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  1. Oh, it's do-able in FEditor? Then I guess it's no problem. I had no idea it was in there. Well, that was easy! Thanks.
  2. Oh my gee, it was so easy, and I couldn't even figure that one...that's what I get for not trying things on my own... Thanks. EDIT1: Worked perfectly! Now, Eliwood is my convoy master. However, something totally cosmetic, but where do I find how to change the title of the chapter? For example, I want to change "Another Journey" to, say, "Castle Ambush". How do I do that? I don't know how to search that specific bit in this forums. Anyone got a link and/or knows a way to do it?
  3. Question, how do I make a unit be able to be the "Merlinus" or convoy character in FE7, without that character being Merlinus? (Because he is a bother for me, personally.) I read this, but I couldn't figure out the "how to". http://feuniverse.us/t/item-storage-without-merlinus/520 I assume it's with a Hex Editor, right? The one I'm using is GoldFinger, but I couldn't figure out how to change the values. Is this convoy business do-able in Nightmare only? Or do you have to use a combination of a Hex Editor + Nightmare? For example, can I go to Nightmare, choose Eliwood (The character) give him the 0x02 value in one of his character slot skills (Like the Lord "skill" or the "UnlockRapier/Durandal") and it'll be done? For the other changes (the ones below the images), I could only locate them in the Hex Editor, but again, I didn't know how to change them. So, what am I missing? Pardon me if the question is already answered/off-topic.
  4. Well, progress was made. Instead of going to a black screen, the game simply erases Eliwood, escapes into Enemy Phase, Harken comes and it's the Player Phase. But no black screen is a nice change. Here's what I did, and I changed the Prologue chapter to include the Preparations Screen, if programmed. EDIT2: Finally! I did it! I decided to give Chapter 1 a try, and it worked perfectly! Here's the map and Script, just for reference and in case someone near the future has similar problems. Map: http://postimg.org/image/uvn3fscut/ The Village is supposed to be open, but I didn't turn off that layer because I got lazy :< Script: Thanks to everyone who helped me. I hope my experience helps anyone having troubles inserting the PrepScreen, and remember, you have to turn them on on Nightmare too! (is saying on on gramatically correct?). EDIT3: Ermh...does using two spoilers in the same post is impossible to do? Ah well, gonna erase the first one. Why aren't my spoilers working? If this doesn't work, forgive me for having this big wall of events :< EDIT4: I can't believe I can't make a spoiler tag work. Pardon me, I just can't make this thing work. I'm gonna cut it to the necessary parts, I left the "Good" and "Bad" as they're the ones that appear on the PrepScreen.
  5. Should be this section, correct? Or is it another one? There's a "EM Preparation Screen Change No." and "HM Preparation Screen Change No." and both are 0x00 - [None]. So, any ideas? Image: http://postimg.org/image/dwh5d3zux/ Just for reference, what happens after Eliwood moves is the screen goes black, since there are no "Good" units the game enters into Enemy Phase, and then Harken comes into scene. Checking Harken's Stats or even finishing a battle loads every texture, but Eliwood is missing.
  6. Thanks for the quick response, CT075. Seize then it's no problem for me, after all, I'm juat doing this for my own fun. so anyone seizing isn't bothersome. (It'll get fixed eventually when I reach Eliwood/Hector mode, right?) However, I was unable to properly load the Preparation Screen, what happened after my opening event right after Eliwood moved was "Screen goes pitch black" -> "Enemy Phase" -> "Player Phase". If I press R to check Harken's stats, the map is visible again, but Eliwood is nowhere to be seen. Here's what I changed, if I did something wrong, then I would love to see my mistake, so I don't repeat it again. Probably important information, but after I managed to insert map, and the events successfully BEFORE wanting to add the PrepScreen, I added one more chapter. Should I try all of these changes on a clean FE7 ROM? Sorry if I what I'm asking was already answered, I did check the thread and tried to make those changes (for example, page #30, post #599), but nothing worked so that's why I asked. The Fadeout event in said post was pretty strange, is it needed?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm trying to insert the Preparations Screen in any of the first chapters, for example, the Prologue chapter. I've inserted my map, my units and enemy units, but I cannot figure out why the PrepScreen isn't working. Before posting the script, I'll tell you what happens. I have the opening event, a small talk, the units Load and then the screen goes black and erases Eliwood from the Map, Of course, as soon as I get rid of the PrepScreen tidbits, everything is good, no erased Eliwoods or nothing surprising. Here is the map, for reference: http://postimg.org/image/z34fagh2t/ Here's the Event Script What would I need to change to make the game load the PrepScreen? I've read that it was either ENDB or GotoPrepScreen. Not only that, but you also need to change in the chapter data editor to specify if the chapter will use the PrepScreen. My problem is that I couldn't figure out where to put the ENDB/GotoPrepScreen or what I need to change to load the PrepScreen. Also, the Seize command doesn't appear, and either Eliwood and Harken can Seize the gate, anyone know how to make so that the command appears? I'm not too bothered by the fact that either character can seize, I just want the command to appear. I tried putting in under Location_events but then I couldn't seize. EDIT1: Nevermind about loading units to a next chapter, I think the game does keep whatever experience and levels they've gained (as obvious as it sounds).
