can anyone please tell me whether Kanna's Nohr skill will include Miracle skill from her mother or not? if it really does include, then Kanna will have two chance to activate Miracle right? Thank you very much :))
  4. Wow, thank you very much This is very interesting. To be honest, I have no idea that there is an analogous class, and it seems that those analogous classes are parallel classes between Hoshidan and Nohr. For the first rule of marriage, I was so confused back then because this site tells different story. http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Marriage_Seal It said that "Scenario 3: - If Luna and Subaki achieve an S-Support, Subaki will gain access to the Mercenary Class, and Luna will gain the Samurai class." *note Luna (main:Mercenary secondary:Pegasus) Subaki (main:Pegasus secondary: Samurai) But according to what you said, Luna will get nothing if she married with Subaki right?
  5. Hello, I just bought the game and still don't fully understand reclassing system. For example, if Odin and Luna marry each other, Odin's base is Dark mage and samurai as a secondary while Luna's base is Mercenary and Pegasus as a secondary, naturally Odin will get access to Mercanary class right?. However, what if I buddy Odin with Lazward BEFORE Odin x Luna marriage? Lazward's base is Mercenary, so Odin should get access to Mercenary class when buddy with him. Is it possible for Odin to get Pegasus class after marriage with Luna in this case? (since right now Odin already has Mercenary class from buddying with Lazward if I'm understanding correctly) Thank you :)
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