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  1. Thank you so much! I feel silly for missing that the first time around. How easy would you say it is to program one's own skills? Not terribly complex ones, but stuff like Dragonskin and a Counter that would only affect Bow users that are 4 tiles away or somethin' along those lines? Also, what's the difference between Rally Strength and Spur Strength? They seem to do the same thing according to the text.
  2. Oh my goodness. This is amazing. I rooted around through the files, and though there's a file that writes out which skills are finished, is there a document somewhere that details what each skill does? Like, I have an idea what most of them do, but what does Savior do for example? Also, I just noticed that you're the fellow who wrote this fantastical series of files. This is amazing. You're a terrific fellow.
  3. Quick question! Would it be possible to set some of the skills into scrolls in such a way that one could have the scroll in their inventory (or use it), and give them skills like Great Shield or Pierce?
  4. Lookin' for a few skills! For some peeps in Revelations. Yukimura - Shurikenfaire, Bowfaire, Golembane, Replicate, Rend Heaven Izana - Tomefaire, Voice of Peace, Inspiration, Malefic Aura, Luna Scarlet - Death Blow, Gample, Awakening, Vantage, Vengeance These 3 units I'm looking to recruit since you can't get them in Revelations.
  5. Hey there! Can I get a few skills? Kaze - Luna, Grisly Wound Saizo - Savage Blow, Luna. Grisly Wound, Pavise Kagero - Savage Blow, Counter, Magic Counter Anna - Bowfaire, Profiteer, Spendthrift, Hoshidan Unity, Rend Heaven Hana - Trample, Pavise Hinata - Counter, Line of Death, Pavise Hayato - Luna, Lancebreaker, Shurikenbreaker Mozu - Shurikenfaire, Luna, Warding Blow Oboro - Pavise, Aegis, Duelist's Blow And if it's not too much trouble...I have a rather odd request: If someone married Shigure, can I buy your Kana? I want him with that light blue hair to pretend I gots another kid. Shigure!Kana - Swordfaire, Trample, Astra, Renewal, Hoshidan Unity If not, I'll just ask for Gamble for Rinkah in that 10th slot.
  6. Would there be a way to upload homemade textures for a few classes into the game via a patch? That and how do the character pointers work in regards to the textures, seeing as various characters use multiple textures? edit: wanted to clarify that the textures in question relate to the classes.
  7. This was my first game clear, it took me this entire last semester to beat it, but that's also cause I've had class, and I've also been doing Biochem over the summer. But seriously, Conquest on Hard was teeth grittingly hard and I loved it. Totally awesome. This is the definitive FE experience in my opinion. Final Chapters (27 and Final) were a bit of a let down though in terms of story. Monster Garon was cool, but the true final boss just being Possessed Takumi? I was expecting a bit more...especially with Awakenings' final boss being the Fell Dragon. It just seemed like one last loose end to take care of as opposed to the Finale it should've been. But now... Not quite sure what to do next. While I was looking at characters and stuff during my playthrough, I stumbled upon various bosses for Birthright, and even on Hard it seems piss easy. For those who have played through, is it really as easy as it seems? Is it worth it to play? Or should I just go straight to Revelations?
  8. I'm curious, has anyone uploaded all of the textures yet? Similarly, just like how one fellow found a way add Chrom as a DLC insert, would it be possible to add in ones own textures and have the game accept them as DLC?
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