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    Hello! I am your adorable Nohrian Kitsune! Hunger Games expert, expert of the Cosmos, & coeditor to http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=61196&page=1

    Fire Emblem Awakening & Fates, Hunger Games, FNAF, Yandere Simulator, & Pokemon. I also like Astronomy & Music (but like, older music because today's music is pretty crappy)

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    All of them
    The Japanese can't stop me now!

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    Regular 3DS: 2423-3455-3182
    Awakening 3DS: 3239-6589-3879

    Message me if you want to be added :3 I want as many people to destroy in Fates as possible.
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  1. I have been on a massive hiatus. MysticMessenger has taken over my life.

  2. I see Ib! I'd like to request Mary from Ib! She is so cute ^.^
  3. I have been trying to figure that out for over two years now I have now just assumed that it was a genetic thing that is passed on between generations xD
  4. No problem I was just talking to someone who's had issues with commissions before (people never sending them, people never giving progress) And I was like: You know, maybe I should start giving more updates of my crappy iPad xD
  5. The iPad decided that today would be a good day to mess up everything I love, right when I decide I want to edit stuff! This is the best I can come up with as of right now, but I will try my best to maybe recolor Zola into some coke colors xD (The app I use has premade fonts, so I found one the closest to the Coca Cola font, & the words under it read: The Official Nohrian Beverage) Hope you enjoy this until I can recolor Zola
  6. I shall try thr first one. You can give me the attire plotted for the second one, but I can't make any promises on if I can actually do it though.
  7. 1. I don't think I could top those, tbh xD 2. I would like a tutorial on how to make those backgrounds if you could 3. Is there anything you'd want from me, exactly?
  8. I would like to see the edit I want to see if I can m a k e i t b e t t e r xD What exactly did you want with the Corrins again (dumb it down, I am a simple person & it's 3AM & I am going to sleep)
  9. I finally have gotten my app working! :D I will start working on these art pieces as soon as possible :3
  10. Where do al of the good Hunger Games Roleplayers go----?

  11. Felicia - I loved her Japanese voice because she was cute & moe-like, but in America... Her voice falls so flat, & then she's barely usuable if you're a male character because she is so weak & you have to train her. And by the time you get her as a female, it's too late to even care about her. And her personality is like a maid Sumia, which isn't special. Jakob has more of a personality & he's just a bastard. I mean, I still like her, but not as much as her Japanese counterpart Male Kana - My precious son has a voice higher than my other files' daughters. And because I married Kaden & made my Kana a nine tailed fox, his voice sounds even worse. He is adorable, & I love him, but I can't get over his voice either. It's so high. I understand he's young, but so is the other Kana & her voice is DEEPER. I will still love my precious foxy son though. Hana - I liked her a bit, but now I hate her because she outright blames you for getting kidnapped as a child. She's just a grade A bitch in my opinion. Her only redeeming quality is that she is a bachelorette & gives off the favorable samurai line to kids. Camilla - I liked her. I truly did. She was a freaking Malig Knight & I loved her. But after her being used as a porn fogure, & her being used for so many other sexual innuendos, I just don't like her anymore. The fandom ruined Camilla for me. Hinoka - I liked her in Japan. But now her voice is too deep. I understand she is the 'tomboy' of the royals, but her voice is too scratchy & deep. I like her still, but like Felicia & Male!Kana, her voice is hard to listen to. Peri - Voice. Love literally every aspect, but the voice. It hurts my ears. Kill her voice. I would've put Awakening characters, but I either loved them or hated them. Nostalgia, I guess, since Awakening was my first Fire Emblem game.
  12. CatherineHawthorne (Idk the opposite of my name, so I just put the Irish version of my name and then Hawthorne because Gale is Peeta's opposite))
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