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  1. He remained quiet as he listened, the group discussing whatever it was. "... We will do what we must.... But I have to know, just... What are we trying to accomplish here?" Kenta asked.
  2. "... Sometimes I just don't understand these people. But it's a new kind of level I've entered, so I guess I'll roll with it until I'm no longer needed." Kenta was thinking to himself as everyone else delved into this conversation.
  3. Kenta walked in during the conversation about Cygnus. He remained quiet due to what he was thinking in his mind.
  4. Thanks for your time. The only reason i made Eren like the Anime protagonists seen in shows like Yugioh, Bleach, etc. is due to the time I take to write. I'm not a good back story writer. At least I tried. Once again, thanks for your time.
  5. Name: Eren Age: 16 Sex: Boy Appearance: (Moved to Bottom) Nationality: Derian Backstory: Orphaned at the age of 2, Eren was the basic definition of an outcast while being raised at an orphanage in a Derian town, cold and snowy. He was adopted at age 6 by a group of mercenaries, who were relaxing while they took missions around Deria to deal with problems in cities and towns, after seeing the bravery he had when a mugger tried robbing the two floor orphanage building. Growing up, he practiced the art of the sword, which he used on their missions. But all the positive sides that had surrounded him would soon be bit by the venomous snake known as Karma. He was sent on a mission with a few comrades of this group, and when he returned successful, the camp, just outside of the borders of Deria and Myrica, where they had rested at, had been marauded and burned down, with the mercenaries nowhere to be found, believed to be captured. Infuriated, Eren set out to make right in the world by vowing to eliminate the foul evil, in which he calls the darkness inside of those who have been corrupted by it (Thieves, Evil Priests, that sort of evil) that had plagued it with the sword his adoptive father had planned to give him when he returned to the campsite, but has a little fear in which he cannot finish what the mercenary leader had started, which can turn into his greatest flaw. He is often quiet and very calm, with a very long temper fuse. Eren also seems to have creative and well practiced problem solving skills, whether with short questions or long puzzles, he can put his mind to work fast. And despite being young, he knows more than those at his age, some may call it an unnatural intelligence. Outside of smarts, Eren is a total force to be reckoned with. As far as teamwork goes, sure he is always seen by himself but he knows how to work in small and large numbers of groups of people. What also makes him a marketable mercenary is how fast he can cooperate with new people trying to help him. Archetype: Strong Footman Skills: Adept X4, Hit + 20 X2. HP: BASE + 3 (5%) Str: BASE + 2 (GROWTH%) Mag: BASE (GROWTH%) Skl: BASE + 1 (GROWTH%) Spd: BASE (5%) Lck: BASE (GROWTH%) Def: BASE (GROWTH%) Res: BASE (GROWTH%)
  6. "Oh. I guess I'll stay on guard while you sleep. I really don't require it unless it is a priority." Genji replied
  7. http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Archetype I think we could get some Gotohs
  8. Kenta had to catch up with the rest of the group. "Of course I decided to sleep in the wagon... Now I gotta catch up with everyone else. My mind's a mess right now and I don't know whats up." He muttered to himself as he walked.
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