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  1. One is dumb enough to wear a mask and think that the player has no idea who she is and the other is dumb enough to allow her to wear the mask. Why do some people smell like pizza and Doritos and others don't?
  2. Possessor, I hate being manipulated. WYR bleed gold or cry dimes?
  3. Didn't China go by the one-child policy? I think they're laxer on it now; I would hit the government up cause I'd prove myself that I can have a large family as opposed to only having one kid. *ninja'd train Amelia in combat WYR have a powerful ability that is difficult to summon or a more natural ability to wield but weaker?
  4. I don't see why hair would be bad, but logically I'd go with that. I'm into prosthetics and the science behind them so the WEIRD side of me would want the baby with a missing limb so I can raise him/her to be a badass kid who came over their handicap. WYR forget someone's name everytime you met them or forget how they looked?
  5. The chicken suit, of course, I LOVEEEE BIRBS!!! WYR get caught cheating on a huge test (MCAT, SAT, etc.) or get caught cheating on your significant other?
  6. Bad cold, I couldn't bear stomach pain it's awful. WYR sleep in a cold bed or a warm bed?
  7. You aren't breaking the rules, you are saving lives. More professors should be in on hip trends, that's what is wrong with the education system. Teachers outta get in the smash ultimate hype like you.
  8. I know I got finals the week of-and-after Smash Ult comes out so I'm not 100% sure if I can make it, but I'll see how my cards play out.
  9. Professional athlete, I love sports WYR end all poverty or end all crime?
  10. Desert map, I rather see my enemies than have them get the jump on my units. WYR eat something super spicy or something super bitter?
  11. Avoid looking at it. WYR spend $20 on some snacks or go to the movies (alone)?
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