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  1. You can indeed add your own portraits, I just haven't yet. I'm not a good visual artist myself, and the portraits I was using in my old version of the project cannot legally be used outside of RPG Maker, so...lol. But yeah, you can, just plop them into the right folders and add them to the engine using the Resources tab at the top.
  2. Firstly, thanks for trying out my demo! I completely agree, SRPG Studio is already proving fantastic. It CAN deviate from Fire Emblem's norms if one wishes, but it's by and large geared towards making games very similar- and I'm completely okay with that. To answer your questions: 1) Yes! I haven't yet figured out how to bring up an indicator that you have advantage or disadvantage on-screen (I've seen it done in other projects, though), but it follows the same triangle as the Jugdral duology. S>A>L, W>T>F, L<->D. Within the engine, you can define what weapon types have what advantages over what other weapon types under the "Config" > "Weapon Types" settings. 2) In my game, Daggers are the weakest but most accurate of the physical weapon types (continuing the progressional tradeoff between the others) and stronger variants are planned to have higher critical rates to compensate the lower might. They're mainly for Thieves, though, which aren't meant to be combative units anyways. 3) Stronger Bows are planned to have increased ranges- you can actually see this already in the demo on Hard Mode, in Chapter 2 another Archer appears with a Medi Bow, which has 1-3 range. Essentially, my philosophy is meant to be a "pick-two-of-three" triangular relationship between power, accuracy, and range. It'll show itself more as I progress in working on it, and I plan on releasing more demos down the line to get feedback. Thanks again for playing!
  3. Hello hello, everyone! To preface this, I've been a lurker here on the forums (and a member of the community in other places, namely Facebook groups) since 2015 or so, never really posted much here though. Fire Emblem quickly became one of my favorite series when I discovered it and that adoration hasn't died down since. But, enough about that. I was thrilled to bits when SRPG Studio suddenly came in English, and even moreso when we finally got confirmation on Vestaria Saga coming in English. Kaga's games are my favorites (Thracia 776 being by far number one to me), and I wanted to make a sort of love letter to his works. So, about 2 years ago, I started writing the script for this game. I initially worked on it in RPG Maker using community-made scripts, and it was clunky, but functional. I abandoned the project some time ago to do other ones (traditional RPGs), but with SRPG Studio here, I decided to revamp it! This demo takes you through the first 4 maps (3 main chapters and 1 gaiden chapter) and lays the groundwork for what you can expect. I thank you all in advance for trying it and any feedback you can give me! https://www.dropbox.com/s/fz4lfrqot35iz6z/Tactics Edge Demo Version 1.0.rar?dl=0
  4. A bit late of a response, but I'd be happy to help if I can get my hands on the ISO for it. I was just thinking of maybe checking the game out and I hear it's fairly short. So if/when I find it I'd be happy to!
  5. Hi all, I am assisting with a ROM hack as a mapper and character designer, however I am unable to insert maps properly, and tutorials I have found (including the ultimate tutorial) do not make instructions clear, or at least I am doing something wrong. Is there anyone able and willing to better explain, or assist us in inserting the maps properly? MODEDIT: ftfy lol
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