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  1. Yo, hello it me. I see your a fellow Conquest lover.

  2. Already 27th October in Japan, so, Happy Birthday Xander!
  3. I'm going to be positive about this and say I won't give up hopes until Nintendo officially says so, or until this year ends and Nintendo STILL hasn't said anything about it.
  4. ^ thank you so much for posting those, I didn't buy the Hoshido CDs so it's nice that I can finally listen to them. Hnngh if I knew someone would eventually put it online I would have waited longer and not buy the Nohr CDs as well. But it's still a good thing to support IntSys/the great VAs and to expand my FE collection.
  5. "Ike, hero of the Crimean Liberation, leader of Greil Mercenaries, and father of Sothe's children" "For once, I agree with Prince Xander. To start, I'm more attractive than him" "I'm not smiling. I'm just frowning less intensely" lots of paraphrasing but yeah
  6. Cav: Oscar, Kieran, Siegbert Mercenary: Ogma, Dieck Myrm: Mia, Lon'qu Fighter: Charlotte, Nolan Knight: Oswin, Gatrie, Effie
  7. I've been keeping an eye on Fates, so I like to think I have a firm grasp on what people consider popular/unpopular and my post here will be mostly Fates stuff: I don't have many problems with the story in the Fates games. Except maybe Revelation since I haven't finished it yet. For the Royals... Xander is my favorite as well as being one of my favs in the series overall. Camilla is easy to make fun of bc "bewbs" and "muh corn" but other than that she's pretty decent. Bonus point for being a kickass unit. I find Leo enjoyable in small doses but overall I can't bring myself to like him. Elise has her moments but most of the time she feels like she's heavily engine'd to be "OH SO LIKABLE AND CUTE" and it ends up having the opposite impact on me. I actually think Ryoma is pretty cool though the way he's written is so... inoffensive. Not a bad thing of course, but there's little to absolutely love or hate about him. Same case with Hinoka, though unlike Ryoma she has almost zero story presence and ends up being the most forgettable royal, though I'm pretty sure it's not an unpopular thing to say so. Takumi is a pretty nice character, nothing to say much here. My main issue with him is the way he's written in the My Castle dialogues vs the way he's written in his Corrin supports + the main game is a bit inconsistent. Sakura is the only royal I have a 180 on, I couldn't care less about her prior to the game, but now she possibly ranks at 2nd/3rd place among the royals. Ranking: Xander > Sakura/Camilla > Takumi > Ryoma/Leo > Elise > Hinoka. Though as families, Nohr > Hoshido (Not sure how unpopular this is considering this site often prefers Hoshido). Saizo >>> Kaze. I don't hate Corrin or Azura. I actually find the latter to be quite realistic, her withdrawn nature and afraid of opening up to people are traits that I definitely have experienced. She still doesn't have enough stuff to make me put her in the top tier, but I appreciate her character (and understand why people would love or hate her). FE Akaneia: I think the costume designs for the DS games are second only to Tellius. It deserves more recognition. Same goes for the OST. It doesn't come close to beating Fates' OST (but then again it's hard to beat Fates in that regard) but I think it's at least as good as Tellius. FE Tellius: I like Canto. Ike x Soren is eww though I still like them as a platonic pair. FE GBA: Lyn and Eirika aren't bad units. I gave them no statboosters and they still managed to wreck a lot of shit. Series wide: Swordmasters are a bit overrated. I don't like reclassing. ^ These too. That's all I have atm. Will add if I could think of more.
  8. May I ask which community you're referring to? I've been on Reddit, lurked GFaqs and 4chan now and then and the Conquest/Birthright ratio is always like 7:3. If the Japan polls are any indication, the Japanese players seem to favor Nohr characters more than the Hoshido ones as well. As for myself, Conquest easily. I'm the rare kind of people that likes Conquest's story. I greatly enjoy the gameplay and the characters, especially the Nohr siblings. Their dynamics with each other are fantastic. I also prefer the Celtic influenced soundtracks to the Japanese ones. Birthright is alright I guess. The gameplay is too easy for my taste, and ironically the only time I care about the story is when the Nohr guys show up. Hoshido does contain some characters I like though, like Saizo, Sakura, Orochi and Azama. I know it's not on the poll, but my least favorite route has to be Revelation.
  9. Gameplay: FE10. The Greil Mercenaries absolutely wrecks everything, alongside with people like Haar, Aran/Nephenee, Elincia, and Micaiah and Sanaki to a lesser extent. The Royal Laguz needs no mentions in that regard, lol. Having some of them in the Tower at the endgame all at once is absolutely satisfying. FE12 is a close second considering it has units like Sirius, Caeda, Kris, The White Wings, and Merric. FE14's Royals and a handful of other units (Oboro, Saizo) are also fun to play. Personality: I can't decide between FE9 and FE10 even though they are literally one thing. However, FE9 has great base conversations and especially support conversations, something FE10 absolutely fucked up, so I picked FE9 at the end, despite FE10's cast being an extension of it. The cast from the other games can't match with the Tellius cast, imo, but there are a handful of people I like from each of them. For instance, some characters from Akaneia (Camus/Sirius, Michalis, Minerva) and Fates (Xander, Saizo) are my favorite in the whole series, yet I have little to no connection to the majority of rest of the cast.
  10. Saizo is my favorite out of them (and also my second fav Fates character). I enjoy his design, supports, characterization + personality the most. I haven't used Asugi and Kagero, but I find Saizo much better than Kaze as a unit. He was probably the 3rd best unit in Birthright after Ryoma and Corrin, though it's a shame he's rather unusable in Revelation. And I personally don't like Kaze's English voice.
  11. ^Yooooooo that is some awesome news! I flipping love Konishi's portrayal for Xander. I hope they bring Yuuichi Nakamura (Ryoma's VA) in the next show because he's also one of my favorite seiyuus, considering Ryoma will probably be the lord of series 7.
  12. Xander (one of the better art styles I've seen in quite awhile) https://twitter.com/________0k/status/762536779320655872
  13. Xander. I like both but Xander is one of my favorite characters series wide. I really don't have much issue with his role in the story, something people a lot people hate him for, either.
  14. Xander and Mimikyu!Corrin https://twitter.com/hjktt4z/status/758315418557648896
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