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  1. does fe7 ever say lyn has no children
  2. i would have done nothing different that doesn't involve obscene foresight like 'i would have guessed the correct lottery numbers on January 7th, 2011' or 'i would have poured my life savings into google stock as a seven year old'
  3. the only canon i acknowledge is the canon that rath never actually existed, we just all gaslit each other into thinking he did wake up sheeple
  4. i would convince one of my friends who actually plays fighting games to main me and destroy you all vicariously
  5. sure, but for understandable reasons we don't really want to foster a culture of talking smack about other fire emblem communities by name you dig we do live in a society, after all
  6. he was banned as a culmination of a multi year career of growing gradually shitter as a user, disappearing for months after a suspension, coming back when the points cleared, and repeating the cycle i think the moment i finally pulled thr trigger was some dumb bullshit like he made a thread about how shit the gamefaqs fire emblem community is or something which would be a fairly stiff warn ordinarily but ended up getting him canned in short 2018 soul was a garbage user who got tossed out, in contrast to 2012 soul who even i remember fondly
  7. Hello, peons. Today, we announce the most auspicious departure of the greatest of you. @ghast will be joining the ranks of the retired staff, put out to pasture to inevitably be shot and made into stew in a few years. Mourn him. Reminisce on his good times. Reminisce on his better times. Alternately, of course, reminisce on nothing at all and just offer your condolences. Welcome back to the ranks of the proletariat, Ghast!
  8. what EDIT: i hope this means you're not breaking rules here,
  9. amazon prime, spotify, world of warcraft on and off (currently off), and the guardian
  10. he's a mediocre version of a guy who shows up way before him no hate to the guy he's just underwhelming
  11. this is a good example of a fine way to be disappointed by the disappointing part of the update, cheers
  12. throwing this out there disappointment is okay, fine, relatable, and agreed upon by me, integrity serenes forest, real celebrity. i am also disappointed by the feh pass. screaming about how garbage this decision is and how this game is going into the pits is gonna eat you a warn.
  13. 1: the recruitable units are randomly generated, each town will have a pool of guys to recruit depending on how famous you are and how much they like you. the only lose condition is your entire company dies. 2: you cannot save In Battle, but you can save at any point on the overworld (unless you run ironman). to clarify, there is no overarching plot, you simply take contracts and do them and trust in the exceptional tactical and strategic variety to keep the game alive. EDIT: there is a Sort Of plot in the form of the endgame crisis. after about eighty days depending on difficulty, a shitload of orcs will come in from one side of the map, or undead will start rising up everywhere, or the noble houses will declare mutual war, and surviving that is a big deal with decisions to make EDIT2: you can keep playing after the endgame crisis btw and a second/etc. one will happen a random amount of time later, you can play a campaign until you lose
  14. hello op, do not be nervous and feel free to join us in the discord too
  15. so i know i've shilled for battle brothers like a dozen times between here and sf cord, but i wanted to toss in that this motherfucker is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. this is an incredible turn based tactical game, and i will make the pitch to anyone, but with the caveat that it kind of hates you but only a little bit. ask me anything. for thirty dollars initial, and about another twenty for dlc over the games three-year life, i've sunk five hundred hours into it. and the switch version is coming with all dlc packaged in. this is genuinely one of my top 5 favorite games of all time thank you for your attention, i will take questions or discussion and have a good night and a safe super bowl
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