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  1. Hey, all! Back once more, and though it saddens me greatly that the game is ending, at least we have a great community to keep the hype going 😄 Edit: I just got B22 in the mail, and I just need a handful of things to complete the set~ I'm willing to trade or buy, so feel free to PM me if anything jumps out at you. Thanks for looking! Wants: Haves:
  2. +1 jjayejoe +1 FaranRenais +1 Natalie Thanks a bunch, all of you! :D
  3. Hey again! I finally opened some boxes of B13, and I'm updating stuff I want/have to trade/sell~ Looking forward to making busydeals with you! :D Edit: I also have a spare clearfile of Sharena in case anyone happens to be looking for one! Wants (cards listed in bold have priority over the rest!) Haves:
  4. After opening boxes of B12, I'm updating my trade lists if anyone wants anything~ Feel free to inquire about N and HN cards if you want/need any; I likely have spares! If you want to buy, please be aware I prefer using Google Wallet instead of paypal. (allows for guest checkouts just like PayPal!) My apologies in advance! :'D Any wants listed in bold has preference over all else! Wants: Haves:
  5. +1 LunartailSteffi Thanks so much for a smooth transaction. Would make busydeals with again! :D
  6. The playmats in particular is where we're going to feel it the hardest, some of which go on Ebay for triple the going price. I like to think of it as an extreme example of the "waifu tax," but that's where things stand. It's unfortunate, but until we see an localization, it's unlikely to change. The best thing to do is to keep an eye on the various merchant sites listed here to find the best deal available for your needs. Happy hunting! :D
  7. +1 yunjaelove Was a genuine pleasure to trade with! :D
  8. (3/27/2018 - last update to this post before I make a new one) Hey, everyone! It's been YEARS since I last visited this trade thread, but I'm back after having started collecting again! Please bear with me as basically all of my haves are old, but I'll also be willing to toss in N and HN cards if people are looking for specific cards~ Wants: (Stuff in bold has preference over the rest of my wants list!): Haves (Feel free to inquire about N/HN cards! I'd like to offload some of my bulk stuff at some point!):
  9. Happy birthday!

  10. Hi! It's been a while since I did some trading here, but i did get some booster boxes in, and so I'm looking to fill my collection~ :3 Haves: B01-097R+ Man of Passion, Inigo B01-16SR War-God of Talys, Ogma B01-50SR Sable Order, Camus B02-097R+ Twilight Sorcerer, Ophelia x2 B02-001SR Chosen Prince of Yatogami, Corrin (Male) B02-006SR Trueblade of Roaring Thunder, Ryoma ...I also have a handful of rares sitting around. Feel free to ask me for anything specific, and I'll see if I have it~ Wants: B01-004SR Angelic Advocate of affection, Caeda B01-075SR Pegasus Knight Paragon, Cordelia B02-008SR Captain of the Red Lotus, Hinoka B02-010SR Gale Garbed Holy Marksman, Takumi B02-012SR Priestess of Love and War, Sakura B02-030SR Capable Maid, Felicia B02-051SR Chosen Princess of Yatogami, Corrin (Female) B02-058SR Goddess of Death, Camilla B02-045R Intelligent Warrior, Matoi B03-021SR Unrivaled Sword Hand, Mia B03-053SR Songstress of Dawn, Aqua B03-058 Leeward Shinobi, Kaze B03-085SR Frost Maid, Flora
  11. I'm just getting into this party..er..so, hi! I'm just figuring out how to us this forum, so bear with me~ ;v; That said, here's what I'm looking at after opening three booster boxes. Need: B01-001SR Savior of Archanea, Marth B01-004SR Angelic Advocate of Affection, Caeda B01-022SR Crimson God of Death, Navarre B01-073SR Sweetest Assassin, Gaius B01-075SR Pegasus Knight Paragon, Cordelia B01-091SR Chosen Warrior of Hope, Owain Have: B01-016SR War-God of Talys, Ogma B01-050SR Sable Order, Camus B01-097R+ Man of Flower’s Fragrance, Inigo P01-001PR Crown-Prince of Hoshido, Corrin♂ <ask about any R cards, and I'll see if I have any extra!> PM me with any offers, and I'll look forward to working out a trade with you! Thanks for taking a look! :D
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