  8. EDIT6: Decided to change the topic title and erased the edits because I finally got everything working. Short summary of what I've done recently with the help of tutorials. Used Mappy to insert maps, got it working but I didn't understand how to close villages. Gave Tiled a chance, and after some screw-ups on my part, finally got it working and was able to insert maps in the game thanks to Nintenlord's tutorial, I still need to see if the village is destroyed. My mistake is that I wasn't putting a "Main" property in what I called "The Main Layer", but my current questions are below. EDIT5: Can anyone answer me why was the "Write Map Pointer to" C9C9D8? And what was "Write Map Change ptr to" and why was the pointer chosen C9CA00? The Tutorial says "Here's how it looks like when I insert my map to FE7 and replace Prologue map pointer and Ch2 map changes:" But what does Chapter 2 has to do with this? This is the last bit I need continue (well, I still need to insert Chapter Events beyond the Prologue, change the tilles of chapters and know how does the game handle the Preparations Screen) so if someone can tell me where to find this, I'll finally be able to continue. Once again, thanks to anyone reading this, and I wish that I finally get a response. Will try to make a mini-event with the new map to see if the village is destroyed. EDIT7: Got the map to work using Avril method using this topic as reference: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=56980 However, as the map didn't have any changes, no villages were harmed in that tutorial. I have a village, and a Brigand does go and attacks the village, however, the village isn't destroyed. It stays there, so every turn, the Brigand attack the village, but with no success of destroying it, It's super sad to see a Brigand failing to destroy a village. Even used the weird pointers at the end of the Tiled Map Inserter, and they didn't make a difference. So...what I'm doing wrong? This is the map and the Event script I'm using. Map: http://postimg.org/image/pccm0x0t3/ http://postimg.org/image/d5iiu7ql3/ Event script: #define DISABLE_TUTORIALS #include EAstdlib.event EventPointerTable(0x06,Pointers) ORG 0x1000080 Pointers: POIN Turn_events POIN Character_events POIN Location_events POIN Misc_events POIN TrapData TrapData POIN Bad Bad Bad Bad POIN Good Good Good Good POIN Opening_event Ending_event Good: UNIT Lyn_t LynLord Lyn_t Level(1, Ally, 0) [1,6] [1,6] [ironSword, Vulnerary] NoAI UNIT Kent_t Mercenary Lyn_t Level(1, Ally, 0) [1,7] [1,7] [ironSword, Vulnerary] NoAI UNIT Bad: UNIT Batta Brigand 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [3,4] [3,4] [ironAxe] DestroyVillages UNIT Bandit Brigand 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [3,3] [3,3] [0x00] DestroyVillages UNIT Turn_events: TurnEventPlayer(0x0,Opening_event,1) End_MAIN Character_events: End_MAIN Location_events: Village(0x05,Village1,2,2) End_MAIN Misc_events: CauseGameOverIfLordDies End_MAIN TrapData: End_MAIN Opening_event: OOBB LOU1 Good ENUN LOU1 Bad ENUN ENDA Village1: FADI 10 BACG 0x02 FADU 10 TEX1 0x815 REMA ENDA Ending_event: ENDA // Events // Manual Movement // Scripted Fights // Units // Shop Data MESSAGE Events end at offset currentOffset So, any guesses? Do I have to put a Location Event to make the village get destroyed/closed (in case I visit it, of course). EDIT8: Sigh...updated my map to have a closed village tile, made an event to visit the village and it doesn't close, AND the brigands don't even try to destroy it. At least the village cannot be visited again. Can someone please help me? In this topic, it was the exact same problem: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=52612 Yet how they solved it remains unknown to me... EDIT9: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35944 Oh, almost got it! Thanks to the above tutorial, I ALMOST got it to work. Instead of closing the village, it destroys it, but it's something at least. I still don't understand what is the exact function of the Map Reference Table and the Map Changes Reference Table, nor why it has to be those values, but I can figure out that later (at least, I hope so). Let's see if I can somehow close the village instead of destroying it. EDIT10: AHHHHHHHHH! Finally, I was able to close that damn village! After all of my time waiting for answers, I finally could close one damn village! Oh my Ashera, why is closing a damn village so complicated anyway?! The Brigands ignore the village, so I don't see if they're capable of destroying it, but it's nothing too important (at least right now). Finally...thanks to everyone that posted. kappa.
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