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  1. I definitely prefer VW to SS. Claude makes the story more interesting than a route where Byleth is on his own, even though I like Flayn and Seteth they can't carry like Claude does. In addition, having the Golden Deer, a group of misfits with no real history with each other, apart from Ignatz and Raphael, slowly turn into this cohesive group of friends was heartwarming. I think the BE having two routes actually hurts them since it shows the only motivation they have for picking a side is because of Byleth. The lore 'dump' makes sense since Claude is the only person actively seeking out the truth amongst the whole cast. The truth about Byleth in SS very easily could have said in VW.
  2. Church route was by far the worst route, echoing a previous comment, the best parts of the route were Seteth's and Flayn's screen time and the final map theme. The truth of Byleth's past while cool to finally figure out could've easily been mentioned in the GD path. While the path can only be chosen by picking the Black Eagles, the characters that stick with you lack presence in comparison to the other routes.
  3. Claude: Strategy in motion, Hold a grudge if you must Hubert: *maniacal laugh* Lindhart: I might as well win Marianne: My blood compels me Seteth: You will not survive, Judgement has passed Petra: To survive I will win Bernadetta: Okay, I'm gonna do it
  4. Byleth does not have a strength in bows. Not sure I trust that wiki much considering Lorenz also doesn't have a strength in bows https://twitter.com/NintendoUK/status/1152261823435030528?s=20
  5. I'm considering Manuela and Leonie. Manuela is my first choice but I'm interested in learning Leonie's character
  6. Something about Lorenz being good with bows, taken from the wiki, seems off to me. If it was a strength of his then why would it not show up in the game as one during Claude's introduction of the golden deer students?
  7. Do we know what the finger pointing up next to the skill level is supposed to mean? It appears when you are instructing the students
  8. I'll guess we'll see what spells he can learn, faith might not be too bad if that's the case
  9. F*ck sake. Would it really have been too much to give him a strength in reason? I'll take the bow strength though and just try to raise reason as much as possible.
  10. The title says it all really. Most pre-release material shoe Byleth having strengths in swords, brawling and authority while having a hidden talent in faith. I'm curious as to wether we can change those.
  11. Bernadetta has a hidden talent in riding. https://venturebeat.com/2019/07/12/fire-emblem-three-houses-hands-on-conveniences-and-calendars/
  12. This video is super helpful for anyone picking Golden Deer, thanks for bringing this up.
  13. Marianne has strengths in flying, riding and faith, while weaknesses in armour and brawling. From the ign video
  14. I share this worry as well since we've constantly seen Byleth have the same strengths and hidden talent (Faith)
  15. Pretty sure Hilda had a hidden talent in Armour, this is also from the kotaku monastery video
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