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  1. Being declared persona non grata for having principles is hilarious.

  2. Sword of Seals (Haven't beaten it even once yet) Blazing Sword (So many playthroughs, SO MANY), Sacred Stones (Five.. Six? Playthroughs, I forget), Path of Radiance (I miss my gamecube), Radiant Dawn (and my Wii), Shadow Dragon (Only played it once, didn't beat it), Awakening (Only played it once, didn't get the chance to beat it because it was a friend's not mine).
  3. Thank you for the advice, I leave a few things to be inferred (I assume my readers are intelligent). I'll take this to heart as I continue from this point forward, really. Have to admit this is also the first time someone's said my writing flows too easily.
  4. Okay before I post the link I need all of you to know straight off the bat; I am a terrible writer. Okay, now that you know that; Here is my novelization of Fire Emblem 7/Rekka no Ken/Fire Emblem in North America. I have the first nine chapters already posted, I am trying to deviate from the rigidity of the game while absolutely keeping to the core plot as well as taking a more medieval-realist approach to the FE world, something that I'm currently failing at. Anyway, have a look... Please? And judge me, seriously. I need it. (I have a beta starting for yet unreleased chapter ten so quality should go up!)
  5. Heyo Matt, welcome to the forest. From here on, you shall be referred to as Zel, for I am lazy. May you enjoy your time here.~
  6. LynxFlorina LynxEliwood FlorinaxHector EliwoodxNinian KentxFiora RoyxLiliana SerraxLucius SerraxErk ErkxPriscilla Most of these are for 7 because my escapades into 6 have gotten me to like chapter... four, because I suck.
  7. I distract myself as much as possible so I don't have to (or even occur to) think about the happenstance in question.
  8. Without a doubt it's the immensity of the 'verse. Some people say that it's subpar when it comes to plot etc. I disagree in this regard, I find the various settings to be well fleshed out and interesting places alongside the vibrant cast of characters that exist those 'verses. There's a ton of other stuff I enjoy about the series as well but that's what comes to the top of my head.
  9. Sacred Stones bothered to show that the 'bad guy', was a person too, with their own convictions and loyalties and unwavering devotion to a cause they didn't even know had been usurped. I enjoyed that, in my opinion at least, FE8 humanized the enemy a bit more than the others.
  10. Probably Louise in my opinion, good starting stats, decent growth in my playthroughs and opinion, isn't too fragile and hits hard enough etc.
  11. Canas because of his character depth. I adore his mother too though...
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