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  1. I thought so. I personally think aqua is not worth it as she ends up being 4 bonds anyways with the 2 drop. I am still very on the fence about KamuiM. The effect is good but not sure about adding black for it.
  2. Isee. Isee. I mainly wanted to find out why you added black cards to this deck. I played agaisnt mia and ophelia. vince knows the match up extremely well though. He will control the board no matter what. This deck can obviously works best against slower decks. i do find the support values failing me abit more often aswell which is a minor annoyance. This deck still suffers from what mono white ryouma suffers from. But i find my hand alot harder to play and more inconsistant. Also if you dont mind i wouldnt mind discussing the deck more in depth on skype or anything else.
  3. Okay i just played the deck with vince. I also prefer the mono white build of ryouma. I found aqua is be abit cloggy at times. A point that people seem to miss is how your turn 3 4 5 curves out. I found that turn 3 if i dont have the promote my turn is very weak. Turn 4 is usually always ryouma5 so aqua and corrin sometimes clogs up the hands. It felt like i just would bond them anyways. I also had extreme trouble dealing with the backline but maybe this was due to bad draws Just wanted to know your thought process of why you choose those black cards. I had originally wanted to try a black and white ryouma deck too. Also kudos to vince. He really knows the ryouma match up well.
  4. Just wondering if you created this yourself. I saw a similar build on twitter. Question 1: Do you find it hard to keep ryouma's 5 effect active? You have 6 unique white units not including ryouma. Ofc this is due to the addition of black. Actually gonna playtest this deck before i make comments.
  5. when are you gonna post another video

    1. DonDon


      I think you are looking for the other DonDon

  6. The statement that "10 supports are never needed" is not true. Fliers are just the easiest way to make sure you hit consistant power levels on both atk and def. Because you want to play a theme deck, it does mean you have to give up on fliers and fill the deck with 10 sups. Anywho, i knew it was a chrom deck, but with the 100% sword user's it could have been a lon qu deck which i have seen before. You have pretty much packed in every sword user there is so theres not much to suggest. Severa would work okay as a lord. Lon qu would also work as a lord. Priam would also work as an atker. Outside of that. Maybe some healers or virion in case you want to pick off something in the back line.
  7. Because rather than having the 70 lord +30 sup standard, you use silas's effect to reach 100. This means other units such as gunther when checking a kamui is only 90.
  8. The main problem with the silas deck is that you compromise the rest of the deck only to have your MC silas hit 100. You can directly compare this to Inigo, Soleil and ranulf. Inigo and soleil forces you to play an extreme amount of fliers to have a strong MC but weak board. Ranulf Forces you to play fangs to achieve that 110 but you also sacrifice your board. These 3 decks arguably do a better job than silas. If you are dead set on playing silas though, that decklist seems pretty fun to use not sure how i would change it without testing myself.
  9. Is it not worth the trouble. Saizou and kagerou are 40 atk's and have range. Their support ability also synergizes better with ryouma. Corrin does not need the ccs and you might aswell use saizou/kagerou. Hinoka and setuna are fine for their support values but emma/shigure are also good. Suzukaze/Midoriko is not worth the trouble. Asama is okay i guess but pulling off sakura once per duel is pretty much all you need.
  10. The deck is pretty solid. You can bump the number of ryouma's up if you want to. Other usefull cards such as saizou can also be used in this deck. Asama probably isnt needed. Corrins 1's arnt really needed. watch the amount of Promoted units you have as you want to easily field
  11. You want to stick to 2 colours for now. You have too many random units like lonqu Ike BK Navere are too situational. The +30 effects are extremely hard to pull off and at times over kill. Marth5 is way too slow. if you are not promoted by turn 3 you will lose the game. Also Marth can buff himself "all allies" Include themselves. "all other allies" dont. Fliers win games. if not fliers use archers. Almost half you deck should be these. A good skeleton is 8-10MC ( with the 3 or 4 drop being the main card you want to promote and sit on) 4-8 healers 16-24 units used for support value (fliers and archers The rest with easy threats or utility such as gerome, nowi , linde, merric, caeda This is For a marth MC As for Ike as MC. He works best in a mono green Deck. Soren Elincia Mist are good core cards to have. Also we have a Metagame discussion and competitive decklist thread. Please check that out for Competitive decks and advice.
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