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  1. Just saying, I'm doing my second run of P4G (I'm just before rescuing Naoto), and I am loving dating Chie. (Max SL + romantic path) Also, I need to update my avatar to reflect my current run.

  2. Are you sure that works? Because I swear that doesn't work. I've done it but I've never been able to build it that way This does help!
  3. So I'm kind of getting back into the game with doing the History mode... I'm using Tharja and I realized that she doesn't really build up Awakening..... so from my understanding, you get that from having weapon triangle advantage? Is there an easy way she and other tome users build Awakening or is she just kind of shit out of luck?
  4. Well, I thought of a character from Xenoblade 1 who could use the monado.... it might be a bit of a spoiler, but judging from the updated Shulk Final Smash, they don't seem to care too much about spoilers Or they could have Dunban, and his Final Smash calls out Mumkhar and Dickson. I'd also like to see: Zach for Cloud Ken for Ryu Jeanne for Bayonetta Shadow for Sonic *maybe* MGS 2 Raiden for Snake?
  5. I didn't specify anyone because I figured that the OP would use a healer regardless
  6. Ike, Titania, Marcia, Jill, Oscar, and Kieran. Basically Mounts and Fliers. Main reason I named those is because you don't get a laguz till chapter 11.
  7. I put Hinoka, Camilla, and Corrin..... But I don't like Corrin any more than I like Azura, but the poll said I had to vote for one of them
  8. I wasn't even thinking that till you said it, but now that you said it, I completely agree
  9. Eleonora is not allowed to shoot apples off of Touma's head..... even if she is accurate with her bow
  10. OCTOPATH Olberic Cyrus Therion Ophilia Primrose Alfyn Thressa H'aanit
  11. I love Reggie, but this was hilarious... and I feel like this would be somewhat accurate
  12. I'm not too sure what you're asking, but I did Lex x Tailtiu and that lead to some stupid fun. Paragon is always nice to have, and Vantage/Wrath almost kills everything.... only thing you got to really be concerned about is that your magic stat might be a bit lower, but I would think it would serve you well regardless
  13. That's the thing though. Usually the people who say that are the ones who would leak information. And if they gave evidence that proved that Reggie's their uncle, I don't foresee things going well for them... as well as Reggie for telling family members Nintendo secrets (not saying that I think he would do that)
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