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  1. RaquesisXBeowulf
  2. As the title says, I'm looking for that patch. It allows units without pursuit skill to double-attack if their Attack Speed is higher than enemy's by 6 points or more. Units with the pursuit skill in the other hand, they just need 3 AS or more to double-attack, so the skill still useful. It's generally used in Japanese hackroms like Binary or --- Keifu, and it would also be a cool feature in our hack. Someone knows how can I find it or how to use it? Thanks!
  3. I tried asking some friends around here, but they didn't know about this user. I also tried looking for a tool that allows to search especific users within the forum, we had that on FEWoD (maybe it does exist but I didn't find it) If you know him, It would help me a lot if you tell him about this. I have some those tools downloaded, like Lamia's and several patches, but nothing about branched promotions though. I assume that requires some preparation (HEX?). If you find it, it would be amazing!
  4. Well, yeah, it could work if I add my modifications after using that patch. But I don't really like the idea, it would be like, stealing Camus' job :p There's also the fact that those branched promotions would be predeterminated. It would be amazing if I could add my own. Thanks for your answer though!
  5. Hello everyone! I wanted to ask you about some hack stuff regarding FE4. I've seen several hacks, for exemple Binary or FE4 remix, that features the branched promotion: just like Sacred Stones and Awakening, units can promote into 2 diferent classes (however, in Binary some units like Arthur have 3 diferent promotions iirc). Very few people will remember that I have my own FE4 hack, but in any case, I would like to know if there's some way to add branched promotions too. Do I need a special patch? Maybe it's done by using HEX? I would really apreciate your help! Thanks!
  6. Sagi

    FE8 Hack problems

    Hello! Is there a way to create new skills in Sacred Stones (resolve, continue, wrath...) without using JPF pacthes? Is there a way to use the JPF for starters? The link to the patches ( http://dl.dropbox.com/u/336940/Hextator%27s%20Doc.7z ) that you can find along with the FEditor is broken :c Thanks for your help! n.n
  7. Hi Lamia, nice tutorial! (as always) I want to ask you something Is there a way to extract the FE4 magic animations and then insert them on a FE GBA rom? I tried to ripp the spell using the screenshot option, but the it doesn't look really neat in a GBA rom Is there something we can do about it? It would be interesting if we can add Forseti and Valflame on a FE8/FE7
  8. Sagi

    FE4 FG version

    It works, so there's no need to download a japanese rom.
  9. Sagi

    FE4 FG version

    Yeah, I fixed that problem recently (I mixed up the Live Bracelet slots), so now Tailto should start with the Bolting tome and Seliph should get the Hero ring in chapter 10. About Seliph with Big shield skill: I have no idea xD I found that Diadora had Big shield as a Personal skill, that would explain why Seliph has it (skill inheritance), but even if a remove Big shield from Diadora, Seliph still with that skill. I guess It is not an major problem and it can save you if Seliph is about to die. Maybe Big shield cannot be inherited, tho I set it as a Personal Skill (weird). At least you got Ambush, good growths and weapon inheritance c: Thanks for playing~ nwn
  10. Sagi

    FE4 FG version

    Interesting! I think I could do the same in my hack. Thanks for the suggestion n.n
  11. Sagi

    FE4 FG version

    What? You get the Bargain ring in chapter 2, not chapter 3 If you´re refering about the problem of getting the ring (because you have to be fast and conquer Heirhein ASAP so Lewyn can kill all the bandit before they destroy the villages), I don´t know, I think it is a good idea because it encourages the player to play fast... I don´t know what binary FE4 did either :/ Of course, use the patch as you wish. But remember that it is a modified rom (and I used some patches) so I don´t if it will work if you apply another translation patch (or you try to modify the text).
  12. Sagi

    FE4 FG version

    Oh, sorry. I just edited my post That´s weird. Anyways, I edited the link, it should work. Thanks for playing! nwn
  13. Sagi

    FE4 FG version

    Sure, why not? c: Growths (without Holy blood bonuses) (yeah, I´m very lazy):
  14. Sagi

    FE4 FG version

    Troubadours having Darkness is an error, I´ve just fixed that And yep, some characters in the 1rst generation have sibling bonuses with other characters. I edited my first post, check it again if you want to know more about those sibling bonuses. Thanks for playing the hack!
  15. Sagi

    FE4 FG version

    "EDIT: At 7A975, there's inheritance addresses for each child, with three bytes in. They go in character order, so they'll be like XX YY ZZ, if YY's 07, the character can't inherit sword skills, if it's FF, they can." I don´t now which are the addresses for each child, and if I replace the 07 with FF it crashes and magically replaces Ulster and Larcei with Radney and Roddlevan (And yes, Ayra is married). Do you know how can I fix this? I´m doing this correctly?
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