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  1. I have been on a massive hiatus. MysticMessenger has taken over my life.

  2. I see Ib! I'd like to request Mary from Ib! She is so cute ^.^
  3. I have been trying to figure that out for over two years now I have now just assumed that it was a genetic thing that is passed on between generations xD
  4. No problem I was just talking to someone who's had issues with commissions before (people never sending them, people never giving progress) And I was like: You know, maybe I should start giving more updates of my crappy iPad xD
  5. The iPad decided that today would be a good day to mess up everything I love, right when I decide I want to edit stuff! This is the best I can come up with as of right now, but I will try my best to maybe recolor Zola into some coke colors xD (The app I use has premade fonts, so I found one the closest to the Coca Cola font, & the words under it read: The Official Nohrian Beverage) Hope you enjoy this until I can recolor Zola
  6. I shall try thr first one. You can give me the attire plotted for the second one, but I can't make any promises on if I can actually do it though.
  7. 1. I don't think I could top those, tbh xD 2. I would like a tutorial on how to make those backgrounds if you could 3. Is there anything you'd want from me, exactly?
  8. I would like to see the edit I want to see if I can m a k e i t b e t t e r xD What exactly did you want with the Corrins again (dumb it down, I am a simple person & it's 3AM & I am going to sleep)
  9. I finally have gotten my app working! :D I will start working on these art pieces as soon as possible :3
  10. Where do al of the good Hunger Games Roleplayers go----?

  11. Felicia - I loved her Japanese voice because she was cute & moe-like, but in America... Her voice falls so flat, & then she's barely usuable if you're a male character because she is so weak & you have to train her. And by the time you get her as a female, it's too late to even care about her. And her personality is like a maid Sumia, which isn't special. Jakob has more of a personality & he's just a bastard. I mean, I still like her, but not as much as her Japanese counterpart Male Kana - My precious son has a voice higher than my other files' daughters. And because I married Kaden & made my Kana a nine tailed fox, his voice sounds even worse. He is adorable, & I love him, but I can't get over his voice either. It's so high. I understand he's young, but so is the other Kana & her voice is DEEPER. I will still love my precious foxy son though. Hana - I liked her a bit, but now I hate her because she outright blames you for getting kidnapped as a child. She's just a grade A bitch in my opinion. Her only redeeming quality is that she is a bachelorette & gives off the favorable samurai line to kids. Camilla - I liked her. I truly did. She was a freaking Malig Knight & I loved her. But after her being used as a porn fogure, & her being used for so many other sexual innuendos, I just don't like her anymore. The fandom ruined Camilla for me. Hinoka - I liked her in Japan. But now her voice is too deep. I understand she is the 'tomboy' of the royals, but her voice is too scratchy & deep. I like her still, but like Felicia & Male!Kana, her voice is hard to listen to. Peri - Voice. Love literally every aspect, but the voice. It hurts my ears. Kill her voice. I would've put Awakening characters, but I either loved them or hated them. Nostalgia, I guess, since Awakening was my first Fire Emblem game.
  12. CatherineHawthorne (Idk the opposite of my name, so I just put the Irish version of my name and then Hawthorne because Gale is Peeta's opposite))
  13. It wouldn't work for the kids because it's mentioned in a DLC why their hair was set to a default color
  14. Birthday in 14 days. Sweet. But also, how come it is so damn hard to find Hunger Games roleplayers that stay? Like Naga, just one please.

  15. It does And it has the issue of saying I never have storage when I have almost no apps or photos, so it's just being crap Hopefully it will be fixed & I can make art soon.
  16. None of them where corrupted because I remade them & saved them myself It's just my iPad being a piece of crap & corrupting everything
  17. Well, I've been using it to work on my Hunger Games x Fire Emblem characters & it works, so I don't get it's issue.
  18. Yes The one with the quiver is Katniss, the one in the orange cape is Peeta, orange hair is Finnick, pink bow is Madge, & big bow is Delly. And the new girl I just added (short hair) is Johanna (I just finished her today) I will also make Prim, Gale, & Annie.
  19. I just use Sketchbook Pro on the iPad (basically a free photoshop). On my computer (which is broken right now), I'd use MS Paint (which is completely useless for Fates edits. Only good for Sprite edits). You can do as you wish, I appreciate it :3 Thank you for caring, it's nice. I don't even use a pen for my iPad, just my fingers (which makes the screen dirty & ewww). And how many OCs? I have my Caitlyn OC (as seen in the profile pic), & Hunger Games OCs I have finished or am working on.
  20. I'll still work on other art requests (when my ego comes back), but Sketchbook Pro is getting a kick in the teeth
  21. Me: -opens sketchbook pro- -opens file- Sketchbook Pro: file corrupted (Layman's Terms: f u) Me: ... -deletes every single Corrin I've saved that isn't mine & gives up-
  22. Oops I did the Hunger Games edits again--- (not done with some, they will be added here someday)
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